Mooshu Quest Tree ( Summary & Details! )

Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Mooshu Quest Tree to help you see your progress, and find where are you at. and at which quest you are, How many quests are left until you finish the world?

Lost your main quest? no worries you can find it again in this Mooshu quest tree if you followed the quest tree here, Want to know if your quest has “defeat” or “defeat and collect?” how many bosses do you have to fight? how much exp do you get from each quest? you can find all that here.

In this Mooshu quest tree, we are going to mention the main quests only, the quests you have to finish in order to move to the next area or world, we are not going to mention side quests or running between areas in order to complete a questGo to / enter places or areas quests will be mentioned as “Explore” quests

We will make a small summary of the important tasks in each quest TalkDefeat, and Explore. we will not mention other parts of the quest, you can find them in the details below each quest.

Wizard101 Mooshu Quest Tree

Jade Place

#Quest NameActions RequiredDetails
1Bad NewsTalkTalk to Merle Ambrose
2MooShuExplore + TalkExplore MooShu / Talk to Su Lee
3Welcome to MooShu?TalkTalk to Noboru Akitame
4Mind GamesTalkTalk to Lo Pang
5Do You Mind?Explore + interact + Talk+ TalkLocate the Rock Garden / Locate the Rock Dojo / Read the Book of Celestial Wisdom / Talk to Lo Pang / Talk to Noboru Akitame
6A Test of StrengthTalk+ Explore + Boss + TalkTalk to Yochimo / Locate the Water Dojo / Defeat Yochimo / Talk to Noboru Akitame
7The Great MoodhaExplore + Talk+ TalkGo to the Moodha statue / Talk to Noboru Akitame / Talk to the Jade Champion in the Emperor’s Throne Room
8An Ailing EmperorTalkTalk to Tan Keng

Hametsu Village

Mooshu Quest Tree
9War PigsTalkTalk to Shojiro Gama
10Counting SheepExplore 4x + TalkLocate: Junho Shan, Ti Sai Joo-Young, Ma Chieh / Talk to Shojiro Gama
11Armed and Dangerousinteract + TalkRecover 4 Crates of Stolen Weapons / Talk to Shojiro Gama
12Sneak AttackDefeat + Defeat+ TalkDefeat 3 Sanzoku Bandits, 3 Sanzoku Outlaws / Talk to Shojiro Gama
13Never AgainDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Otomo Couriers and Collect Attack Orders / Talk to Shojiro Gama
14Following OrdersBoss + TalkDefeat Do-Daga / Talk to Shojiro Gama
15Spies Like UsTalkTalk to Sanisai Fukido

Tatakai Outpost

Mooshu Quest Tree
16Inside Scoopinteract x3 + TalkLocate Scout Tower x3 / Talk to Sanisai Fukido
17Cold CutTalkTalk to Shai Fung
18Appetite for Destructioninteract + TalkDestroy 4 boxes of Supplies / Talk to Shai Fung
19Run Away, Run Away!Defeat+ TalkDefeat 4 Otomo Supply Runners / Talk to Shai Fung
20No QuarterBoss + TalkDefeat the Otomo Quartermaster / Talk to Shai Fung
21A Fighting ChanceTalkTalk to Sanisai Fukido
22You’re Fired!interact  + TalkBurn 3 Scout Towers / Talk to Sanisai Fukido
23Key to SuccessDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Ronin Keyholders and collect a Rusty Key / Talk to Sanisai Fukido
24Let Me ShekBoss + TalkDefeat Maito / Talk to Sanisai Fukido
25A Tale of Two BrothersTalkTalk to Shojiro Gama

w101 Mooshu quest tree

Crimson Fields

Mooshu Quest Tree
26To the Front!Talk+ Defeat+ TalkTalk to Hoi Mang / Defeat the War Oni / Talk to Shojiro Gama
27The General (Instance)Talk+ TalkTalk to Hoi Mang / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
28A Strong Defense… (Instance)interact + TalkGather 4 Wood Piles / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
29Is a Good Defense (Instance)interact + TalkConstruct: Right Flank Barricade, Central Barricade, Left Flank Barricade / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
30Scouring for Scouts (Instance)Talk+ Talk+ TalkTalk to Ahn Nao / Talk to Sekou Leong / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
31A Soldier’s Duty (Instance)TalkTalk to Bricktop
32Stone Cold (Instance)Boss + TalkDefeat Grum Foultooth and Collect the Sacred Stone / Talk to Bricktop
33Passing Stones (Instance)interact + interact + Talk+ TalkUse the First Cairn / Use the Second Cairn / Talk to Bricktop / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
34Battle of Everymore (Instance)Defeat+ TalkDefeat 5 enemies on the Battlefield / Talk to Rikugun Mikawa
35Warlord Katsumori (Instance)Boss + Boss Defeat Katsumori / Defeat the War Oni
36Back to Quest: To the Front!TalkTalk to Shojiro Gama in Hametsu Village

Shoshun Village / Cave of Solitude

Mooshu Quest Tree
37Sword of OmensTalkTalk to Tan Keng
38Clear WatersTalkTalk to Sun Hing
39PatienceTalkTalk to Din Ho
40No DisassembleDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Ronin Mutineers and Collect Jade Handle / Talk to Din Ho
41Second ServingBoss + TalkDefeat Koto and Collect Jade Shaft / Talk to Din Ho
42Hut Hut Hut!Explore + Explore + TalkGo to First Hut / Go to Second Hut / Talk to Din Ho
43Pagoda PuzzleBoss + TalkGo to Pagoda near Binh Hoa / Talk to Din Ho
44The Final PeaceBoss + TalkDefeat Kanago and Collect Headpiece / Talk to Din Ho
45Forest FlowersInteract+ TalkCollect flowers / Talk to Din Ho
46Spiritual OfferingInteract + TalkUse Brazier / Talk to Din Ho
47Jade ScepterTalkTalk to Sun Hing

