Ghulture’s Hoard Pack; What’s Inside?

Ghulutre's Hoard Pack

The Ghulture’s Hoard Pack is Mirage themed 399 crowns pack that has a variety of items. I’ve never seen this many items in a pack before. You’ve got the opportunity to acquire not one, or three, but SEVEN different mounts. One from each of the Wizard schools. You also can get gear, pets, housing items, and much more.

Ghulture’s Hoard Pack Items

Like other pack gears, the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack one can be opened at any level. Personally, I think the stitching of this gear makes no sense as it looks very similar to Darkmoor gear. The Darkmoor gear also looks more Mirage-themed than the actual Mirage theme gear that drops from this pack. However, it’s up to you if you still want this gear stitch.

The gear that this pack drops are the Ancient Purrzian Battle Gear, Ancient Purrzian Combat Gear, Ancient Purrzian War Gear, and Purrzian Scimitar Wands.


Ancient Purrzian Scimitar, Golden Purrzian Scimitar, Honed Purrzian Scimitar


Ancient Purrzian Battle Helm, Ancient Purrzian Combat Mask, Ancient Purrzian War Mantle


Ancient Purrzian Armour, Ancient Purrzian Plate, Ancient Purrzian Raiment


Ancient Purrzian Galesh, Ancient Purrzian Boots, Ancient Purrzian Givehs

As seen above, the stats from the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack isn’t impressive. While the wand does give a may cast, it would work only for PVE as it does not have pierce. The hats and robes might be able to work in PVP as they have pierce. The hats even give a shatter spell card, which comes in perfect for PVP. Virulent Plague is a great card as well, but it’s useless if you aren’t a death wizard or possess a death mastery amulet. This costs three pips to use. This is a waste of time for non-death wizards as they’d be wasting three (maybe even power pips) to use this card.

Ghulture's Hoard Pack

This is a picture of the full gear set that is dropped from the pack. As explained above, it’s very similar to the Darkmoor gear. It’s up to you if you want to get it for a stitch or to use.


Dark Worm Larva, Sand Worm Larva


What I love about this mount is that it gives an extra +3 damage depending on which school it is. For example, if a Balance wizard uses the Balance Ghulture mount, they’d gain an extra +3% damage.

Housing Items

If you love to decorate and enjoy having house guests, then the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack is perfect for you. You can create an entire Mirage-themed house/room. Especially as house guests require a bit of work and are tedious to obtain, getting them from this pack would come in handy. You can even obtain socket wrenches from this pack. The items from this pack are:

  • Ancient Qhat Warrior
  • Artisan’s Socket Wrench
  • Astral BookU
  • Baboon Thug
  • Binny Jezzerit
  • Blue Cushion
  • Bumbai Swordsman
  • Bumbai Warrior
  • Cactus Pods
  • Chronomancer Captain
  • Chronomancer Consult
  • Colonnade
  • Covered Wagon
  • Crossed Swords
  • Crypt Conscript
  • Cushioned Seat
  • Cushioned Seat with Pillow
  • Dromel Head Column
  • Dromel Sarcophagus
  • Dromel Tent
  • Dusty Red Couch
  • Dusty Rug
  • Dusty Settee
  • Enchanted Broom
  • Glowing Mushrooms
  • Gobbler Guard
  • Grandmaster Socket Wrench
  • Hanging Lamps
  • Hanging Lantern
  • House Purrzian Assailant
  • Ice Hoist
  • Ice Pallet
  • Lesser Djinn
  • Lined Cabinet
  • Mosaic Chair
  • Mosaic Table
  • Mounted Snake Head
  • Novice’s Socket Wrench
  • Oil Painting
  • Parrot on a Barrel
  • Patterned Cushion
  • Qhat Broker
  • Qhat Chef
  • Qhat Commoner
  • Qhat Socialite
  • Red Basket
  • Sewer Grate
  • Silent Saber
  • Small Stage
  • Star Table
  • Swords and Shield
  • Tree Painting
  • Vase with Vines
  • Wicker Chair
  • Wicker Side Table
  • Wispy Tree
  • Yellow Cushion

Pet Snacks and Reagents

You get quite a lot of pet snacks and reagents from the ghulture’s hoard pack. While the pet snacks may not be mega, the reagents come in quite handy. Especially as a few of them are expensive and are used to craft many items.

Treasure Cards and Jewels

Instead of seeds, the ghulture’s hoard pack gives you jewels. However, this would only benefit you if you’re a level 15 wizard. The tcs can be quite useful. These are tcs that you can find in the bazaar, but getting some extras won’t hurt if you have use for it.

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