Max Life PVP Guide (Level 140)

In the current meta, Max Life PVP is all about out-healing your opponent’s damage and slowly breaking down their defenses. As such, the optimal set up is one with heavy defense, high health, and a boat load of cards. In this guide, we’ll be going through tips and tricks for 1v1 cosmic life pvp in wizard101 (140). 

Best Gear for Max Life PVP

Although there is no “best life pvp strategy” since everyone’s play style is different, I will walk through the gear set up that helped me get warlord and include some alternative gear to use as well.

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If you follow this guide, you should end up with stats like this:

Key Stats Here:

  • 115% damage (Medium-high damage for a life wizard)
  • 63% resist (Pretty high defense but can be higher)
  • 98% pip chance
  • 110 Shadow Pip Rating (pretty good for a life wizard)

Best Hats for life

Out of the 2 highest rated gear in the game, we highly recommend the cowl of undying malistaire for max life PVP (and it’s easier to farm for too). With the Mali hat, you’re getting more pierce and 11% more resist in exchange for a bit of damage and shadow rating. Without the extra 11% resist, you’re very susceptible to getting one shot by a storm or a fire with high pierce.

You can get the Cowl of Undying Malistaire from the Graveyard in Castle Darkmoor. Malistaire the Undying (the third boss of the graveyard) drops this hat.

You can get the Dragoons Hat by crafting it with alchemical extracts, salts, and crystals. The vanguard version is also droppable by King Detritus in the Abandoned Backyard. For more information, check out our Dragoons Farming guide.

Best Robes for life

I personally use the Dragoon’s Vibrant Armor for Life PVP but the Spooky Carnival Suit comes in a close second. The dragoon’s vibrant armor still dominates because by forgoing 4% in resist and 5% in outgoing heals, you gain more health, power pips, pierce, along with that extra set bonus. On the other hand the spooky carnival suit does the trick and is a lot faster to acquire.

The turquoise raiment is also a great alternative, however, you will be losing a substantial amount of shadow pip rating and critical block in exchange for that extra 15% in damage you’ll get.

You can get the Dragoons robe by crafting it with alchemical extracts, salts, and crystals. The Vanguard version is also droppable by Greggors & General Greyflame in the Foetid Crypt. For more information, check out our Dragoons Farming guide.

You can get the Spooky Carnival Suit from the Spooky Carnival Bundle ($29). It’s currently retired but will come back during special events.

You can get the turquoise eagle’s raiment from the Skyvern’s Hoard Pack (399 crowns) in the crowns shop.

Best Boots for life

For boots, Dragoons Vibrant Boots is a MUST for PVP and PVE. If you don’t have any dragoon gear yet, I highly recommend going for the boots first because it buffs your stats by so much and provides boot sharpen and potent cards.

As a next best alternative, you can use the Silent Knight’s Snowboots instead. It gives you less health, critical, damage, and resist, but is the gear that is the most similar to the dragoon boots in the game.

You can get the Dragoons boots by crafting it with alchemical extracts, salts, and crystals. The Vanguard version is also droppable by Prince Viggor in Viggor’s Tomb.

You can get the Silent Knight’s Snowboots from the Winter Wonder Pack (299 crowns) in the crowns shop.

Best Wands for life

The executive survival wand is definitely the wand you would want to use in this meta for Max Life PVP because of the critical, pierce, and shadow rating on the wand. An alternative you can use is the Merry Wrapping Paper wand but I personally don’t think the additional pip conversion is worth the critical and pierce of the executive survival meter.

You can get the executive survival meter from a number of different bosses in Karamelle but I got mine from The Quake Charmer in Sweetsburg.

You can get the Merry Wrapping Paper from the Yuletide Mornings Pack (299 Crowns) from the crowns shop.

Best Pets for life pvp

Pets are probably the most important “gear” for PVP right now and also the hardest to get! The good news is, you can customize your PVP pet with whichever stat suits your playstyle.

The most common max Life PVP pet is the Brown Recluse Spider because it gives you the brown spider card – an essential part of owning bubble control and adding buffs to yourself.

I personally use a standard triple damage, proof, fortify pet with a 5% spell defy + may cast brace jewel. But there are many alternatives out there:

There are offensive pets out there that have may-cast life fuel abilities or even quad damage + proof pets. Other players may prefer a defensive pet as well that has wards against certain schools (i.e. storm, fire, or ice).

