Wizard101 Polaris Quest Tree ( Summary & Details! )

As a seasoned gamer in Wizard101, navigating the vast and intricate world of Polaris can be a considerable challenge, even for the most experienced wizards. Recognizing this, we have crafted the essential Polaris Quest Tree, a comprehensive tool to aid in tracking progress and mastering this realm.

Why the Polaris Quest Tree?

Questing in advanced worlds like Polaris is intricate and demands significant time. Our Polaris Quest Tree is designed to streamline your adventure, offering a clear perspective on your current status, upcoming quests, and the critical milestones needed to conquer Polaris.

Features of the Polaris Quest Tree:

  • Progress Tracking: Effortlessly monitor your questing journey. Our intuitive tree layout allows you to pinpoint your current quest and estimate the remaining quests needed to complete Polaris.
  • Quest Details: Misplaced your main quest? Our quest tree assists in getting back on track, providing insights into each quest’s nature – be it combat, item collection, or a combination.
  • Combat Preparations: Anticipate the bosses and creatures you’ll encounter. This feature enables strategic preparation for future battles.
  • Focus on Main Quests: Our focus is solely on Polaris’s main quests – crucial for progressing to new areas or worlds. We omit side quests and inter-area travel details for a more streamlined experience.
  • Key Task Highlights: Discover highlights of important tasks such as Explore, Defeat, Talk, Defeat & Collect, Boss, and Cheating Boss.

Your Companion in Questing:

The Polaris Quest Tree is more than a mere guide; it’s your ally in traversing one of Wizard101’s most complex worlds. With this tool, you can adeptly navigate the twists and turns of Polaris, ensuring no step is missed in your quest for magical mastery.

Embark on your Polaris adventure with clarity and confidence – let the Polaris Quest Tree be your guide!

Polaris Quest Tree

Wizard City

1Head of the ClassTalkTalk to Mr. Lincoln
2Pomp and CircumstanceTake + Step + Talk + TalkTake Cap and Gown / Step into Tapestry / Talk to Merle Ambrose / Talk to Moolinda Wu
3Tree TalkTalk + TalkTalk to Bartleby / Talk to Merle Ambrose
4Where Land Meets the SkyTalkTalk to Cyrus Drake


5Polaris BoundExplore+ TalkLook for Ivan the Great / Talk to Inspector Fouche
6Scene of the CrimeExplore + Talk+ Explore+ Boss + TalkGo to the Inn of the Midnight Sun / Talk to Innkeeper Gorbeau / Investigate the Midnight Sun Feasting Hall / Defeat Inspector Clooso / Talk to Innkeeper Gorbeau
7Red RosaTalkTalk to Red Rosa
8Down to the HarborExplore+ TalkGo to La Nettoyage / Talk to Red Rosa
9Fishy BusinessExplore+ Defeat + Explore+ Boss + Collect + TalkLook for Harbormaster’s Report / Defeat Inspector Generals / Explore the Second room / Defeat Inspector Clooso / Collect the Harbormaster’s Report / Talk to Red Rosa
10Poisson PartyExploreDump Imported Tuna Crates
11Sea ChickenTalk+ Defeat + Explore+ Boss + Move + Explore+ Boss + Use + Explore+ DumpTalk to Red Rosa / Defeat Sea Chicken Pirates / Enter the Sea Chicken Cargo Hold / Defeat First Mate Cranetail / Move the Imported Runa Crates / Go to the Cargo Lift Lever / Defeat Captain Loranzo / Use Cargo Lift Lever / Go to the Sea Chicken Upper Deck / Dump Imported Tuna Crates
12Poisson PartyTalkTalk to Red Rosa
13Revolution Without a LeaderTalkTalk to Red Rosa
14Private DancerTalkTalk to Bearyshnakov
15Papers, PleaseExplore+ Defeat + Explore+ Boss + Use + Talk+ TalkGo to Walruskberg Armory / Defeat the Tundarian Enforcers / Explore the Walruskberg Armory / Defeat Marshal Kamensky / Use the Marshal’s Seal / Talk to Captain Petersen / Talk Bearyshnakov
16Dance RevolutionPut + Enter + Enter + Take + Talk+ Dance + Talk+ TalkPut on the Enchanted Tutu / Enter the Bolshoi Theater / Enter further into Bolshoi Theater / Take the Bastille Key / Talk to Bearnyshnakov / Dance Center Stage / Talk to Bearnyshnakov / Talk to Red Rosa
17Storming the BastilleUse + ExploreUse the Key to Open the Main Gate to the Bastille / Explore Cell Block A
18The BastilleExplore+ Defeat + Talk+ Explore+ Explore+ Defeat + Explore + Boss + Explore+ Cheating Boss Look for Ivan / Defeat the Iron Paws / Talk to Ivan / Look for Danton / Look for Danton / Defeat the Iron Paws / Look for Danton / Defeat Assistant Warden Porfiry / Look for Danton / Defeat Warden Vissarovich
19Storming the BastilleRescue + Rescue + Talk+ TalkRescue Ivan & Danton / Rescue Danton / Talk to Danton / Talk to Danton
20The Flag TowerTalk+ Go + Defeat + Use + TalkTalk to Red Rosa / Go to the Flag Tower / Defeat Imperial Guard / Use the Flag Control Lever / Talk to Red Rosa
21Vive La PenguinoniaAssaultAssault the Imperial Palace
22The Imperial PalaceExplore+ Explore+ Defeat + Explore+ Boss + Explore+ Boss Explore the Imperial palace / Explore the Imperial palace / Defeat the Imperial Guards / Explore the Imperial Palace / Defeat Imperial Justice Payne / Explore Imperial Palace / Defeat Captain Winters
23Vive La PenguinoniaExit + TalkExit the Imperial Palace / Talk to Ivan

