Ratatoskr’s Spin Crafting Guide

Ratatoskr’s Spin is an incredibly useful spell for Life, and now that you can buy the recipe from Grady, it’s easily the most accessible 4 pip AOE that Life gets. Doing 5 more damage than the Dragoon Amulet’s AOE, Spinysaur, learning this spell will help Life, a school that already has issues with critical gear, overcome the need to sacrifice 35 critical in order to use a low pip AOE. (Its coolness and faster animation are similarly great for a Life wizard trying to hang with the cool kids.) Here’s how to craft it!

Ratatoskr's Spin


This is a difficult recipe that requires you to have quested to Zafaria, though it is made easier by having a level 90+ and even easier by beating most of Empyrea pt. 1. You can start collecting reagents early, but be warned, this recipe will take a minimum of multiple days.


• 10 Ratatoskr’s Spin TC
• 120 Peridot
• 200 Black Coal
• 150 Agave Nectar
• 45 Nickel
• 225 Iron
• 25 Frost Flower
• 25 Amber

The Easy Reagents

120 Peridot and 200 Black Coal are easy, the former being purchasable through MooShu for 15 Gold each and the latter being purchasable through Polaris for 5 Gold each. Buying all that you need should only set you back 2,800 gold.

Ratatoskr's Spin

The Normal Reagents

These shouldn’t cause you too many problems. Most of these are currently easy to find in the Bazaar.

Getting 45 Nickel

This one is incredibly plentiful in the Bazaar, but if you need to farm it elsewhere, you can farm this one in The Great Clock gauntlet pretty easily. It’s not a super popular gauntlet, but if you can find one, a lot of the enemies in there drop Iron as well as Pyrite. (Lugs is slow and annoying, so it’d probably be best to just farm the first two battles.)

Ratatoskr's Spin

Getting 25 Frost Flowers

You might already have all of these that you need, but if not, you can farm it at the right of the area in Mirkholm Keep, Grizzleheim.

Ratatoskr's Spin

The Difficult Reagents

These reagents are either hotly contested or slow/expensive to get, so they will take longer to obtain.

Ratatoskr’s Spin TC

You probably already know the drill.

Farm Loremaster. I can confirm that the TC drops from Loremaster. Not much else to say besides that the drop is kinda rare at the moment, but it doesn’t seem much different from the other drop rates. Check out our guide on Loremaster drops!

Ask your friends who have the spell trained. If they got the spell from the pack, they might have some extra TC lying around. Don’t be afraid to ask!

Getting 150 Agave Nectar

This one might well be the hardest one in the list. Here are a few ways to farm it. (Note: Normally I might suggest farming the Bazaar, but for this reagent, I found it in the Bazaar so infrequently that I wouldn’t suggest counting on it.

Grab it from the ground in Mangrove Marsh, Azteca. Circle around the wooden pallets in the top of the area, there are 4 spots but a maximum of two agave leaves will spawn per realm. There are alternate routes I’ve seen, but if available, this is one of the better areas. (Check Alto Alto, there are a couple of spots there as well!)

Ratatoskr's Spin

Try popular late-game farming spots. Many popular farming spots give Agave Nectar, like Cronus, Admiral Dynt, and even Elemental Grove, so if you’re getting sick of Mangrove Marsh, check these out. (Coincidentally, Ultra King Parsley along with most of the other ultra plants can drop Agave Nectar too.)

Ask your friends! Past the crafting quests, some won’t use their Agave Nectar much. This reagent will take a long time to collect, so don’t be afraid to reach out and find people that doesn’t need theirs. (If they crafted Loremaster or Treetop Getaway, chances are they don’t have much extra.)

you might want to check this agave nectar farming guide

Ratatoskr's Spin

Getting 25 Amber

Check out our Amber Farming Guide!

This is a lot of Amber, and it looks really intimidating, but we’ll make it approachable by splitting up the acquisition methods. Here’s what you can do:

Plant King Parsley and Ultra King Parsley. Both can drop the seeds of either type, and both drop Amber, but Ultra King Parsley can additionally drop Amber with mature harvests rather than just elder. If you don’t sell any, you’ll have gotten a few after a while, but if not, King Parsleys can be dropped from bosses from Azteca through Empyrea and Ultra King Parsleys can be dropped from all one-shot Duels and Common Empyrea farming spots like Admiral Dynt and Secret Tunnel.

(Side note: if you’re at a lower level and you choose to go this route, your best option for farming this seed is honestly from lower level one-shot gauntlets. I suggest farming Rattlebones, as he is quick to beat and drops gauntlets often. Be warned that this can take some time.)

Farm Sand Squid. If you’re able to farm this dude, do it! It’s a great way to be able to get immediate progress from doing something. I found the drop rate to be 63%, which is great, so if you can find a team to run it, try it!

(Another side note: this is probably the best option for someone who’s at a lower level. Get a high level hitter who knows what they’re doing and bring some traps to help them hit quicker. Hit me up if you can’t find anyone and I’ll try to make it work lol)

Transmute Amber. This isn’t as good of an option as it used to be, but it’s a good alternative. I didn’t look too far into it because it’s not an incredibly efficient option and requires a high-level wizard anyway, but if you really need to do this, absolutely check it out. The recipe is 5 Merle’s Whiskers, 5 Amber Dust, 15 Sunstone, and 10 Golden Pearl.

Getting 225 Iron

Wait, what? Yeah, Iron. It might not have been too hard to find before, but this is a hotly-anticipated recipe. I predict that it’ll be useful to know a few other ways to obtain the reagent for a while.

Buy it at the Bazaar. This is a good option if you can find Iron in the Bazaar and get a lot of gold; the price of the reagent at the Bazaar and the amount you need make this a legitimately challenging thing to get. Since you’ll normally see it in numbers of 1-10, it can cost you 400k-550k to get all you need if you start from 0. This might take you a while.

Transmute it. The Bazaar might not have all you need, so this will work in a pinch. The transmute recipe is in Grizzleheim and costs 10 Pyrite and 1 Opal. Currently Pyrite is not a difficult reagent to snag from the Bazaar, but if you have Stone Blocks and not Pyrite, you can transmute Stone Blocks into Pyrite, which you can transmute into Iron? It’s rough, but it might help in a drought.

Farm it. Similarly to Nickel, the abundance of metal enemies makes The Great Clock Gauntlet a perfect choice.

This is not an easy recipe, but it’s one you will not regret crafting. Good luck and happy crafting!

Ratatoskr's Spin

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Hey! I have a level 130 life wizard and a level 83 fire wizard. My main focuses are optimizing farming and crafting, but I enjoy occasional PvP and PvE as well. I also have an interest in graphic design with minimal resources, so I do all of my images.


    1. Yeah, unfortunately there’s not a good way to get the TC. You either have to spend a lot to get them, farm Loremaster for ages, or find a lot of people who trained a Grizzleheim Lore spell. I was only able to craft on first day because I had already spent roughly $80 on the pack and had a couple of friends who were willing to spare me some of their extra TC, and even after having all of the TC and being a sorta experienced crafter, it took me maybe three days completely dedicated to reagent collecting to get everything. It’s kinda pay to win, and it’s not really worth the amount of time you have to put in to get it, but it’s a very fun and useful spell to have.

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