Summer Scroll of Fortune Overview (2020)

As Spring comes to a close, Summer approaches, and with it so does the Summer Scroll of Fortune, a three-month event that gives many rewards. Today I’ll be going through every single reward and giving my personal opinion on whether or not you should buy the Scroll, which costs 7500 Crowns.

Summer Scroll of Fortune

The Stats

There are 9 Tiers in the Summer Scroll of Fortune, with seven items each. This means there are 63 rewards in total. Of that 63, 31 are free of purchase as long as you are able to earn the points for them. That means there are 32 (or about half) of the rewards that can only be unlocked through purchasing a Scroll of Fortune (and earning the points, of course).

Summer Scroll of Fortune


There are 6 free Gold rewards, totaling at 55,000 Gold. There are no locked Gold rewards, meaning that if you can reach 1675 points (the point count of the last Gold reward) you will have made 55,000 Gold off of the event. That isn’t that bad, although you can absolutely make that if you’re a high level able to farm bosses/dungeons for Gold. Overall not amazing, but who doesn’t like free Gold?

T1R2 (60 Points) – 2000 Gold
T2R4 (350 Points) – 3000 Gold
T3R6 (695 Points) – 5000 Gold
T4R4 (915 Points) – 10000 Gold
T5R5 (1300 Points) – 15000 Gold
T6R5 (1675 Points) – 20000 Gold


There is one mount offered in the event at Tier 2 Reward 1 (245 Points), and it is the 7-Day Setesh’s Krokosphinx Mount which gives +40% Speed. This mount is free, however I personally believe temporary mounts are a waste of time (unless you’ve started a brand new account). The next piece of Gear is the Straw Boater Hat at T6R7 (1785 Points), which is locked. This means all the gear you can get from the Summer Scroll of Fortune is a 7-day mount for free and a vanity hat if you buy.

Summer Scroll of Fortune
Summer Scroll of Fortune


There are 10 Elixirs, with 6 being free and 4 locked. I don’t think the free elixirs are that bad, but the locked ones absolutely outrank them and if you use a lot of energy, the locked items may be for you. However if you don’t enjoy gardening, training pets, fishing, or doing any other activities that require energy consumption, you absolutely should not bother with the locked elixirs.

The random elixir (2,800 Points) is also fantastic because it’s free and offers many boosts, however it’s mainly for battling and questing (no PvP). If you like fishing, farming for animus, and training pets then you may want to take a chance on this elixir although you’re more likely to get an Elixir meant for questing and farming mobs/bosses.

T1R4 (120 Points) – Free Major Gold Elixir
+10% Gold for 1 Hour

T3R2 (535 Points) – Free XP Boost Elixir
+10% XP for 30 Minutes

T5R2 (1150 Points) – Locked Gardening Benefit Elixir
3 Hours

T5R4 (1250 Points) – Free Major Fishing Luck Elixir
+50% Fishing Luck for 1 Hour

T6R2 (1510 Points) – Locked Double Pet XP Elixir
1 Hour

T6R3 (1565 Points) – Free Energy Elixir

T7R5 (2085 Points) – Free Triple Animus Elixir
x3 Animus for 1 Hour

T8R3 (2400 Points) – Locked Additional Castle Elixir

T8R6 (2595 Points) – Locked Double Pet XP Elixir
3 Hour

T9R2 (2800 Points) – Free Random Elixir

From the options that appear, it seems this elixir can be one of the following:
– Hyper Elixir (12 Hours, no trade)
– Triple Animus Elixir
(1 Hour, no trade)
– Purreau’s Potion #9
Resets Hatching Timer
– Major Fishing Luck Elixir
+50% Fishing Luck (1 Hour)
– Major Vengeful Elixir
+120 Critical Rating (3 Hours, no pvp)
– Major Battle Elixir
+10% Accuracy, +10% Damage (1 Hour, no pvp)
– Elixir of Fortification
+120 Crit. Block Rating (1 Hour, no pvp)
– Major Power Elixir
+20% Power Pip chance (1 Hour, no pvp)
– Major Accuracy Elixir
+15% Accuracy (1 Hour, no pvp)
– Major Damage Elixir
+15% Damage (1 Hour, no pvp)

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T9R6 (3080 Points) – Locked 3x 1-Hour Gardening Benefit Elixirs

Housing Items

There are four housing items in the Summer Scroll of Fortune and they are all free except one. Three of them are vanity/decoration while the other (the fishing tank) is, in my personal opinion, a fantastic item and I’m very grateful that it’s free. I think the style is wonderful and this is a perfect item for you fish lovers and beach lovers alike. While I personally wouldn’t get the points just for the Painting, if you’re going for another item that requires about the same amount of points, you might as well go for this collector’s item as well. I believe the summer chairs are very cute and if you enjoy decorating houses you should consider getting these because they’re a fine addition to any beach-themed getaway home!

