Discover Wizard101 Wallaru: Behind the Teasers and Into the Lore of the Upcoming World

A new world, Wizard101 Wallaru, was introduced as the final destination in this arc for us wizards to play. The storyline in the recent arc will culminate in this unique realm. On August 30, 2023, the official Wizard101 website released captivating teasers of Wallaru, featuring several pictures that captured a lot of young wizards’ interests. Kangaroos, Trees, and Ranch were among the elements presented.”

Australian-Inspired Theme and Creatures

As we all saw it, It has an outback desert theme and wizards saw it as an Australian-themed world as animals that can be found in Australia are also included in the story. Animals such as Kangaroos and Koalas were mentioned. The name of the world Wallaru, was connected to a real-life type of Kangaroo that lives in the country of Australia.

wizard101 wallaru

Wizard101 Wallaru

Wallaru Origins and Lore

If you haven’t noticed, The New World Wallaru was first mentioned by the Balance Scholar located at the Arcanum, Jaki Whisperwind. In the storyline quest, it was stated that Wallaru was the hometown of the Didgeri Dragon. They also mentioned fragments of the photos of Wallaru can be seen in the Hall of Theurgy, located at the Panopticon where Life Scholar, Zander is the professor.


Did you know? They believe that Professor Zander originated from Wallaru several years before he came to Arcanum. It is said that this is where he grew up for several years in the tutelage of Wallaruvian Shaman learning all mastery of Life before leaving to pursue greater power and knowledge.

Zander also appeared in the pre-quest to wallaru ” Crinky Cyrus” from Sandiago in last test realm update.

wizard101 wallaru

Unfolding Story and Upcoming Challenges

Do you remember battling the Borealis Titan and the Rat in Polaris? While the awakening of the Borealis Titan by the Rat was happening, It was rumored that Wallaru rose among the Dragonhorn Order and that the famous Didgeri Dragon had re-emerged in Wallaru.

When Dasein rejected Novus and its local world powers, the Wizards were summoned to the Arcanum by the life scholar, Zander to notify them of his plan to evade Dasein’s mental defenses and stop him before he can cause any more harm to the Spiral by returning to his true form and causing a more larger disagreement.

Zander told the Wizard to go to Sandiago, who is located at the Caravan in Mirage as their guide to navigate the “unseen wilderness” of Wallaru. Diving deeper into the history of Wallaru, the ancient Kroks found Wallaru and tried to seize it so that they could include it as one of their expansive empires, little did they know that it is the homeworld of the Manders.

The Manders protected their hometown and they continuously defended and fought the Kroks until they stopped marching into the world and went away. The discovered modern Wallaru is starting to be more open to other worlds, trying to invite the different citizens of the Spiral to come, check, and visit the land of Wallaru with an expectation of adventurous, beautiful scenery and of course the goal to reach their dreams.

Aesthetic Expectations and Initial Reactions about Wallaru

I’m sure you’ve heard that Wallaru is expected to be a world that is unique in its aesthetic and different from the other past worlds. The storyline is what the players are most excited about and they are anticipating it to be just as successful as the other worlds in this Arc Aesthetic of the game, expecting to be in a red desert with oasis-like waterfalls in some parts of it. With this new world release, Kingisle also showcased its newly designed Wallaru Ranch. It goes with a big Ranch in the middle with a small barn on the side. It has a big wind tech outside and a wide space outside with a red desert design

wallaru house
wallaru house

As we noticed, The developers wanted to give us the impression that Wallaru is not a world we all think about much. It didn’t start any kingdom or socialize with any form of magic. It wasn’t like the past worlds where it got lost to history or like the other worlds that were destroyed by a Titan.

It just existed there, a strange no-magic little place floating on its own and was almost forgotten by many. In Wizard101 Wallaru, players are also concerned with this upcoming update in line with the current meta of gears. Every world update, we reach a certain maximum level, and upgrading our gears is also a part of it.

Not long ago, Kingsisle released Lemuria and Novus, and as expected the meta drastically changed whenever new worlds arose. Players are also expecting level 170 jewels that will make the lower-level jewels look weak. They also mentioned the upcoming spells that come with completing the world. The players are excited about this new world and curious about what will happen once Wizard101 Wallaru is released.

In conclusion, It is true that with every world update, there’s a change in many things in the game. Most of us, players are anxious about the update and whether it can be a successful update like the other worlds and some are already disappointed with the teaser releases.

The release date was not yet mentioned in any platforms that they can update but a lot of players are all fired up and excited as to when their new adventure of magic begins. For some players, they are all excited about the storyline of this arc. Since it was mentioned that this would be the final world for Arc 4, many players wanted to see where this goes. This new world update made us realize how hardworking and passionate the Kingsisle and Wizard101 team are in creating and updating new world series for the players.

This concludes this article about the upcoming new world Wallary. We are expecting and are excited about what this new world can offer to us.

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