Forlorn Tayg

24Into the BleaksMeet + TalkMeet Ivan Outside the City Gates / Talk to Mariya
25Hazards of the RoadAssist + TalkAssist Highway Traveler / Talk to Duchess Carwalina
26Highway BulliesDefeat & Collect + TalkDefeat Bully Mammoths and collect 3 pieces of Luggage / Talk to Duchess Carwalina
27A Hand for a HandmaidenEnter + Boss + Talk + Talk+ TalkEnter Bullhemoth Cave / Defeat Bullhemoth / Talk to Chilly Willy / Talk to Duchess Carwalina / Talk to Chilly Lilly
28Flapjack DreamsDefeat & Collect + Talk+ TalkDefeat Tundra Trolls and collect Flapjack Pan / Talk to Chilly Lilly / Talk to Mariya
29New Blago BridgeExplore+ Boss + Use + TalkGo to New Blago Bridge Control Room / Defeat Dyomo The Bridgebuilder / Use Bridge Control Lever / Talk to Zoya
30SnowbeardExplore+ Boss + TalkEnter Cold Clearing / Defeat Snowbeard / Talk to Snowbeard
31Scorched EarthDefeat & CollectDefeat Detolli the Destroyer and collect his Scorched Earth Charm
32The Sunken TowerDefeat + Cheating Boss Defeat Scorchers / Defeat Detolli the Destroyer
33Scorched EarthTalkTalk to Snowbeard
34The Veiled ValeExplore+ TalkEnter the Veiled Vale / Talk to Mellori
35The Witch’s GardenFindFind Baba Yaga in her Garden
36The Statue GardenFind + Defeat + Explore+ Boss Find and Defeat Baba Yaga / Explore the Statue Garden / Defeat Baba Yaga
37The Witch’s GardenTalkTalk to Baba Yaga in her House

River of Frozen Tears

38The Witch’s DaughterTalkTalk to Mellori
39River of Frozen TearsExplore+ Explore+ TalkGo to the Icefall / Explore the Mysterious Cave / Talk to Zoot
40Don’t Tease the YetiDefeat & Collect + TalkDefeat Iceblight Elf and collect Information / Talk to Zoot
41The Other YetiExplore+ Boss + Explore+ Boss + TalkGo to Lord Groff’s Cave / Defeat Lord Groff / Go to Alorna’s Cave / Defeat Alorna / Talk to Zoot
42IcefallExplore+ Climb + TalkGo to the Icefall Base / Climb the Icefall / Talk to Zoot
43Sunless ShrineExplore + Defeat & Collect + Light + Light + Explore+ TalkGo to the Sunless Shrine / Defeat Numbskull Ogres and collect 2 Numbskull Ogre Clubs / Light the brazier of Dawn / Light the Brazier of Twilight / Enter the Sunless Shrine / Talk to Vigilant Perun
44Trial of CourageExplore+ Defeat + TalkEnter the North Wing of the Sunless Shrine / Defeat the Terror Hounds / Talk to Vigilant Perun
45Trial of WisdomExplore+ Cheating Boss + TalkEnter the South Wing of the Sunless Shrine / Defeat Tajniak and Jawniak / Talk to Vigilant Perun
46Trial of ValorExplore+ Boss + TalkEnter the Sunless Shrine Sanctuary / Defeat Vigilant Jarilo / Talk to Vigilant Perun
47The AuroracleExplore+ Talk+ TalkEnter the Auroracle’s Chamber / Talk to the Auroracle / Talk to Mellori
48The Witch’s WisdomTalk+ TalkTalk to Baba Yaga / Talk to Ivan the Great
Polaris Quest Tree