T2R6 (420 Points) – Free July Fireworks

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T4R1 (780 Points) – Free Regular Keeper Beach Multi-Tank

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T9R1 (2730 Points) – Locked Set of 7 Summer Chairs (Orange, Purple, Blue, Brown, Red, Yellow, Pink)

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T9R4 (2940 Points) – Free Summer Scroll of Fortune Painting

Summer Scroll of Fortune

Reagents, Spellements & Snacks

There are 15 Reagents/Spellements/Snacks rewards available, with only 4 of them being free. Overall, the reagents offered are okay but they are absolutely in no way worth buying a scroll for. Unless you’re incredibly desperate, no reagent or spellement offered here should be enough to convince you to buy a Scroll for 7500 Crowns.

T1R1 (30 Points) – Free 3 Daybreaker/Nightbringer Spellements

Gives 3 of either the Daybreaker or Nightbringer Spellements, which were the original spellements first released to test the concept of altering spells with this special reagent.

T1R6 (180 Points) – Free 3 Reagents from the Mega Reagents Pack

Gives 3 random reagents from the Mega Reagent pack, a booster pack in the Crown Shop costing 250 Crowns per pack.

T1R7 (210 Points) – Free 4 Doomsday Krok’s Time Limes

Time Limes were recently released as a reward from the Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack. They can be used to craft the Doomsday Krok Gauntlet and the Alternate Time Lime reagent.

T2R2 (280 Points) – Locked 2 Snacks from Mega Snack Pack

I can’t recommend buying a Scroll solely for an item like this. While the Snack Pack is very expensive, you’d be better off farming for mega snacks through gardening or high-level dungeons. However, if you decide to buy the Scroll for another reason, this is a nice item to get along with it. This is also the first locked item in the event.

T4R3 (870 Points) – Locked 5 Sinbad’s Magical Clay

Magical Clay is a reagent used to craft the Sinbad and the Iron Sultan Gauntlet. The reagent can originally be obtained by buying the Sinbad Hoard Pack.

T4R5 (960 Points) – Free 30 Frost Beetle/Leprechaun Spellements

T4R6 (1005 Points) – Locked 3 Participation Trophy Reagents

Participation Trophies are a reagent sold by Nigel Higgenbottom in the Pet Pavilion for 800 Arena Tickets, and they are required for the Arcanum’s second crafting quest. These are very good to have and this will save you a lot of trouble, however since they’re locked you would have to purchase a Scroll. I wouldn’t pay 7500 Crowns for just some reagents, so unless you’re incredibly desperate this shouldn’t be the only reason to buy a Scroll.. but it is a difficult reagent to resist.

T5R6 (1350 Points) – Locked 30 Dark Sprite/Scorpion Spellements

T6R4 (1620 Points) – Locked 10 Sinbad’s Magical Clay

T6R6 (1730 Points) – Locked 3 Shining Scales Reagent

Shining Scales, while quite sought after due to being necessary for the second Arcanum crafting quest, are actually quite easy to acquire in-game as long as you have the proper fishing spells and know the places where fishing chests give them. Personally, I’ve collected tons of this reagent even when I wasn’t purposefully fishing for it. I’ve found lots in the Elephant Graveyard in Zafaria (which is where you can also get Spider-themed furniture and Code Wands). Overall, a good reagent but not a solid reason to buy the scroll.

T7R4 (2025 Points) – Locked 3 Amber Reagent

Amber is a very infamous reagent as it is annoying to farm for and it’s required for crafting Loremaster spells and more. However, 3 Amber isn’t very much and the places to farm for Amber (Gladiator Dimachaerus and Cronus) aren’t too bad if you’re a high level. You can even end up getting some Exalted Mastery Amulets as a possible drop (I personally have at least 4 Exalted Death Masteries because of this!). Amulets aren’t school specific either, although I had the bad luck of getting a bunch of death masteries, but regardless I’d highly recommend farming for Amber rather than spending 7500 Crowns solely to have it.

