Find The Cats Contest ( Closed )

Hello Wizards!

There are 7 Cats hidden everywhere around our website.

hidden in posts and pages. Go find the 7 Cats and get a random Gift

If found all the Cats your gift will be a random gift of the following gifts ( Unicorn Hoard pack / 2500 Crowns / 5000 Crowns / 10000 Crowns / Terror hoard pack / 1x Membership elixir )

  • Please note that your Gift is Random and depends on the code you have gotten when you found all the Cats
  • You can’t change the gift you will get or exchange it
  • Finding the Cats game can be only played once.
  • You must be a subscriber of our youtube channel you can subscribe here as this is a contest for our youtube and discord subscribes [egg id=”0″]

Once you find a Cat a pop up will appear showing how many Cats you have found.

Once you find all the Cats another pop up will appear showing your random gift code to redeem.



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