Wizard101 Sunstone Comprehensive Farming Guide

Sunstone is a rare reagent that can be found from farming, transmuting, gardening, card packs, and mobs. However, the easiest and fastest way to acquire this reagent is by picking it up at various locations throughout the spiral. Start with one with world and location. Search every nook and cranny to avoid missing out on collecting the reagent. Switch realms after, and then repeat.

Sunstones are used to craft many items and spells like: Deer knight, Athena battle sight, grendel’s amends, hammer of thor, luminous weaver, Hephaestus and loremaster

wizard101 sunstone

Sunstone is found as a rare harvest from Sandstone. The reagent isn’t available by itself.

Worlds sunstone can be found in


Royal Musuem – Halley’s Observatory

This location is found on the left hand side of the museum. Wizards port to here by activating the Stela Itzamna. Be sure to search the entire area outside to ensure you don’t miss any. In the picture below, the reagent was hiding in the grass, so it was difficult to spot. When collected, switch realms and repeat.

wizard101 sunstone


Stone Town

This is definitely one of the easiest places to farm for sunstone. There is a lot of sandstone that can be found here. Even though the area may be filled with mobs, it is still safe to farm because the reagents are found at the sidewalk. These areas are safe for wizards to pass without being pulled into a fight.

It is a quite large area, so be sure to visit everywhere to ensure you pick up all the reagents. Sometimes you can get sandstone from stoneblock in this area, so be sure to pick up that as well. Stoneblock is used to transmute standstone, which is then used to transmute into sunstone. Therefore, it’s important that this is picked up.

sunstone zafaria


Floating Mountains

This is also a large area; it’s filled with a lot of greenery, so one needs to be extra careful when searching for sandstone here. It has a lot of sections to go to, it can be quite confusing. However, on the plus side, this entire area is mob free. Wizards won’t have to worry about getting caught in a fight. If no sandstone is found, just switch realms and repeat.

sunstone azteca


Kondha Desert

This area can also be farmed for sandstone/sunstone. However, wizards need to be careful here. Most times, the reagents are in the middle of the pathway where mobs are roaming. Sandstone can also be harvested from picking up stoneblock in this area as well. Like Zafaria, it is a rare harvest, but quite possible. When farming for sunstone, it is important to always pick up stoneblock. This allows for the transmuting of sandstone.

sunstone farming

you can also transmute sun stone using sandstone and transmute sandstones using stone blocks

You can get the recipe from Avery Templeton in Celestia – Celestia Base Camp

sunstone farming

This was wizard101 sun stone farming guide

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