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If you have ever played Wizard101, you’ll see very quickly the importance and need for the game’s premium currency – crowns. They do however, have a fairly hefty price. This guide will list all the ways to get obtain free crowns for Wizard101!

Kingisle Provided Methods for Free Crowns

Kingsisle provides a few different methods for obtaining free crowns for their games Wizard101 and Pirate101. However, they’re are definitely not the most effective at getting large sums.

Kingsisle has three standard crown methods (these are listed on the Wizard101 site here) :

Wizard101 Free Crowns

The options listed are to watch videos, play trivia, and invite a friend.

Videos can be unlocked by going into parental controls and checking the box that allows for free crowns offers. Ocassionally, while playing, when you click on the earn crowns button in the top left of your screen (close to the crowns shop button–see below), you will have a video to watch! These award 10 crowns each. Unfortunately, as easy as this is for earning crowns, videos are rarely available and 10 crowns takes a while to add up, especially since there is no guarantee as to when you’ll have a video offer available. Nonetheless, it’s nice to enable this feature and try for some extra crowns every once in a while.

Wizard101 Free Crowns
Earn Free Crowns button in the top left portion of your screen.

Free KI Trivia is the second free option provided by Kingsisle, and of their options, it is personally my favorite. It is much more consistent than the other two options and can be used daily for 100 crowns a day (10 crowns per trivia, 10 trivia a day is permitted). 100 crowns a day can add up fairly quickly, especially if paired up with some of the other methods mentioned in this article.

Wizard101 Free Crowns
Click the image to go to trivia!

I’ve found that easiest way to do the trivia is on a mobile device and specifically the definition trivia and spelling trivia are easiest. When using chrome (and potentially other browsers), you can actually highlight the term. Whether it be for spelling or definiton, and then both the definiton and correctly spelled word will come up in a tab in the bottom (see right). This allows you to search the answer without changing tabs.

You can use this same method by highlighting the entire question and bringing up the tab on the bottom for every other trivia. Many sites (including our own, see bottom of page) have published the answers for all the trivias so there should be no problem highlighting for the answers. Of course, if you don’t have this option on your phone, every time you need an answer, you can simply search it in another browser.

If you get 75% or higher, you’ll be awarded 10 crowns. Do this 10 times a day, and you’ll have 100. In wizard city, you can unlock 1-2 areas permanently (if you bundle fire cat alley or cyclops lane with the dark cave) in just 7.5 days!

Invite-a-Friend is the last kingsisle “free” crowns method. This option might be free for you, but someone needs to pay. You are given a friend code/link and you can give this to someone else. Then, they need to register a new account under the code/link and purchase something for at leat $6. You’ll then get 2,000 crowns and they will get a bonus 500. While 2,000 crowns is a fairly good amount, it isn’t really free so I won’t go into this too much. If you want to get a free friend code click here (it should also let you know a bit more information if you’re considering this option!).

Wizard101 Free Crowns From the Community

This is by FAR, the fastest way to win large sums of free crowns, the wizard101 community hosts contests, giveaways, and games to earn crowns and other exclusive rewards constantly. Social media, discord, and fan sites are the best places to find these!

Wizard101 Free Crowns

Social media has a large number of of wizard101 players, specifically on Twitter. Not only does Wizard101 itself (the game) host occassional giveaways, the users do constantly. By making a Twitter account, you can find all sorts of awesome giveaways.

To find players to follow, you can follow Wizard101’s twitter and look through the comments made on their tweets and follow some people. Twitter is the best hub for finding contests and giveaways on Youtube, Discord, Twitch (within the streams, lots of streamers giveaway packs or small crown codes), Fansites, and from Wizard101 themselves. If you don’t already have a Twitter, you need to make one!

I actually originally found Wizard101 Folio’s site through Twitter! You can use Twitter to help you find out about some of the information in the other locations.

Speaking of which, Discord is the next place I would check for contests/giveaways for free crowns. I’m in numerous Discord channels and all of them have giveaway channels where they randomly announce giveaways. Occasionally, you can find these tweeted about in Twitter. Usually, you need to be a member of the server to join to find the contests. For example, a server I’m in right now is offering a giveaway for 5,000 crowns or a month of membership. It wasn’t shown on Twitter or Youtube.

They’ll even occassionally link giveaways in other places (like Youtube, Streams, etc.) Similarly to Twitter, it can act as a hub for finding giveaways.

Wizard101 Free Crowns
Example of a giveaway in a discord server.

Fansites are the last best option, almost every Wizard101 fansite (even this one!) hosts contests occasionally. At the time of writing this (Sept. 22nd, 2020) we have a contest open here. Fansites typically have the most generous prizes from my own experience. In fact, currently we’re giving out big crown bundles, crown codes, and exclusive items codes.

Personally, I regularly check all my favorite sites for contests, especially those that are around holidays/events. Examples of these events could be Wizard101’s birthday (September) or Halloween. You can also check out their social medias (usually Twitter) for updates on their posts and contests they hold.

Wizard101 Free Crowns
Click to check out our current contest (open at the time of writing this, 9.22.2020)

In conclusion…

The best way to earn free crowns for Wizard101 is truly getting and staying involved in the community. Wiz Youtubers, streamers, fansites, and twitter members consistently host/inform others about giveaways. If you want to obtain a good number of crowns for free, you’ll need to likely put in the effort for some contests. Some definitely are more work than others, but in the end it’s worth it.

Having done many of the items listed above on the quest to unlock the game for free and in the past month and a half or so, I’ve obtained about 40,000 crowns from contests, giveaways, trivia, and the occasional video. If you stay committed and work for it, there’s no doubt you can get just as many!

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