Wizard City Quest Tree | Main Quest Line

This Guide is made to help you while questing in Wizard City, We made this Wizard City quest tree to help track your progress in Wizard City while questing. Below you will find that we divided the quests into blocks each block represents one quest and every few blocks represent a quest line in one area and all blocks represent Wizard City main quest line.

You will find that nearly everything is clickable, Areas and locations are clickable to help you find where you are at. NPCs and Creatures are also clickable. in case you missed a quest or can’t find your main quest you can always come back here. you can also track the progress of your questing and check how many quests are left in Wizard City or each area until you finish. you can also check which bosses or creatures you expect to fight while questing.

Wizard City Main Quest Line

Unicorn Way

Wizard City Quest Tree
#QuestSummaryDetailed Goal
1Unicorn WayInteract + TalkPlace Unicorn in Unicorn Way / Talk to Private Connelly
2Ghost HuntersDefeat + x2 TalkDefeat 2 Lost Soul in Unicorn Way / Talk to Private Connelly / Talk to Ceren Nightchant
3Skeleton CrewDefeat + TalkDefeat 2 Skeletal Pirates in Unicorn Way / Talk to Ceren Nightchant
4Monsters and MazesTalkTalk to Lady Oriel in Hedge Maze
5Finding Out WhyInteract + Defeat & Collect + Explore + TalkOpen Bone Cage x4 / Defeat Dark Fairy and Collect 2 Fairy Dust / Go To Lady Oriel / Talk To Lady Oriel
6Who Could It Be Now?TalkTalk to Ceren Nightchant
7Sinister SkeletonExplore Boss  + Explore + TalkSearch for Rattlebones / Defeat Rattlebones / Return to Ceren Nightchant / Talk to Ceren Nightchant
8Grim Talesx2 TalkTalk to Harold Argleston in the Wizard City Library ( The Commons ) / Talk to Merle Ambrose
9To Ravenwood!x4 TalkTalk to Mr. Lincoln in Ravenwood / Talk to the Professor of your own School / Talk to Mr. Lincoln / Talk to Merle Ambrose in The Commons
10Panic In Three Streets!TalkTalk to Sergeant Muldoon in Olde Town
11Secret Strife of PetsInteract + ExploreDefeat + Explore + Interact + Explore + x3 Talk + Interact + x2 Talk Go to Pet / Enter Caretaker’s Tower / Defeat Old Judd / Go to Upper Room / Collect Key / Return to Penny Dreadful / Talk to Penny Dreadful / Talk to Pets / Unlock Combo Lock / Talk to Penny Dreadful / Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

Triton Avenue

Wizard City Quest Tree
12Trouble on Triton AvenueExplore + TalkTalk to Artur Gryphonbane
13Menacing MinionsDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Haunted Minion / Talk to Artur Gryphonbane
14The Shadow of Death MagicTalk + Defeat & Collect+ TalkTalk to Duncan Grimwater / Defeat Electric Eel and collect Suzie’s Wand / Talk to Duncan Grimwater
15Quest for CluesDefeat & Collect+ TalkDefeat Rotting Fodders and Collect Storm Amulets / Talk to Duncan Grimwater
16Catching a GlimpseTalkTalk to Blad Raveneye
17Clear as CrystalInteract +Defeat & Collect + Talk + Interact +TalkCollect 3 Cogs / Defeat Scarlet Screamers and Collect 3 Primary Coils / Talk to Blad Raveneye / Go to the Mill Wheel / Use the Lever / Talk to Blad Raveneye
18LuminateTalkTalk to Duncan Grimwater
19The Enemy RevealedExplore Boss + x2 TalkGo to Galvanost Tower / Defeat The Harvest Lord / Talk to Suzie Gryphonbane / Talk to Suzie Gryphonbane
20To Tame a Tempest Talk + Interact + x2 Talk Talk to Halston Balestrom in Ravenwood / Use the Tempest Nexus in Triton Avenue / Talk to Suzie Gryphonbane / Talk to Artur Gryphonbane
21Triton ReportTalkTalk to Sergeant Muldoon

Firecat Alley

Wizard City Quest Tree
22Putting Out the Fire!TalkDefeat + TalkTalk to Private Quinn in Firecat Alley / Defeat 2 Haunted Minions / Talk to Private Quinn
23She Ran Crying WildfireTalk +Defeat + TalkTalk to Lizzo FireSpitter / Defeat 2 Fire Elf Hunter / Talk to Lizzo FireSpitter
24Which Hunt?TalkDefeat + Talk + TalkDefeat & Collect + TalkTalk to Shelus Gruffheart / Defeat 2 Fire Elf Pathfinder / Talk to Shelus Gruffheart / Go to Hermit’s House / Defeat Magma Man and collect 2 magma / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
25100% Not That WitchDefeat & Collect  + Talk + ExploreBoss + TalkDefeat a Rotting Fodder in Dark Cave and collect the Herkimer Stone / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle / Go to Prima Donna’s Tower / Defeat Bastilla Gravewynd / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
26Which Craft?x2 Talk + Interact + Interact + TalkTalk to Gloria Krendell in Olde Town / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle / Set up Alchemy Table / Use Alchemy Table / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
27The Cure Explore+  Boss + Talk + TalkGo to the Fireglobe Theatre / Defeat Alicane Swiftarrow / Talk to Alicane Swiftarrow / Talk to Gretta Darkkettle
28Firecat’s In the BagTalk + TalkTalk to Private Quinn / Talk to Sergeant Muldoon

Cyclops Lane

Wizard City Quest Tree
29A Good Day to CyclopsExplore + TalkExplore Cyclops Lane / Talk to Nolan Stormgate
30A Stroll With TrollsDefeat+ TalkDefeat 3 Lumbering Trolls / Talk to Nolan Stormgate
31Run and Donex6 Talk Talk to Cyrus Drake / Talk to Victor Darkwood / Talk to Cyrus Drake / Talk to Merle Ambrose / Talk to Cyrus Drake / Talk to Nolan Stormgate
32The Cave EscapeDefeat + ExploreDefeat & Collect + Interact + TalkDefeat Cyclops Legionnaire / Go to the Entrance of Dark Cave / Defeat Rotting Fodder and collect Talisman Dispel Bubble x3 / Talk to Electra Stormcloud in Cyclops Lane
33Oh Me, Oh MinotaurDefeat+ TalkDefeat 3 Warhorns / Talk to Romulus
34Akilles’ DealExploreBoss + Interact + Talk + TalkGo to Akilles’ Tower / Defeat General Akilles / Destroy Crystal Ball / Talk to Nolan Stormgate / Talk to Sergeant Muldoon
35A Brief History of the SpiralTalk + Explore + ExploreBoss + Explore + TalkTalk to Merle Ambrose / Go to Bartleby / Go to Sapphyra’s Tower / Defeat Foulgaze / Go to the Entrance in Haunted Cave / Talk to Daisy Willowmancer
36Throwing NightshadeExplore + Boss + TalkGo to Stormdrain Tower / Defeat Lord Nightshade / Talk to Daisy Willowmancer
37Things and Stuff Defeat & Collect + x2 TalkDefeat Field Guards and collect 2 Pumpkin Heads / Talk to Daisy Willowmancer / Talk to Merle Ambrose
38Take a Walk on the NightsideExplore + Talk + Explore + Talk + TalkScout Area in Nightside / Talk to Mortis / Go to Death School / Talk to Dworgyn / Talk to Merle Ambrose

This was Wizard City Quest Tree

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