Wizard City Quest Tree | Main Quest Line

This Guide is made to help you while questing in Wizard City, We made this wizard city quest tree to help track your progress in wizard city while questing. Below you will find that we divided the quests into blocks each block represents one quest and every few blocks represent a quest line in one area and all blocks represent Wizard City main quest line.

You will find that nearly everything is clickable, Areas and locations are clickable to help you find where you are at. NPCs and Creatures are also clickable. in case you missed a quest or can’t find your main quest you can always come back here. you can also track the progress of your questing and check how many quests are left in wizard city or each area until you finish. you can also check which bosses or creatures you expect to fight while questing.

Wizard City Main Quest Line

Wizard City Quest Tree
  1. Unicorn Way
  2. Ghost Hunters
  3. Skeleton Crew
  4. Monsters and Mazes
  5. Finding Out Why
  6. Who Could It Be Now?
  7. Sinister Skeleton
  8. Grim Tales
  9. To Ravenwood!
  10. Panic In Three Streets!
  11. Secret Strife of Pets
Wizard City Quest Tree

  1. Trouble on Triton Avenue
  2. Menacing Minions
  3. The Shadow of Death Magic
  4. Quest for Clues
  5. Catching a Glimpse
  6. Clear as Crystal
  7. Luminate
  8. The Enemy Revealed
  9. To Tame a Tempest
  10. Triton Report
Wizard City Quest Tree
  1. Putting Out the Fire!
  2. She Ran Crying Wildfire
  3. Which Hunt?
  4. 100% Not That Witch
  5. Which Craft?
  6. The Cure
  7. Firecat’s In the Bag
Wizard City Quest Tree
  1. A Good Day to Cyclops
  2. A Stroll With Trolls
  3. Run and Done
  4. The Cave Escape
  5. Oh Me, Oh Minotaur
  6. Akilles’ Deal
  7. A Brief History of the Spiral
  8. Throwing Nightshade
  9. Things and Stuff
  10. Take a Walk on the Nightside

This was Wizard City Quest Tree

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Looking for other Worlds Quest Trees? Check them, Below!



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