Meowiarty Exalted Duel Drops & Cheats Guide

Meowiarty exalted duel is one use dungeon that could be placed in a wizard’s home where four people can take part in trying to defeat the enemies inside. This item has to be placed in the external part of a wizard’s home in order to be used. The Meowiarty duel can be obtained by either spending 500 crowns in the crown shop or by various boss drops.

Similar to traditional role-playing games, wizard101 has made a decent part of its gameplay focus on dungeons, mobs, and bosses but in 2012 However, kingsisle Entertainment reinvented a fun and more convenient way to take part in dungeons when they introduced the midnight sun pagoda gauntlet.

Wizard101 Meowiarty exalted duel

Meowiarty exalted

Creators thought that it would be fun for players to be able to access dungeons from their, or their friend’s own homes, basically at the tip of their fingers, with great rewards for having gone through these dungeons. (that loot!). Later on, wizard 101 decided to make these dungeons/gauntlets even more interesting when they introduced the one-shot dungeons. Now one shot may sound like a bad thing except, these dungeons can be obtained as drops from various monsters! and they can also be bought for cheap at the notorious crown shop. These newly exalted duels, each focussing on a specific boss, came with even more valuable drops than previous dungeons in the past and many wizards depend on some of these drops to form their ideal gear for max level PVE or PVP. Meowiarty’s exalted duel is one of these new one-shot dungeons.

where to farm Meowiarty exalted duel?

This Meowiarity Duel is Obtainable From:

  • Crown Shop (500 C)
  • The Jade Oni (Mooshu)
  • Nameless Knight (Avalon)
  • Both Hades and Zeus in Aquila
  • Tse-tse Snaketail and Cloudburst Spiders (Mirror Lake)
  • Morganthe, and other bosses…

SO, as I stated earlier, this dungeon can be obtained either through the crown shop or from a mob drop, (from the enemies I stated above) so if you or any of your friends have a dungeon in possession, then you are set to get rolling! just make sure to place dungeons on the exterior part of the home in the yard.

The Fight

Meowiarty exalted

Yes! the fun part! There are three enemies that stay the same each time someone runs the dungeon, which are; Meowiarty (rank 14), O’Leary Thug (rank 14) and Midnighter (Rank 13)

The other remaining slots can be filled by either; Dr. Von Katzenstein (Rank 14), Gibson O’Leary (Rank 14) or Jacques the Scratcher (Rank 14).


Meowiarty exalted
  • No negative Charms Or Else he removes them from himself and his friends

O’Leary Thug

Meowiarty exalted
  • No aura Or Else he casts supernova on the caster
  • You can’t have more than 5 pips after casting a spell Or Else he will cast mana burn


  • He casts empower on himself if you hit him or any of his friends
Meowiarty exalted

Dr. Von Katzenstein / Gibson O’Leary / Jacques the Scratcher

  • If Dr. Von Katzenstein (Storm) No Blades or Traps
  • If Gibson O’Leary (Fire) No single blades or single traps
  • If Jacques the Scratcher (Ice) No shields or Heals
Meowiarty exalted

Meowiarty Exalted Duel drops

Yea that loot! remember? of course, we have to be rewarded for our hard work, not only can you get a permanent mount, but you can also get a pretty good gear set from this boss including hats, robes, boots, and wands; these items will be specified below.

Meowiarty Boots

There is an assortment of Boots that can be collected from the Meowiarity Exalted Duel. A series of Meowiarity boots can be found in the chest at the end of the battle, and there is one for each of the schools.

There are two permanent mounts that you have a chance of picking up from the loot chest in this dungeon. You can either receive the Balance Whirlwind mount, or you can get the Ice Whirlwind mount

Meowiarty exalted

There is a chance that you might receive Meowiarty’s Krok pet or Meowiarty’s Ghoul as loot after the fight is over.

Meowiarty exalted

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