Urville Station

49Infiltrating UrvilleTalkTalk to Red Rosa
50The One Who SeesExplore+ TalkInvestigate the Boarded-Up House / Talk to Nostradonimus
51NostradonimusDefeat + TalkDefeat 5 Gulag Guards / Talk to Nostradonimus
52A New VisionTalkTalk to Cesar
53Darling ClementineExplore+ Boss + TalkEnter Solitary Confinement Cave / Defeat Captain Kravchuck / Talk to Clementine
54Divide and ConquerTalkTalk to Cesar
55Master of BeastsDefeat Defeat Ludus the Beastmaster
56The KennelsDefeat + Explore + Puzzle + Cheating Boss + CollectDefeat the Attack Sea Lions / Search for the Beastmaster’s Whistle / Get past the Watch Lions / Defeat Ludus the Beastmaster and collect the Beastmaster’s Whistle
57Master of BeastsTalkTalk to Cesar
58The CommandantActivateActivate Cage Release Lever
59The Commandant’s QuartersBoss + Explore+ Boss Defeat Captain Zubkov / Find the Cage Release Lever / Defeat Commander Lassard
60The CommandantTalkTalk to Cesar
61Cage-FreeMeet + TalkMeet up with Red Rosa in Frigid Maw / Talk to Red Rosa
Polaris questline

Frigid Maw

62Ivan’s ChargeApproach + Explore+ Defeat + Explore+ TalkApproach Mine Lift Chamber / Enter Mine Lift Chamber / Defeat Pit Fiend / Search for Ivan / Talk to Red Rosa
63Into the MawExplore+ TalkGo to Pebble Trough Chamber / Talk to Nostradonimus
64The Pebble TroughExplore+ Defeat + Collect + TalkEnter Pebble Trough Chamber / Defeat Stone Elemental / Collect Betrothal Pebble / Talk to Nostradonimus
65Secrets of the MineExplore+ Explore+ TalkDescend Deeper in Frigid Maw / Descend even Deeper into Frigid Maw / Talk to Lambert
66Charm of the MineDefeat + CollectDefeat Pit Boss Minak and collect Overseer’s Charm
67Lair of the Pit BossBoss + Explore+ Boss + Explore+ Boss Defeat Sergeant Bobrik / Go to Lair of Pit Boss / Defeat Yolok the Listener / Go to Lair of the Pit Boss / Defeat Pit Boss Minak
68Charm of the MineFree + TalkFree 5 Miners / Talk to Lambert
69Borealis MajorisStopStop Rasputin at the docks
70The Secret DockConfront + Boss Confront Rasputin / Defeat Ivan
71Borealis MajorisTalkTalk to Cesar
72Pebble and the PenguinTalk+ TalkTalk to Clementine / Talk to Cesar
w101 Polaris quest tree

