Catalan Crafting Guide

Compared to Stormzilla, Catalan is a much more powerful spell in damage and utility wise. This spell deals a base damage of 700 damage to one opponent and places a -25% mantle on the target. This spell is obtainable from Loremaster in Dragonspyre and in the Knight’s Lore Pack other than crafting. Grady in Avalon sells the recipe for the Catalan spell.


  • 6 Catalan Treasure Cards
  • 100 Perfect Amethyst
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Water Lily
  • 100 Bronze Gear
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

How to get Catalan Treasure Card

Catalan is an auctionable treasure card meaning it can be sold in the bazaar and there is usually plenty of them there. The Knight’s Lore Pack also drops Catalan treasure cards and also the chance of dropping the spell itself.


How to get Perfect Amethyst

The bazaar and multiple reagent vendors in different worlds including in Celestia, Zafaria, Polaris, Empyrea, Avalon, and Khrysalis can sell Perfect Amethyst. You can also get perfect amethyst from Ivy League, Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Ultra Trumpet Vines, MacDeath in the Accursed Playhouse gauntlet, and packs.


How to get Ghost Fire

The Bazaar and various reagent vendors sell ghost fires. Burning Snap Dragons, multiple packs, and Midnight Sun Pagoda drop can also d Ghost Fires.


How to get Water Lily

There are no reagent vendors that sell Water Lily but is auctionable in the bazaar. Burning Snap Dragon, Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Ultra Helephant Ears, Ultra Huckleberries, and Ultra Ninja Figs all drop Water Lily. Avery Templeton in Celestia sells the transmute Water Lily recipe for 200 gold requiring 15 cattails.


How to get Bronze Gear

Bronze Gear is auctionable in the Bazaar but no reagent vendors for them. Bronze Gears can be dropped from Orange Dandelions, Locked Chests in Darkmoor, and can be transmuted from 5 spider silks with the recipe being sold from Avery Templeton in Celestia.


How to get Spring

Spring can be sold in the Bazaar but there are no reagent vendors for them. Bronze Gear can be a rare harvest from Scrap Iron, drop from Fickle Pickle, King Parsley, Pink Dandelion, The Giving Tree, Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, Ultra Fly Trap, Ultra Helephant Ears, Ultra Huckleberries, Ultra King Parsley, Ultra Snow Apples, Ultra Tiger Lily, and can be transmuted from 15 scrap iron with the recipe sold by Avery Templeton.


How to get Sunstone

The Bazaar sells sunstone sometimes and Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn way sells Sunstone for arena tickets. Deadly Helephant Ears, Evil Magma Peas, Fickle Pickle, King Parsley, Maelstrom Snap Dragon, Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, Ultra Fly Trap, and Ultra Tiger Lily all drop sunstone. Avery Templeton also sells the sunstone transmute recipe for 600 gold requiring 15 sandstone.


How to get Amber

Amber is a non-auction reagent but can be bought with 5000 arena tickets per amber from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way. Amber can be dropped from various plants including Deadly Ninja Fig, King Parsley, Queen Cape Myrtle, Red Bell Pepper, Red Huckleberries, Sugar Khrystal, Ultra Boom Shroom, Ultra Helephant Ears, Ultra Huckleberries, Ultra King Parsley, Ultra Snow Apples, Ultra Trumpet Vines, and White Tiger Lily. You can also transmute amber from the recipe sold by MacGobhann is Avalon for 20,000 gold requiring 5 Merle Whiskers, 5 Amber Dust, 15 Sunstone, and 10 Golden Pearls. There are also some bosses that drop amber, Cronus, Corporal Tenni’syn, Ixcax Cursed Wing, Gladiator Dimachaerus, Medulla, and Mimic.


This spell can be simple to craft but can be difficult for others. There isn’t usually sunstone or water lily being sold in the bazaar and if there is you might be lucky enough to snipe it but you can transmute it with more common reagents. The most difficult reagent for everyone is probably going to be amber as it is rare but with time and effort you can craft this spell in no time.

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