How to catch a Fish Sandwich

In this guide, we’ll be walking through how to catch a Fish Sandwich.

We’ll be covering 3 parts:

wizard101 fish sandwich

  • Lesser Fable Lure (Fishing Rank 2 Required)
  • Reveal Fish school

Firstly, let’s start of with the essentials. You can get the rank 1 fable lure and reveal fish school spells from Lucky Hookline from the commons.

Non-essential Spells (But good to have!):

Check: Fishing Spells

  • Winnow Myth Fish (Fishing Rank 3 Required)
  • Reveal Fish Rank 1 (Fishing rank 2 Required)

You can get these spells from Timor Flamecaster from the Labyrinth (in Necropolis, Dragonspyre). Don’t worry, you don’t need to do the entire dungeon to get to him as he’s right next to Dimitri!

fish sandwich
fish sandwich

what school is the fish sandwich in wizard101

The fish school is Myth

wizard101 where to find fish sandwich

The fish sandwich can be found in Cyclops Lane

Spells to help you fish quicker:

  • Summon Fish (Fishing Rank 6 Required): Resets the fishing hole
  • Charm Fish (Fishing Rank 6 Required): Attracts the fish to you
  • Fish Lullaby (Fishing Rank 6 Required): Immobilizes the fish

You can get these spells from Frode Silverscale (next to Haarek Silverscale) in Northguard, Grizzleheim.

Fish Sandwich Locations

This fish can be easily found in the stream behind the yellow tent facing the cyclops mobs in Cyclops Lane.

Fish Sandwich Fishing Strategy

In this paragraph, I’ll be walking through 2 strategies you can use to catch the Fish Sandwich.

If you don’t have ‘winnow myth fish’ or ‘reveal fish rank 1’, here’s what you should do:

Firstly, cast the Reveal Fish School Spell and kick out all fish that are not myth (you can kick them out by walking on them in the lake).

fish sandwich

Secondly, cast your myth lures at the remaining myth fishes and hope for a fish sandwich!

Tip: When your spell is invoked, press space-bar the moment you hear the ‘plop’ of the spell! This will guarantee your catch rate.

If you have the winnow myth fish spell and the reveal fish rank spell, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Firstly, cast the winnow myth fish spell to remove the fish from any other school from the pond
  2. Secondly, cast the Reveal Rank 1 Fish spell and kick away any fish that are not rank 1.
  3. Finally, the fish at this point might be a little bit difficult to spot, so you can use the reveal fish location spell to make them easier to spot.

These 2 strategies should help you catch the Fish Sandwich. If you weren’t able to catch it this way, you can either use the summon fish spell to reset the fishing hole or wait 10 minutes for the fishing holes to reset.

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