Wizard101 Polygons & Pixels Farming Guide

Polygons & Pixels are New reagents in wizard101. Reagents are items that are used as ingredients in crafting recipes. These can be found throughout the Spiral, which is the game’s world, by harvesting them from the environment, defeating monsters, or purchasing them. Reagents are stored in your reagent bag, which can be accessed by selecting the Crafting tab in your spell book or by pressing the “J” key on your keyboard. Reagents can be found in specific locations and are associated with different environments.

For example, Mist Wood may be found in forests, while Cat Tail may be found in swamps. To find a specific reagent, you can engage in “reagent farming,” which involves staying in one area and switching realms to find more reagents. Reagents always respawn in specific locations, so when you know where to look, you can easily collect them by running from one location to the next.

To switch realms, you can press the “Ctrl+M” keys on your keyboard and choose a different realm from the menu. You can also access the Realm tab by pressing the “Esc” key and selecting the “Realms” tab under Options.

Aeon gear is a powerful type of equipment that can be obtained by wizards through their questing and battling of bosses. This gear enhances a wizard’s stats, including damage and health, making them more formidable in combat. Aeon gear is divided into seven different pieces, including a hat, robe, boots, wand, athame, amulet, ring, and deck, each providing unique benefits. When all of these pieces are combined, they create a set of powerful gear that can greatly increase a wizard’s abilities and make them capable of tackling even the toughest challenges.

Masterpiece gear can be used to craft Aeon gear in the world of Novus. Aeon gear is the most powerful type of equipment available to wizards, and it can greatly enhance their abilities in combat. Masterpiece gear, while not as powerful as Aeon gear, can still provide valuable bonuses to a wizard’s stats and abilities. In order to craft Aeon gear, a wizard must collect pieces of Masterpiece gear. Once pieces are collected, they can be combined to create a set of Aeon gear, which will greatly increase a wizard’s power and make them capable of tackling even the toughest challenges. The recipe for crafting Aeon gear requires a school-specific Masterpiece gear, 20 pixels, and 50 polygons. These materials are combined to create a set of Aeon gear.

While Farming for Pixels and Polygons You must check the Aeon Gear Guide in order to understand how to easily craft the gear

Wizard101 Pixels

Since pixels can be obtained from defeating bosses. The most common place to farm pixels is by defeating any boss in the game, as they have a chance to drop 1-2 pixels per run. However, the second-best place to farm pixels is by defeating the final boss, the Aeon of Atavus. This boss is actually comprised of four different bosses, known as the Atavus Dog, Atavus Monquistan, Atavus Pingouin, and Atavus Unicorn.

Wizard101 Pixels

Because it is comprised of four bosses, it has the potential to drop 4 pixels at a time. However, it is not the most efficient way to farm pixels as it takes time to defeat all four bosses. The best place to farm pixels is by defeating Maxine Rockhoppierre. Although she only drops 1-2 pixels per run, the battle can be completed in just 1-2 rounds, making it a quick and efficient way to farm pixels.

Maxine Rockhoppierre

Maxine Rockhoppierre location

Wizard101 Polygons

Polygons are a pickable reagent in the world of Novus, meaning that they can be found and harvested in various locations throughout the game.

Wizard101 Polygons

The polygon has a 30-second respawn cooldown period, so players will need to wait a short amount of time before they can harvest it again. Each polygon harvested can give the player between 1-3 of the resource, making it a valuable resource for players to gather.

Wizard101 Polygons

Polygons can be used for crafting Aeon gear like pixels. The best area to farm for polygon in Novus is the Stone of Heaven. This small location is known for its abundance of polygons, which are spread out throughout the area.

Since each polygon can give the player between 1-3 of the resource, the Stone of Heaven is a great place for players to gather a large number of polygons quickly. The small size of the location also makes it easy for players to harvest polygons by simply walking around and collecting them. Additionally, players can use the realm-switching mechanic to quickly move between different areas of the Stone of Heaven and harvest even more polygons.

Wizard101 Polygons location

One can get from 3-7 polygon in one realm harvest. Compared to other areas, it doubles the amount you get in less time. Overall, the Stone of Heaven is a prime location for players looking to gather a large amount of polygon in a short amount of time.

Players must gather pixels, polygons, and bits of masterpiece gear in order to create aeon gear. Bosses can be defeated to gain pixel rewards, and Maxine Rockhoppierre is the best boss to take down to maximise your harvest. Pickable reagents called polygons can be discovered and harvested anywhere around Novus, but the Stone of Heaven is the finest place to farm them. In conclusion, aeon gear and the higher level cap give players strong skills and attributes, and the ability to make aeon gear enables additional character growth and game advancement.

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