Astrologer’s Hoard Pack, What’s Inside?

Astrologer's Hoard Pack

The Astrologer’s Hoard Pack is a fairly new pack that was released in the crown shop on March 2021 for the cost of 399 crowns. Just as the name suggests, it is a hoard pack that gives 7 items. The title gives us an astronomy/space-themed vibe, especially from the picture on the pack.

This pack gives housing items, pets, new gear, treasure cards, reagents, and much more.

Astrologer’s Hoard Pack Items

This gear from this pack can be used at any level. Don’t forget to open the pack on the character you may want the gear for. You do not want to have an over or under-levelled gear piece. However, if you just want the gear for the stitch, it can be opened at any level. The design for this gear is extremely gorgeous, and it shows that a lot of effort was put into it. It makes an amazing stitch and I can see many wizards using this. It varies from two different colours, to an all colourful one. Even the wands are colourful.

The gear that the Astrologer’s Hoard Pack drops are the Astromancer’s Gear, Cosmographer’s Gear, Stargazer’s Gear, and Orrery Staves.


Astromancer’s Cowl, Cosmographer’s Cowl, Stargazer’s Cowl


Astromancer’s Tunic, Cosmographer’s Tunic, Stargazer’s Tunic


Astromancer’s Boots, Cosmographer’s Boots, Stargazer’s Boots


Astromancer’s Orrery Staff, Cosmographer’s Orrery Staff, Stargazer’s Orrery Staff

Astrologer's Hoard Pack

This is a picture of one of the full gear set for the Astrologer’s Hoard Pack. As seen above, it’s space-themed, including the wand. Which, by far, is one of the most good looking gear sets in the game. The other colours are just as gorgeous. The Stargazer’s one even switches colours, these would make the perfect stitch. The aesthetic of the entire gear is everything.

The stats in this gear are not worth it. It does not give high damage or pierce. However, it gives a lot of crit and shadow rating if one may be opposed to that. Ice school benefits a bit from this set because they’re getting more damage than what they’re used to. This allows them to play more offensive strategies instead of defense most times.

The astrologer’s hoard pack gear gives a lot of shift spell cards. It is disappointing that only moon spells are given and not sun and star as well. After all, when someone hears the word astrologer, they’d think moon, stars, and planets. Even though the spells are great, you can just buy the TC and place it in your side deck.


Astromancer’s Rat, Cosmographer’s Rat, Stargazer’s Rat

The Cosmographer’s Rat Pet is an ice Pet that gives an Ice Amor spell card at baby. This pet is great for low level players. It absorbs 135 damage per pip. For example, if you have 2 pips and use it, it would absorb 275 damage. This can be used in PVE once you develop a great strategy for gameplay.

These pets are actually huge compared to other pets. Seeing a rat this size in real life is terrifying. Thankfully Wizard101 is just a game and not real life.

Astrologer's Hoard Pack


Astromancer’s Rocket, Cosmographer’s Rocket, Stargazer’s Rocket

What I love about the Astrologer’s Hoard Pack mounts, is that they’re 50% speed. They’re much faster than the usual mount speeds, and they also look cool.

Housing Items

Most of the items in the Astrologer’s Hoard Pack are Celestian. KI had a great opportunity to include more from other worlds, but they did not. The name of the pack makes absolutely no sense when looking at all the items acquired from it. I do believe they ran out of ideas when it was time to include housing items. Hence, this is what was included from the pack:

  • Arcanum Theme
  • Celestia Main Theme
  • Celestia Mysterious Theme 2
  • Celestian Diamond Floor
  • Celestian Ornate Wallpaper
  • Chariot Painting
  • Crab Painting
  • Empyrea Brain Theme 1
  • Empyrea Nexus Theme
  • Fountain Painting
  • Galleon Painting
  • Hound Painting
  • Kraken Painting
  • Loom Painting
  • Messenger Painting
  • Mirage Chronoverge Theme
  • Phoenix Painting
  • Serpent Painting
  • Stag Painting
  • Warden Painting
  • Water-Mole Torch
  • Wizard City Dreamworld Theme

Pet Snacks and Reagents

The pet snacks and reagents acquired from this pack are quite basic and can be found in the bazaar or farmed for.

Treasure Cards

The Astrologer’s Hoard Pack gives only Polymorphs Treasure Cards. This is useful for low-level wizards that need more health and better cards when in battle. Some wizards prefer only to use Polymorph tcs for a period of time. This saves them some gold when purchasing it from the bazaar if they acquire it from the pack.


This pack drops quite a few seeds that wizards might find useful for different reasons. The only ones that are worth keeping are the Ivy Leagues and Sunions. You get great rewards when planting this in bulk, such as enchanted and accuracy treasure cards, which are perfect for low level characters.

While the Astrologer’s Hoard Pack may drop gorgeous-looking gear sets and an amazing 50% mount, it’s not a pack that we would rush to get. Overall, it’s just not worth spending the crowns on.

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