Wizard101 How to Defeat Tantrum in Novus ( Easiest Way! )

This is a Guide on how to defeat Tantrum in wiz101 Novus is a brand-new world that Wizard101 has just added to its existing 16 worlds continuing ark four worlds. Lemuria was completely destroyed, yet the world survived because of the unusual shards that appeared over several worlds in the spiral and were connected to one another by magic gates. They all came together to form “Novus” the New World.

You must finish the quest “The Next Thing” before you may head to Maulwurf Can Trap in Arcanum and find your mission to start Novus in order to begin questing in this New World.

Tantrum W101

  • Tantrum is a rank 22 Boss
  • School: ( Life and Death )
  • Health: 13,266
  • Location: Stone of heave
wizard101 tantrum

You have to defeat him ( Solo ) without any help from your friends there is no sigil in this fight

After you finish the quest “The Many Faces of Dasein” after talking to Moo Bu and asking Abou about Frames of Mind. Moo Bu will give you the next quest called “Piece Conference”

in this quest, you have to Go to the Conference Tent and Defeat Marleybonian then you will be required to defeat a solo boss called Tantrum in the Main Conference Tent ( Solo fight )

In this fight, there are two Tantrums a rank 22 Tantrum  boss and a rank 20 Tantrum minion  with 3,468 Health

wizard101 tantrum

Tantrum is the last boss in the stone of heaven area before heading to La Ville Rose

How to Defeat Tantrum

  • The first thing you have to do is to make sure you start first in the battle, not Tantrum ( if he starts first you can flee and come back until you start in the first round )
  • Tantrum spams spells that add weakness so it’s preferred to have low pips spells that attack and add blades after attacking.

Our best strategy is to have multiple Empower and Darkpact Treasure cards. Once you have multiple weaknesses on you. You can use empower/ Darkpackt to get rid of them

wizard101 death spells Dark Pact
  • If Tantrum adds a bubble ( Global Spell ) in the battle which limits your spell’s damage on him. you have to get rid of it before attacking, so you also must pack bubble Tcs to change the bubble when tantrum does ( Replace Global Spell ). You can use Doom and Gloom or any other global damage Spell.
wizard101 death spells doom and gloom
  • You won’t really need many blades or feints as his health is pretty low and it’s a waste of time, you can bring some traps, Auras, or a minion to spam hitting the boss.
  • pack reshuffles and use balance pips if you’re using it and heal spells if your health is low. Use wand hits to take shields
  • For me, I had to replace the bubble 3 times before killing him, so the strategy is simple
  • Pack Empowers / Darkpacts, Multiple bubble Tcs, Auras, and use low pips attacks. Change the bubble before hitting and You will be fine. You should be able to kill him easily.

After defeating him you Follow the Delegates, Talk to Maxine Rockhoppierre, and Talk to Maxine Rockhoppierre then go to a new area “la villa rose”

You can track your questing in Novus from Our new Novus main quest line Guide

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