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Training Points are the main way to use spells that aren’t from you’re main school. If you’re new to wizard101 or want to learn the best way to spend your training points, this guide is perfect for you.

In this guide, we’ll be covering the main ways to get training points, how to buy back your points, the best strategy to spending training points, and buying back points.

Where to get training points

Right now, there are 2 main ways to training points: doing the training point quests or leveling up!

From level 1 to level 20, wizards get one training point every 4 levels. From level 20 to level 140 (max), wizards get one training point every 5 levels.

You can earn a total of 29 training points from leveling up (1-140).

The second way to get points is through doing the training point quests across the spiral.

training points

Prospector Zeke is probably the first thing you think of when thinking about training point quests. You can earn one training point from him in each world by helping him find certain hidden items sprawled across each world (with the exception of Khrysalis where you can actually get 2 points by completing 2 quests). Zeke can usually be found at the spawn of each world.

You can earn a total of 18 training points from Zeke.

training points

Eloise Merryweather is Prospector Zeke’s wife and also provided quests for points in the recent worlds (Khrysalis to Karamelle).

You can earn a total of 5 training points from Eloise.

training points

Odgen Peake provides points in exchange for talking to a few people in Marleybone and crafting a tea set. Odgen Peake can be found at Celestia Base Camp in Celestia. NOTE: You need to complete Celestia to start these quests.

You can earn a total of 3 training points from Odgen.

training points

Inyanga Whitestripes provides points in exchange for defeating a boss and talking to the Professor in Marleybone. Inyanga can be found at the start of Baobab Crossroads in Zafaria. Wizards must complete the quest Missing Class before starting on Inyanga’s side quests. NOTE: You need to complete Zafaria to start these quests.

You can earn a total of 2 training points from Inyanga.

training points

Zaltanna Mirrormask provides points through another scavenger hunt quest (like the prospector Zeke quests). You can find Zaltanna in Bastion, Khrysalis. NOTE: You need to complete Khrysalis to start these quests.

You can earn a total of 1 point from Zaltanna.

training points

Francis Lux provides points through 2 scavenger hunts and 1 defeat and collect quest. He can be found in the Standing Tower in Abbey Road, Avalon. NOTE: You need to complete Avalon to start these quests.

You can earn a total of 3 training points from Francis.

In total, you can earn 62 training points from leveling up and doing all the training point quests.

Strategy to spending training points

Each spell you would like to learn (that is not a part of your main school) will cost 1 training point.

Depending on if you PVP or if you just play PVE, you might spend your points on different spells. I’ll be going through each school and my spell recommendations.

Fire, Storm, & Myth: I would only recommend getting the set shields from these schools for PVP.

Ice: I would recommend training ice spells to get the tower shield to use for PVP.

Life: If you’re a solo player, life is a great second school to train to get heals. With a life mastery amulet and a satyr by your side, you’ll increase your survival rate substantially.

Death: If you love being the heavy hitter, training until the Feint spell for death is a great choice. It adds an extra 70% damage to your spell.

Astral: Astral spells are probably the most useful spells to buy with points. Star school spells include bubbles like Amplify, Fortify, Infallible to increase your stats for 4 rounds. Sun school spells have base damage amplifiers. Overall, these spells will be the most important to increase your stats in battle.

Overall, I would only recommend spending your points on utility or defense spells since you will typically only hit with your main school spells.

How to buy back training points

training points

You can buy back points from Mr. Lincoln in Ravenwood. Make sure you spend your points wisely because after the first buy-back, Mr. Lincoln will start charging crowns for the training point buyback. Wizard101 also has member benefits on certain weekends for free trianing point buy backs.

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