A Guide to Couch Potatoes

You work hard as a gardener so your plants don’t have to, and by far, no other seedlings amplify this more than the Couch Potatoes. As the name suggests, these plants are low maintenance and easy addition to gardens throughout the spiral.

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
Couch Potatoes (Mature)

The Couch Potatoes are available upon reaching rank 3 of the gardening tract (Apprentice Gardener) and are only rank 6 in difficulty. These seeds only deal with occasional rank 1 pests and a need for both water and music. They solely need a large soil plot to plant them; no enchantments are necessary. For their minimal requirements, they offer a surprising amount of decent harvests. These plants are great if you are looking for pet snacks or treasure cards, however, don’t expect to gain any crafting reagents. Like any plant, the elder status receives the best rewards, however, at mature you can expect to see the following: Gold (upwards of 235), Litter (Housing Item), Sandwich Station (Housing Item), Amplify, Conviction, Empower, Fortify, Infallible, Vengeance (Treasure Card), Golden Pizza (Pet Snack), Jar of Jelly Beans (Pet Snack), Killer Tomato (Pet Snack), Shanta Pudding (Pet Snack), and Taco Town Special (Pet Snack). 

If you choose to let the plant further age to elder, you have the chance of collecting from these rewards: Gold (upwards of 1190), Captain Canteloupe (Pet Snack), Fancy Yogurt (Pet Snack), Golden Pizza (Pet Snack), Golden Wheat Bread (Pet Snack). 

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
Couch Potatoes Garden Plot (Stage Seedling) Featuring Pixie, Tropical Garden Gnome, Litter, and Sandwich Station

On average, it takes Couch Potatoes around 42 hours to reach mature status from seedling, though there are ways to speed up this process. If you happen to own the Everafter Village, Botanical Gardens, or Red Barn Farm, you can look forward to seeing a 15% increase in your plant’s growth cycle. The Red Barn Farm can be purchased in the Crown shop for 125,000 gold or 12,500 Crowns. The Everafter Village is currently a bundle available for digital download, the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle, at GameStop.

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
Summon Pixie Treasure Card (Right) and Spell Form (Left)

The plants also get a benefit over the presence of pixies, which tend to be attracted only to certain plants. Have no fear though, they can always be temporarily summoned through the Summon Pixie garden spell or treasure card. This spell costs 25 energy to cast and can be learned from NPC Charley at rank 10 (Grandmaster Gardener) for 175,000 gold. On occasion, you may be able to snag this spell from the Bazaar in treasure card form. Pixies bring a 20% increase to the growth of your Couch Potatoes. Sandwich Stations are also known to bring this growth modifier. Though a craftable recipe, this item can occasionally be seen at the Bazaar, or granted from interacting with the Aberrant Carnivorous Plant located inside Botanical Gardens. If you wish to craft this item, the recipe can be purchased by Adept Crafters from NPC Torald Wayfinder (Grizzleheim–Northguard) for 1920 Gold. 

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
Stinkweed (Mature)

Be wary of planting these seeds near stinkweed, as their presence will reduce the growth rate of the Couch Potatoes by 25% (though this CAN be counteracted by placing liked objects and plants nearby). 

There are certain plants and housing items that bring a boost to your growth speed. If planted near King Parsley (Seed), Ultra King Parsley (Seed), or Litter (Housing Item), a 10% increase in growth is added. King Parsley can be purchased in the Crown Shop for 750 Crowns or dropped from many bosses around the spiral.

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
King Parsley (Left), Ultra King Parsley (Right)

Similarly, Ultra King Parsley can be granted as a drop-in Farley’s Gardening Pack (499 Crowns), or farmed from exalted duels.

The housing item litter can also be found in Farley’s Gardening Pack (499 Crowns), commonly grabbed in the Bazaar for roughly 28 Gold or dropped by the plant itself.

For the ultimate boost in growth, I recommend placing a tropical garden known, as it brings a 25% increase in plant growth. This common housing item can be purchased for 225 Gold by NPC Farley.

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
Sandwich Station (Left), Tropical Garden Gnome, Litter (Right)

Couch Potatoes can be obtained in the Crown Shop at your leisure for 1,200 Crowns, or can be farmed from various NPCs.

Couch Potatoes Farming

wizard101 Couch Potatoes
wizard101 Couch Potatoes

Troubled Warrior in Savarstaad Pass or Splithoof Barbarian in Savarstaad Pass –Boar’s Camp

wizard101 Couch Potatoes

Death Gultures

Mirage ( Caravan – West Road )

If you have the time to farm or have some spare Crowns in your pocket, Couch Potatoes are fun seeds to have around. Not only are they an adorable pair, but they make great movie buddies should you find yourself needing a break from your questing adventures.

Happy questing,

Megan Fireheart

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