Black Pearl

Black Pearl

RarityRare Harvest
Can be TransmutedYes
Can be sold at BazaarYes
Can be bought from Crowns ShopYes

Transmute Black Pearl

Crafting Rank Required:Initiate Crafter
Can be Transmuted using:
15 Black Lotus
Transmute Black Pearl from:Avery Templeton (400 Gold)
Carcinos (400 Gold)
Kimba Kalla (400 Gold)
Toshio (400 Gold)
Station required for transmuting:Card Crafting Station
Cooldown Time: 5 Seconds
Recipe cost ( You buy the recipe one-time )400 Gold

Best Places to Farm for Black Pearl

Azteca (Rare Harvest from Black Lotus or Pearl):Alto Alto
Cloudburst Forest
Mangrove Marsh
Saltmeadow Swamp

The Zocalo
MooShu (Rare Harvest from Black Lotus or Pearl):Crimson Fields
Jade Palace
Kishibe Village
Tatakai Outpost

Gardening Sources for Black Pearl

Gardening Sources:

Alligator Pear Tree
Deadly Fly Trap

Honey Bee Plant
King Parsley
Pink Dandelion
Ultra Alligator Pear Tree

Ultra Fly Trap
Ultra Helephant Ears
Ultra Huckleberries
Ultra King Parsley
Ultra Snow Apples

Ultra Tiger Lily

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