Kishibe Village

Mooshu Quest Tree

Mooshu main quest line

48Due DiligenceTalkTalk to Tu Luk Kwo
49Earth DayTalkTalk to Tu Luk Pao
50Crazy for YouInteract + TalkDestroy 4 Diseased Mushrooms / Talk to Khin-Pao
51Shrining ExampleInteract + TalkPurify the Shrine of the Body / Talk to Khin-Pao
52Happy Earth Spirits TalkTalk to Tu Luk Kwo
53Water Everywhere…Explore + TalkEnter Shrine of the Mind / Talk to Tu Luk Kwo
54Monknapping!Explore + Boss + Talk+ TalkExplore / Defeat Aiuchi / Talk to Woo Ping / Talk to Woo Ping
55Did You Miss Me?Interact + TalkUse Shrine of the Mind / Talk to Woo Ping
56Beauty Is Shrine DeepTalkTalk to Tu Luk Kwo
57A Good GuardianTalk+ TalkTalk to Chang Su / Talk to Tu Luk Kwo
58…Is Hard to FindTalkTalk to Sesshu Nedaki
59For the Emperor!Defeat+ TalkDefeat 4 Imitsu Defoulers / Talk to Sesshu Nedaki
60Stolen FoodTalk+ Defeat and Collect + TalkTalk to Tu Luk Kwo / Defeat Infected Villagers and Collect 3 Stolen Food / Talk to Sesshu Nedaki
61Monk FolliesTalk+ TalkTalk to Tu Luk Kwo / Talk to Sesshu Nedaki
62Worthy ActsBoss + Talk x3Defeat Kyuto / Talk x3
63Air ApparentTalk+ interact + Talk+ TalkTalk to Sesshu Nedaki / Use Spirit Shrine / Talk to Sesshu Nedaki / Talk to Tu Luk Kwo

Shirataki Temple

Mooshu Quest Tree
64ReleaseTalk+ Defeat+ TalkTalk to Din Ho / Defeat Plague Oni / Talk to Sun Hing
65River Temple (Instance)Boss + Talk+ Boss + InteractDefeat Shoji and Collect Gate Key / Talk to Din Ho / Defeat Haru and Collect Temple Gate Key / Open Temple Gate
66Summoning the Spirit (Instance)Talk+ Interact + Defeat+ Interact + Defeat+ Interact + Defeat+ Interact + Defeat+ Boss Talk to Din Ho / Use Earth Shrine / Use Air Shrine / Use Fire Shrine / Use Spirit Shrine / Defeat Wavebringer
67Back to Quest: ReleaseTalkTalk to Sun Hing

Ancient Burial Grounds

Mooshu Quest Tree
68ContemplationTalkTalk to Tan Keng
69Oni of DeathTalkTalk to Hideo Kebo
70The Only WayExplore + TalkExplore Burial Grounds / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
71A Hand from Beyondinteract+ TalkLearn / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
72Shadowy SecretsDefeat+ interact + TalkDefeat Kakeda Shadow / Learn Mantra 2 / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
73Third Time’s the CharmBoss + interact + TalkDefeat Tamauji / Learn Mantra 3 / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
74TorchureBoss + TalkDefeat Ember Everburn / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
75A Dirty JobInteract + TalkGather Crypt Dust / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
76To the Great BeyondBoss + TalkDefeat Tomugawa the Evil and Collect Spirit Cage / Talk to Ichiro Kebo
77Grandpa Says Hi!TalkTalk to Hideo Kebo

Village of Sorrow

Mooshu Quest Tree
78Desperate MeasuresExplore + TalkGo to the Village of Sorrow / Talk to Ken Shui
79Be Very, Very QuietDefeat+ TalkDefeat 4 Cursed Ronin / Talk to Ken Shui
80Or Call a LocksmithDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Sorrow Whisperers and Collect Spectral Key / Talk to Ken Shui
81Spiritual AwakeningInteract + Boss + Talk+ TalkFind Ting Yin / Defeat Usunoki / Talk to Ting Yin / Talk to Ken Shui
82Chain RequestTalkTalk to Xihong Bi
83Soooool ChainDefeat and Collect + Talk+ Interact + TalkDefeat Walking Dead and Collect 4 Dark Souls / Talk to Xihong Bi / Use Forge / Talk to Xihong Bi
84A Good ForgeryTalkTalk to Ken Shui
85Smells Like SpiritBoss + TalkDefeat Oyotomi the Defiler / Talk to Ken Shui

Yoshihito Temple

86Carried AwayTalkTalk to Hideo Kebo
87Oni No DeathDefeat+ Talk x2Defeat Death Oni / Talk x2
88Left Behind (instance)Talk+ Explore Talk to Hideo Kebo / Go To Pool
89Question of Faith (instance)Talk+ Explore + Boss + TalkTalk to Yishin Chen / Go to Nomoonaga’s Tower / Defeat Nomoonaga / Talk to Yishin Chen
90Tree of Life (instance)Interact + Boss Use Tree of Life / Defeat Kagemoosha
91Back to Quest: Oni No DeathTalk+ TalkTalk to Yishin Chen / Talk to Tan Keng in Jade Palace

Emperor’s Throne Room

Mooshu Quest Tree
92An Imperial CureInteract + Boss + TalkHeal Emperor Yoshihito / Defeat Jade Oni / Talk to Emperor Yoshihito
93The Key At LastTalkTalk to Merle Ambrose

This was Mooshu Quest Tree

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