5 Ways to Earn Free Crowns in Wizard101

Wizard101 Free crowns

getting Wizard101 free crowns by Trivia is one of the best ways to earn daily crowns. Completing trivia every day can reward you with 10 crowns per trivia. The maximum amount of trivia you can do per day is 10 earning you up to 100 daily crowns. Doing this every week can earn you up to 700 crowns. If you score anything below 75% you will not be able to redeem the crowns for that trivia. To earn the crowns you need to login to the site with your wizard101 credentials. Once completing a trivia the crowns will be directly sent to your account. Crowns earned from trivia are non-transferable through different accounts using the family feature. There are many trivia on the site including wizard101 trivia, pirate101 trivia, educational trivia, and fun facts trivia. The crowns from these trivia are linked together with Pirate101 and Wizard101. If you are very educated in wizard101 or pirate101 then those trivia categories can be easy for you and if you struggle on them you can always search up the answers. The link for the site is

And here are all the trivia answers:

Wizard101 Free Crowns

Earn Crowns by Watching Videos

Wizard101 Free crowns

Videos are another way to earn free crowns. Each video earns you 10 crowns to be added to your balance. You must watch the full video to earn the crowns, skipping ahead will cause you to lose your reward. This source of free crowns is least reliable due to very few videos and sometimes none at all. This feature can be enabled and disabled in settings → gameplay options 2 → Earn Crowns. 

Invite a Friend

Wizard101 Free crowns

This feature allows you to invite friends to create an account on Wizard101. After your friend creates an account they must make a purchase of $6 or more and you will earn 2,000 crowns. Your friend that makes the purchase will also earn an additional 500 crowns. To get your own link visit and click “Invite-a-Friend” then you will get your own code to send to anyone.


Fansites can be a way to earn crowns. Fansites can host giveaways and contests for players to win. These prizes can vary through crowns to other rewards. 


Entering giveaways are another great way to earn crowns or other stuff. The best way to find giveaways is on Youtube but you can find giveaways on different platforms also. Wizard101 Folio hosts giveaways every month. They will post giveaways on their channel on youtube ( 

Grub Guardian

Wizard101 Free crowns

Grub Guardian is a game that is linked to your wizard101 account. This is a tower defense type game. Grub Guardian can be used to train pets, earn crowns rewards, or for entertainment. The rewards you can earn from Grub Guardian can range to elixirs, packs, and gold. To earn these items you must obtain a certain score. The link for this site is

This wizard101 free crowns guide

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