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As an active wizard of the Spiral, you spend much of your time traveling through world gates to help many characters along the way. You may collect quite a few artifacts along your journey, make new acquaintances in the way of pets, discover new mounts, swap out your hat—you can imagine the possibilities.

Your time is valuable, so knowing the ins and outs of your inventory is crucial. Your backpack can be accessed at any time by pressing [B]. From here, you enter an overview page featuring all of your items. 

wizard101 Inventory

At the top of the page, you will find icons to access (from left to right):

All Equipment Items, Hats, Robes, Boots, Wands, Athames, Amulets, Rings, Pets, Mounts, Decks, Elixir

In these pages, you are able to quickly hover over an item to see its attributes. In addition, on the bottom left you can access a quick-sell window if you are in need for some fast gold. If you don’t wish to sell a piece but are also tired of having it, you can feed it to your pet if eligible by clicking on the bottom right icon of a piggle holding a pet snack. 

wizard101 Inventory

Underneath the object, you will notice the backpack icon again, this time with an item counter. This shows your item capacity compared to how much you are able to hold. Your capacity will increase over time as you level, but to expedite this, you can purchase Expand Backpack Elixir in the Crown Shop for 2500 Crowns.

wizard101 Inventory

To the right of this, you will find an icon with a cluster of clothing. Clicking this brings you to the create-a-set menu. In this, you are able to make a quick go-to for each of your favorite outfits. You can even name them for special occasions!

wizard101 Inventory

If you choose the yellow arrow to the right of the elixir icon, you will come to a housing page. To access this independently, you can press [U] at any time. 

wizard101 Inventory

In this menu, you can access (from left to right):

Castles, All Housing Items, Castle Blocks, Plant Life, Wall Hangings, Wallpaper and Tile

Outdoor, Furniture, Decoration, Musical Scrolls, Seeds

When you start out, you are only able to hold three castles at a time. However, you can also expand this slot through the use of elixirs: the Additional Castle Elixir. This can be found in the Crown Shop for 3500 Crowns. 

wizard101 Inventory

 If you follow the right yellow arrow again, you will open your fish basket. This shows all the fish currently in your inventory as well as your overall fish count. You can access this screen independently by pressing [V]. At the bottom of the basket, you will notice a shortcut to access your Angler’s Tome, where you can find information about all the fish you have collected throughout the Spiral.  

wizard101 Inventory

Following the right yellow arrow again, we are brought to a new page: Pet Snacks. Here, you can see all the snacks you currently have in your inventory, as well as the count of each pet snack type. This can be especially useful if you are making a plan for harvesting more of a certain variety. At the bottom of the right page in the book, you will notice a shortcut to the Pets tab in your spell book. This takes you to a page where you can further inspect your pet’s abilities and information. 

wizard101 Inventory

As we continue on our journey of following the yellow arrow, we are now on the Reagents page. This page is critical for crafters. All reagents and amounts collected can be seen on an overall page, or broken down into categories based on collection type. Categories within this page include: all reagents, harvest, harvest rare, shop, drop, event, and spellements. At this bottom right of this page, you can also find a shortcut to get to the crafting recipes section of your spell book.

wizard101 Inventory

The next page we travel to is Jewels page. Here, you can view collected jewels based on shape, feed them to your pet, or sell them in quick-sell mode. Your jewel count and capacity reached can be found on the bottom left. Categories of jewels include: all jewels, square jewels, triangle jewels, circle jewels, tear jewels, and star jewels.

wizard101 Inventory

The last page within your inventory is the Monstrology Tome. In this page, you will find a collective list of all the monsters you have encountered, as well as how much animus you currently possess for each. Additionally, you can also find the amount of animus required to create a house guest, summon a treasure card, or expel a treasure card. If you wish to access this page quickly, you can always press [T]. To learn further about this tome, you can read our comprehensive monstrology guide here.

wizard101 Inventory

Moving one more arrow to the right, you will find the Photomancy page. This is a great spot to look at your collection of photos after you take them. To access this page, you can also press [Ctrl + Z]. Here, you will have access to open your viewfinder as well–found on the bottom left of the screen.

And that’s it, one more yellow arrow and you’re back at the start! Knowing the ins and outs of your inventory can save you some time in a pinch. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us on twitter @wizard101folio or in the comments below!

Happy Questing!

Megan Fireheart

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