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The quest “Dueling Space” is given automatically when entering the Nucleus Gallery. It involves defeating three different Aberrant enemies and the main boss Dasein Duelist, who is a Rank 22 Boss with the highest health in the dungeon.

The first enemy to defeat is the Aberrant Monquistan, a Rank 21 Elite mob with 4,680 health and classified as a Monquistan/Aberration. The second enemy is the Aberrant Valencian, a Rank 20 enemy with 3,635 health and classified as a Unicorn/Aberration.

The final enemy is the Dasein Duelist, a Rank 22 Boss with 15,320 health and classified as an Undead/Calaca/Aberration. Once all enemies have been defeated, the quest will automatically be completed. Obtaining the Aeon amulet and ring requires defeating the Dasein Duelist in the Dueling space. This boss is located near the final boss of Novus, the Aeon of Atavus.

Dasein Duelist Wiz101

When playing with a full team of 4 players, you will encounter a Dasein Duelist enemy alongside 3 other Aberrant enemies. The Aberrant Monquistan has 4,360 health, while the Aberrant Valencians have 3,270 and 3,635 health respectively.

Dasein Duelist Cheats

Defeating Dasein Duelist can be a time-consuming process. If he is defeated the first time, he will revive himself with 50% of his total health and cast Meteor Strike, a powerful spell that deals significant damage. If he is defeated a second time, he will revive himself with 25% of his health and cast Rain of Fire, another powerful spell. In addition, if a wizard attempts to use a trap against him, Dasein Duelist will cast a fire version of Hammer of Thor, clearing all buffs from himself.

Despite these challenges, defeating Dasein Duelist is worth it for the rewards he offers. In addition to dropping the powerful Aeon amulet and ring, he also has a chance to drop Masterpiece gear.

Strategy and Drops:

Since this boss is fairly simple, just time-consuming. The strategy for defeating this boss involves having multiple players attacking the boss at the same time, while also using abilities such as frenzy and blades to buff your attacks.

To make the fight easier, it is important to avoid activating the boss’s cheats through the use of feints or traps. The key to defeating this boss is to keep attacking until it is finally defeated.

Remember If he is defeated the first time, he will revive himself with 50% of his total health and cast Meteor Strike then he will revive himself with 25% of his health and cast Rain of Fire after defeating him the second time.

Dasein Duelist Drops

The Dasein Duelist boss has a variety of potential drops, including the Aeon and Masterpiece amulets and rings. The Aeon gear is the highest tier gear, while the Masterpiece gear is used to craft the Aeon gear.

To craft an Aeon piece, you will need a school-specific Masterpiece item, 20 pixels, and 50 polygons. The boss also has a chance to drop Spellements for Karamelle, Lemuria, and Novus spells, as well as various jewels and pins for max-level characters. It is also possible for the boss to drop an Azoth TC during the fight. Another reason to farm this boss is for his piercing & mending jewels, which are sought out by both damage dealers and tanks.

Aeon Ring

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Overall, the Dasein Duelist boss is a challenging and interesting encounter, particularly when attempting to solo it. Having to defeat the boss three times can be quite a task, but the rewards are worth the effort.

The Aeon amulet may not be the best option, but the Aeon rings are a significant upgrade from the merciless rings. For players looking to obtain the best gear available, the Dasein Duelist is definitely worth farming. It is recommended to bring a full team and utilize strategies such as buffing with blades and auras and avoiding activating the boss’s cheats through the use of feints or traps to increase the chances of success.

With the potential to drop the powerful Aeon gear, Spellements, jewels and pins, and even an Azoth TC, the Dasein Duelist is a valuable boss to farm for high-level players.

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