Pet Hatching Guide

Introduction to pet hatching in wizard101

Now that you know which pets and talents are good, it’s time to actually make the pet by pet hatching. If you don’t know the good pets and talents please see pet guide via this link

Based off the highlighted colors, the following will be explained:

Yellow– The name given to the pet.

Red– The type and school of pet

Blue-The experience needed to go from baby, teen, ancient, epic, mega and ultra in that order.

Black– The Stats of the pet. (Higher the better)

Purple– The talents of the pet.

White- Each dot represents a pet talent rarity.
No dot- Common
1 dot- Uncommon
2 dots-Rare
3 dots- Ultra-rare
4 dots-Epic

Selecting a Starting Pet for Pet hatching

Firstly, you need a 1st generation ‘base’ pet. First generation means it’s the original pet with the original talents (obtained without hatching). The recommended base pets would ideally have high stats or one or two talents that you need or talents that are not ‘sticky’. ‘Sticky’ talents are talents that you usually cannot get rid of in a pet easily for example: if your base pet gives ‘may cast sprite’, and you want to make a triple double pet; you would, more than likely, keep getting back may cast sprite talent which becomes very annoying.

If you are under level 30, I recommend buying a random pet in the Wizard City pet shop (e.g., fire cat).

If you can complete the deckathalon event, the pet reward from that is really good. If you are level 30+ I recommend using the enchanted armament pet which is dropped easily from Gladiator Dimachaerus in Mount Olympus (secret boss).

This universal pet has medium range stats and gives talents you want such as spell proof and pain giver. As you can see it gave spell proof talent and has decent stats of strength, intellect, agility, will, power.

Pet Hatching

Select the pet you want in the kiosk or ask your friend (with a good pet) to hatch with you. It’s cheaper and better to have your friend lend you his/her pet rather than using the hatching kiosk. If you are using the kiosk, remember the name of the pet, so you would know exactly which pet you are hatching with. Ensure you have enough gold, you should have at least 50,000 gold per hatch. I am now going to explain how to effectively copy or duplicate the pet you want:

  1. Hatch with the pet…when the pet hatches…train it to adult ONLY.
  2. Hatch with the SAME pet again. (if using kiosk and pet isn’t there, hatch with another pet containing same talents)
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for at least 5-10 times… depending on if the stats are close to max.
  4. When your pet’s talent pool looks similar to the other pet’s talent pool… you can start training it up to ancient then mega. (once it has 2 talents that you want at adult).
  5. If it fails (gives unwanted talent) hatch with the previous pet at adult, or ancient.
  6. Repeat step 5 until your pet doesn’t fail at mega.

Pet Hatching #1

I am using a life armament as my base pet (this pet has max stats at first gen and can be obtained with 2000 arena tickets but you must be a PVP Warlord to purchase it).

I trained it to adult only and hatched with my friend’s pet.

 The pet and talents I want is on the Decenial dragon.
Spell proof, Spell defying, Life Bringer, Mighty and Armor Breaker

I do NOT want lifespear and sword and shield talent, or any other random talent in the talent pool.

Pet Hatching #2

The hatched pet (Old brandy) was trained to adult. I got 2 of his talents.

The talents lined up in the same position in the talent pool if you look across and compare.

The talent pool is starting to look similar.

I will now hatch AGAIN.

Pet Hatching #3

Hatched pet (Captain Bruno) was trained to ancient. So far 3 talents that I wanted, I got.

The stats are high and talent pools line up. The next hatched pets I will be training to mega, if it fails, I will re-hatch using this pet which will be called a base pet since it contains all the talents we want and manifested talents thus far.

(This pet contains all the talents I want in its talent pool, it’s down to luck now)

pet hatching

Pet Hatching #4

Rehatched with Captain Bruno.

Hatched pet (Young Gizmo) was trained to mega. Unfortunately it failed at mega giving Life Shot talent.

The highlighted blue talent is the Spell defying talent (rare) I wanted, but it is down to Luck since it is randomly generated.

The highlighted green talent (uncommon) is Life Shot, which is in my friend’s talent pool.

This is how your figure out which talents are in your pool.

pet hatching

Pet Hatching #5

Rehatched with Captain Bruno.

Hatched pet (Twitchy Sandy) was trained to ancient where it unfortunately failed again.

The talent I got was hearty (common), which is in my friend’s talent pool highlighted in yellow.

pet hatching

Pet Hatching #6

Rehatched with Captain Bruno.

The hatched pet (Dona Spike) immediately failed at teen giving life shot.

Do not be discouraged, pet failing is very common in wizard101.

pet hatching

Pet Hatching #7

Rehatched with Captain Bruno.

The hatched pet (Prince Riley) did not fail. I successfully copied/made the pet that I wanted. Here is a comparison to it alongside my friend’s pet.

pet hatching

Good luck making your pets!

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