Lemuria Aesthetic and Gear Overview

As most of you know, Lemuria is now the newest world in the Spiral and lots of wizards
(myself included) love it! Here is a comprehensive guide to everything Lemuria, which will be
kept spoiler-free (for the story) except when noted explicitly. It will cover everything from the
aesthetic to the new spells to the gear to the difficulty and beyond, and it will be broken up into 2
pieces, with this being the first 2 sections. With that said, let’s get started!

Lemuria Aesthetic and Gear

Lemuria is a gorgeous world filled to the brink with unique areas. Truth be told, every
area looks like it’s from a completely different world, with everything from a jungle to a desert to
a futuristic city and more. The environment is never bland, and it’s an absolute joy to have the
scenery change so much so as not to become too monotonous. In this regard, Lemuria hit the nail
on the head.

Lemuria Gear Lvl 150

For the gear, a lot of it is underwhelming, but a few select pieces stand out. For one, some
of the tier 1 wands (known as the Supreme wands) are actually very good and in some ways the best wands in the game. Every school has multiple supreme wands, with the 2 most important types being the high-pierce ones and the high-damage ones. Both of these have very, very good stats and are absolutely worth picking up. However, it is not yet known where the best place to farm them is, so it is recommended to just try to buy them from the Wizard City Bazaar if you have the gold and if you are lucky enough to find one (they are highly coveted, after all).

The other best pieces of new gear are some of the decks, which have good stats but are not
particularly drastic upgrades to some of the past decks we’ve seen. This is especially considering
that their spell copy limit is 6 for school spells even on the best Lemuria decks, so these are more
of a sidegrade than an upgrade.

Lastly, some of the other gear that has been found is good, but it is quite rare and
unfortunately not auctionable at the Bazaar. there are 3 tiers of the best gear in the new world. 1st tier gear is known as Merciless gear 2nd tier gear is known as Malevolent gear and 3rd is Magician Gear. Here is a pair of boots that I acquired somewhere
along my Lemuria journeys:

Not quite Dragoon quality, but pretty close (gives less damage than Dragoon because it
loses the Set Bonus). The Elemental Blade Item Card is 35%, which can be useful but which is
not nearly as good as the Dragoon’s Fiery Boots Item Cards.
The final note for gear is that Lemuria is far from fully explored, and there may be much
better gear than we know somewhere out there. For now, however, the wands are the most
important things, so, if you see a good one at the Bazaar, definitely snag it!

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