New Key Bosses and Spellements Changes: A Comprehensive Guide

Greetings, Wizards!

The upcoming summer update being tested and refined right now is full of many exciting things, one of which is an overhaul of where and how Lore Spellements drop, and also four new Gold Key Bosses to farm for them!

Instead of getting any random Spellement drop from Loremaster, Wizards will now be able to farm six preexisting Key Bosses and four new ones for Spellements (and even gear!) from each world’s corresponding Spellemental or Lore pack. All ten Key Bosses mentioned here will scale to player level and require Gold Keys, which will be found on Event progress bars and dropped from existing Skeleton Key Bosses.

Existing Key Bosses and their overhauled Spellement drops:

  • Spirit of Ignorance – Wizard City – Ravenwood Rangers set (Camp Bandit, Splashsquatch, Beary Surprise)
  • King Borr – Grizzleheim – Grizzleheim set (Ratatoskr’s Spin, Hammer of Thor, Grendel’s Amends)
  • Takanobu the Masterless – MooShoo – Ninja’s set (Ninja Pig, Samoorai, Goat Monk)
  • Lambent Fire – Avalon – Knight’s set (Catalan, Deer Knight, Handsome Fomori)
  • Ixcax Cursedwing – Azteca – Shaman’s set (Winter Moon, Savage Paw, Lord of Night)
  • Krampus – various worlds during Yuletide Events – Yuletide set (Reindeer Knight, Krampus)

New Key Bosses and their Spellements drops:

Drowned Dan

Celestia – Celestian set (Nautilus Unleashed, Celestial Intervention, Ship of Fools, Spiritual Tribunal)

Lady Stonegaze

Aquila – Immortal’s set (Hephaestus, Athena Battle Sight, Queen Calypso)

Baron Von Bracken

Wysteria – Wysteria set – (Pigsie, Ninja Piglets, Angry Snowpig)

High Loremagus

Dragonspyre – Keeper’s set (Luminous Weaver, Keeper of the Flame, Brimstone Revenant)



  • Drowned Dan (Life)
  • Minions: 3 Sunken Sam henchmen (Ice)
Drowned Dan and his three minions
  • Badge Earned: Undead Pirate’s Scourge
  • Location: middle of the Arboretum, Science Center
Drowned Dan’s location in Celestia

Strategy: Drowned Dan casts an invulnerability aura first turn and will take no damage until you get rid of it. You cannot defeat him and/or his henchmen with an AOE. The only way to get rid of the aura is to unlock a four-digit “code” that Drowned Dan says at the beginning of each round, and the only way to unlock all four digits is by defeating each minion one at a time with single hits only. 

Each time one minion is defeated, Drowned Dan will reveal the next number in the code, which is the sequence that you must cast four spells in once the minions are gone. Each number of the code represents a spell’s pip cost.

A battle would look like this:

With all minions present, Dan says: “THE CODE IS X-?-?-?”
First minion defeated: “THE CODE IS X-X-?-?”
Second minion defeated: “THE CODE IS X-X-X-?”
Third and final minion defeated: “THE CODE IS X-X-X-X”
“X” is a stand-in for any single-digit number between 0 and 9. The code changes every fight. For example, if his code were “3-7-0-8” and you were a Death wizard, you would use Banshee (3 pip spell), Scarecrow (7 pip spell), wand hit (0 pip spell), and King Artorius (8 pip spell).

Since you can’t damage Dan at all until after you’ve cast the four “code spells” that remove invulnerability, don’t worry about blading, trapping, or enchanting anything on him until that aura is gone. 

Since you’ll never know which rank of spells are needed until you’re in the fight, I would recommend running with four people: a first person with AOEs to break legion and tower shields that the Sunken Sams will cast, and 3 hitters after (first hitter with rank 0-1-2-3 spells, second with rank 4-5-6 spells, and third with rank 7-8-9 spells).

Some of the drops you can get from Drowned Dan


  • Lady Stonegaze (Myth)
  • Minions: none
Lady Stonegaze, and a deck with an example of what the blindfolded hit card looks like
  • Badge Earned: Gorgon Grappler
  • Location: in building near Vesper, Garden of Hesperides
Lady Stonegaze’s location in Aquila

Strategy: In this RNG-based fight, Lady Stonegaze (a.k.a. Medusa) will give you one “blindfolded hit” every turn. This is a random hit of a random school, ranging from wand to shadow. When the cards appear in your hand, you can see the school, but not the spell or pip cost. Pips don’t matter in this fight; blindfolded hits will cast regardless of how many you have.

The second aspect of this fight is the potential to be turned to stone. Any single-target spell cast on Medusa (including Feints and traps, unfortunately) will result in her turning the caster to stone, which gives you an entire deck of pass cards. You can shuffle through your deck and discard the spam, but even if you find a hit, there’s only a 50% chance it casts. If you fizzle, it goes back into your deck and you have to search for it again. Successfully hitting her does enable you to break free, but it’s much easier to avoid this altogether by not casting any single-target spells on her in the first place. 

As an aside, you cannot one-shot her with something that isn’t a blindfolded hit. She will resurrect herself, heal to full health, and, yep, turn you to stone, so don’t try to be clever!

So, for this fight, keep Frenzy active, and have a Balance support for those universal blades. Having three hitters spreads out the options for RNG and is what I would suggest. I also recommend you bring Myth or universal shields, as Medusa can hit pretty hard.

Some of the drops you can get from Lady Stonegaze


  • Baron Von Bracken (Death)
  • Minions: Three Nettle Soldiers (Life)
Baron Von Bracken and his three minions
  • Badge Earned: Bracken Clearer
  • Location: past the Green Men in a building on the right, Tanglewood Way
Baron Von Bracken’s location in Wysteria

Strategy: This fight is fairly straightforward; basically you need to think of it as if you’re trying to get your One In A Million badge. It’s unclear how level scaling affects this boss’s health, but for a max level, it’s 2,000,000 (two million). You can either one-shot, OR you have to deal a LOT of damage—at least one million per hit—otherwise, he heals himself back to full health. So get the minions out of the way, and then go to town with blades and traps.

You CAN cast feints, he’ll just hit you out of turn, but it doesn’t deal a whole lot of damage. 

There are no other known cheats.

Some of the drops you can get from Baron Von Bracken


  • High Loremagus (Balance)
  • Minions: Three “Fonts of” minions  (can be Ice, Storm, Life, etc.)
High Loremagus and her three minions
  • Badge Earned: Loremagus Master
  • Location: on the left inside the athame, hat, and robe shop, The Athenium
High Loremagus’s location in Dragonspyre

Strategy: Take out the Fonts as soon as you can, but that’s where the similarity to the Loremaster fight ends.

On her first turn, High Loremagus will cast a -200% accuracy aura on every player of their school. For example, if you’re Storm, you cannot cast any Storm spell without a guaranteed chance of fizzling. This means that that if your support is Balance, they can’t cast any blades from the Balance school. If they’re Death, they can’t cast Feint at all. You cannot change the aura by replacing it with another; she’ll just cheat cast it again. 

Basically, for this fight, you need a Mastery Amulet and a bunch of that school’s treasure cards. If you have any gear or a pet that boosts your “secondary school” or gives universal buffs, equip it. Have your support cast off-school blades and traps.

There are no other known cheats.

Some of the drops you can get from High Loremagus

Since all of these fights have only been attempted on the Test Realm, the developers may make some changes before the update releases later this summer. Otherwise, enjoy these new, creative boss fights, and good luck on your drops!

Thanks and credit to BlazeLifehammer on Youtube for his helpful guides, and the source of all battle screenshots.

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