The Arcanum

73Back to the Witch’s HouseTalkTalk to Baba Yaga
74The ArcanumExplore+ TalkGo to the Panopticon / Talk to Librarian Fitzhume
75Polaris in PerspectiveTalkTalk to Ione Virga
76Arcanum InitiationExplore+ Study + Study + Study + Study + TalkGo to the Repository / Study Tome of Creation / Study Tome of Knowledge / Study Tome of Insight / Study Tome of Inspiration / Talk to Ione Virga
77Chasing a ShadowTalkTalk to Velma von Venkman in Caliburn
78Morganthe’s LegacyExplore+ Boss + TalkGo to Arachna Hideout / Defeat Ofiera Chillvenom / Talk to Velma von Venkman
79The Truth About Old CobTalkTalk to Ione Virga
80The Myth ScholarTalkTalk to Baba Yaga
81Spider’s SpawnTalkTalk to Zander
82Knowledge and InformationTalkTalk to Jaki Whisperwind
83Ancient InsightsTalkTalk to Airdale Guthrie in the Savannah
84Cave of Bad SeedsBoss + Talk+ TalkDefeat Painted Cave Monster / Talk to Airdale Guthrie / Talk to Jaki Whisperwind
85Rasputin the RatTalkTalk to Baba Yaga
86Gemstone SecretsTalk+ TalkTalk to Ignus Ferric / Talk to Qismah Shasa
87The Desert StarExplore+ Boss + Collect + Talk+ TalkSearch for Desert Star Gemstone / Defeat Mahon Starsearcher / Collect the Desert Star Gemstone / Talk to Ignus Ferric / Talk to Baba Yaga
88The Auroracle’s RiddleTalkTalk to Tarrak Hadfield
89Sundering of Land and SkyExplore+ Boss + Collect + Explore+ Boss + Collect + Explore+ Boss + Collect + TalkGo to Cave of the Broken Land / Defeat Broken Land Guardian / Collect Tusk of the Broken Land / Go to Cave of the Shattered Sky / Defeat Shattered Sky Guardian / Collect Tusk of the Shattered Sky / Go to Cave of the Sundered Seam / Defeat the Sundered Seam Guardian / Collect the Tusk of the Sundered Seam / Talk to Tarrak Hadfield
90Story of the Sky AnchorTalkTalk to Baba Yaga
91Hunting a RatTalkTalk to Mellori
92Back to WalruskbergTalkTalk to Ivan
93The Empress and the RatTalk+ TalkTalk to Empress Antuskette / Talk to Captain Winters

Kataba Iceblock

94The Kataba IceblockBoard + TalkBoard Dinghy / Talk to Captain Winters
95Yummy SushiEat + TalkEat Fish from Aqualung Fish Trough / Talk to Captain Winters
96Operation IcebathInfiltrateInfiltrate Rasputin’s Secret Base
97Iceblock InfiltrationTalk + Collect + Talk+ Explore+ Defeat + Explore+ Explore+ Defeat + Infiltrate + Defeat Talk to Lieutenant Snow / Collect 5 Fire Ice / Talk to Lieutenant Snow / Enter Underwater Cave / Defeat Bacuda Sentinels / Enter Moon Pool Chamber / Explore Moon Pool Chamber / Defeat the Lesser Borealis Golems / Infiltrate Secret Base / Defeat the Bacuda Commander
98Operation IcebathTalkTalk to Mellori
99Rasputin’s SurprisesDefeat & Collect + Talk+ Explore + Boss + Explore+ Defeat + Explore+ TalkDefeat Borealis Golem and collect 3 Crystal Cores / Talk to Mellori / Enter the Cold Steel Vault / Defeat Ivan the Greater / Investigate the Deep Vault / Defeat the Watch Lions / Investigate the Deep Vault / Talk to Mellori
100Rise of the TitanExploreInvestigate Titan Forge
101The Titan ForgeCheating Boss + Explore+ Cheating Boss Defeat the Greater Borealis Golems / Go to Rasputin’s Laboratory / Defeat Ygor
102Rise of the TitanExplore+ Talk+ TalkEnter the Titan Pod / Talk to Ivan / Talk to Captain Winters
103Chasing the RatTalk+ Board + TravelTalk to Captain Jock Coosto / Board the Kalypso / Travel Aboard the Kalypso
104Voyage of the CalypsoShovel + Open + Rotate + Release + Explore+ Boss + Talk+ ApplyShovel Alternate Energy Units / Open Transfer Flue / Rotate Steam Drum / Release the Safety Valve / Go to Main Deck / Defeat Boris the Boarder / Talk to Captain Jock Coosto / Apply the Brakes to the Wheel Box
105Chasing the RatTalkTalk to Captain Jock Coosto

Borealis Peaks

106Climbing the PeaksAscendAscend the Jewel Slopes
107The Jeweled SlopesExplore + Boss + Climb + Boss + Climb + Boss + AscendGo to the Jeweled Slopes / Defeat Colonel Orlov / Climb the path / Defeat Marshal Gill / Climb the Path / Defeat Warlord Minak / Ascend to Sky Anchor Peak
108Climbing the PeaksTalkTalk to Mellori
109Saving the Sky AnchorExploreDefeat Rasputin
110Horizon HoldExplore + Cheating Boss Explore Horizon Hold / Defeat Rasputin
111Saving the Sky AnchorTalkTalk to Ivan
112Back to the ArcanumReturn + TalkReturn to the Panopticon / Talk to Librarian Fitzhume

This was Polaris Quest Tree

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