T7R7 (2205 Points) – Locked Sinbad’s Marvelous Clay

Sinbad’s Marvelous Clay is another reagent required for crafting the Sinbad gauntlet. You only need 5 of this reagent instead of 20 for the Magical Clay. I assume you are only rewarded with one of the reagent as it doesn’t specify a number. It’s up to you to decide whether this is of any importance to you or not.

T8R1 (2270 Points) – Locked 30 Firecat/Lightning Bats Spellements

T9R3 (2870 Points) – Locked Ravenwood Hamster Talent Unlock

Pet Tokens are reagents used to unlock pet talents. I’d assume by the title that this is specifically for the Ravenwood Hamster pet, so this may be too specific for you to care about unless you have or want that pet.

T9R5 (3010 Points) – Locked Alternate Time Lime Reagent

Alternate Time Limes are a reagent used to craft the Doomsday Krok Gauntlet alongside regular Time Limes. It seems you are only given one of this reagent, so if you aren’t interested in crafting the gauntlet this won’t be very important to you.



There are 5 Lunari rewards with 3 being free. If you do not purchase a scroll, you can receive up to 275 Lunari. If you do purchase a scroll however you can earn +700, for a total of 975 Lunari for the Beastmoon Hunt event. Knowing how slow and time-consuming it is to earn Lunari in the Beastmoon, this may be quite appealing to you, however it’s up to you to decide if this is a priority for you.
T1R3 (90 Points) Free 25 Lunari
T3R1 (495 Points) Free 50 Lunari
T4R2 (825 Points) Locked 200 Lunari
T7R6 (2145 Points) Locked 500 Lunari
T8R5 (2530 Points) Free 200 Lunari


T2R3 (315 Points) – Free 3 Hunter’s Moonstone
T2R5 (385 Points) – Locked 3 Uncommon Beastmoon Reagents (Elemental Moonstone / Spirit Moonstone / Balance Moonstone)
T7R2 (1905 Points) – Free 10 Eldritch Thread

Beastmoon Idols

T2R7 (455 Points) – Locked Unlock Life Fairy Form
T3R3 (575 Points) – Locked 3 Myth Minotaur Idols
T5R3 (1200 Points) – Locked 3 Death Fairy Idols
T5R7 (1400 Points) – Locked Upgrade Life Fairy Form (+Lunari?)
If you look at the reward, it may change pictures to show Lunari. It doesn’t say how many may be given, but it’s possible this reward also gives additional Lunari.
T8R4 (2465 Points) – Locked 3 Fire Ninja Pig Idols
T8R7 (2660 Points) – Locked Upgrade Life Fairy Form (+Lunari?)


T1R5 (150 Points) – Free Beastmoon Seed
T5R1 (1100 Points) – Free 3 Beastmoon Seeds


T3R4 (615 Points) – Free Balance Rune Pack
T6R1 (1455 Points) – Free Balance Tower Pack
T7R1 (1845 Points) – Locked Storm Rune Pack
T7R3 (1965 Points) – Free 3 Augmentation Runes
T8R2 (2335 Points) – Free Ice Rune Pack


T3R5 (655 Points) – Locked Doomsday Krok Hoard Pack

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T3R7 (735 Points) – Locked Melting Point Ruby (Pet Jewel)
+Armor Piercing
May Cast “Incindiate” Spell
Ancient+ Only, Level 15+

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T4R7 (1050 Points) – Locked Summer Heat Emote

Summer Scroll of Fortune

T9R7 (3150 Points) – Locked Sandcastle Teleport Effect

Summer Scroll of Fortune

In Conclusion

While some items are tempting, nothing truly convinces me to spend 7500 Crowns on this scroll. I believe this may be best for people who participate heavily in the Beastmoon Hunt and for those who don’t want to farm for certain reagents. My favorite locked items are the Summer Chairs, the Lunari, and the Melting Point Ruby. The rest of the locked rewards aren’t enough for me to recommend this scroll, but if you think the items listed here are worth the price for you then you should definitely buy it for yourself.

I will say that I do love these events and I think they’re very cool and interesting, I’d just prefer if it was all free, as events are things where the rewards should be available to everyone in my opinion. Regardless, I hope you found this blog helpful in deciding whether or not the 2020 Summer Scroll of Fortune is right for you. Thanks for reading!

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