Best Amulets for life

The best amulet for Life PVP in my opinion is the Uber Sweetsmith Rope. I prefer this one over Dragoon’s Vibrant Charm because it gives additional health and resist in exchange for a negligible amount of critical block rating. The Uber amulet also gives an additional square socket that can be used for additional incoming/outgoing heal jewels or even for flat defense jewels.

You can get the Uber Sweetsmith Rope from The Quake Charmer in Sweetsburg or Judge Veg in Black Licorice Forest.

You can get the Dragoon’s Vibrant Amulet by crafting it with alchemical extracts, salts, and crystals. The Vanguard version is also droppable by Satharilith in Duomo.

Best Athames for life

Although the Uber Sweetsmith Knife gives an extra 2% damage, I would still prefer the set bonus from the Dragoon set over the uber athame itself. Personally, I recommend either using a Dragoons athame & Uber Amulet combo (preferred) or an Uber athame, Dragoons Amulet combo. That way you can get the additional stat increase without losing that 12% pip bonus from the dragoon set.

You can get the Dragoon’s Vibrant Athame by crafting it with alchemical extracts, salts, and crystals. The Vanguard version is also droppable by Renegade Druid in Crannoc Dorcha.

You can get the Uber Sweetsmith Knife from the Aberrant Paradox in Karamelle City (Final Boss).

Best Rings for life

max life pvp

There is only one ring recommended for high level PVP (lvl 100 and up) and that’s the Duelist’s Daredevil Ring (Level 100+). This ring is just such a great ring for health, pierce, damage, and pips – making it very difficult to top.

You can get this ring from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way for 5500 arena tickets.

Best Decks for life pvp

Decks don’t provide a huge amount of stats so your deck choice won’t impact your game too much. I currently use the Duelist’s Devil-May-Care deck for max life PVP right now because it gives me a little bit extra in critical, critical block, and pip-conversion. Alternatively, you can use the Uber Sweetsmith Box if you value additional health over pip conversion.

You can get the Duelist’s Devil-May-Care deck from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way for 9000 Arena Tickets.

You can get the Uber Sweetsmith Box from the Aberrant Paradox in Karamelle City or the Quake Charmer in Sweetsburg.

Life PVP Deck setup

Max Life PVP players typically have longer lasting games due to their ability to heal and their low damage output. As a result, a good deck set up involves packing many cards (sometimes even taking up the entire deck!)

The below shows an example of a life deck set up (but you should tailor it to your preference):

Key highlights of deck set up:

  • Make sure your side deck packs a lot of utility cards (i.e. tower shields, brown spiders, death bats, and satyrs). Brown spider TCs are the most important because they help you keep bubble control
  • As a life, you’re likely to play more defensively so make sure to pack set shields or spirit/elemental shields in your main deck and side deck
  • Pack as many life blades as you can and a few solid hitting cards (i.e. Spinysaur, Wings of Fate, Hungry Caterpillar)
  • Pack the reshuffle from the Duelist’s Devil-May-Care Deck in case you come across a jade or a high defense ice wizard
  • Try to get the Luminous Weaver card to use in your main deck so it can be enchanted. This is a huge value-add card because it does damage and weakens your opponent at the same time

Life PVP Strategies

This is the strategy that worked the best for me. Some other strategies I’ve seen that worked for others are:

Max Life PVP Defensive: Thunder Road Set

max life pvp

Primarily uses the Tailstorm Pantera pet (Double Damage, Proof, Ward, Defy) and the Rapturerider’s Skull Wand for the Thunder Road Set Bonus (+3% resist). They also use the Spooky Carnival Robe over Dragoon’s Robe for extra defense (+4% resist). Although this does increase your resist to over 70%, you are forgoing a significant amount of shadow rating (+18) that you would have gotten from the Executive Survival Meter.

Myth as a second school strategy

max life pvp

This has been an especially new strategy to gain popularity recently (due to the new updates of aftershock being banned in PVP). This strategy uses Myth support spells like minion TCs or earthquake.

Typically, users would cast a pacify – which results in minions playing mainly defensive cards (i.e. shielding, donating pips, etc).

Users of this strategy also use earthquake as a way of removing blades and breaking through shields.

Of course, you would need a myth mastery amulet to pull this off efficiently. A slight upgrade from the myth mastery amulet is called the Alphoi Commander Medallion.

Was this guide helpful? Let me know! What’s your opinion on Cosmic Life PVP?

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Hey guys, I'm a storm main on wiz and I love everything PVP related (I'm hoping to get Warlord on all of my wizards one day!) Other than guide-writing, I mainly spend my free time drawing. You can follow my IG @chipster.draws for wiz-related art posts

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