Krokotopia Quest Tree ( With Details )

This Guide is made to help you while questing in Krokotopia, We made this Krokotopia quest tree to help track your progress in Krokotopia while questing. The quests have been organized into blocks, each symbolizing a different quest. Every few blocks indicate a quest line in a particular area, while all blocks constitute the main quest line in Krokotopia.

You’ll notice that almost everything can be clicked. Areas and locations can be clicked to assist you to navigate. Additionally clickable are NPCs and creatures. You can always return here if you missed a task or couldn’t find your primary goal. You may monitor your progress and see how many quests you still have to complete in Krokotopia overall or in each area. You can also check the creatures or bosses you anticipate facing while on a Quest.

Krokotopia Main Quest Line

Royal Hall

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. A Whole New World
  2. Digging in the Dirt
  3. Make Some Rubbings
  4. Fragments of a Key
  5. The Final Rubbing
  6. Speak to the Assistant

Chamber of Fire

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Find My Colleague
  2. New Digs
  3. Quarter Master
  4. Back to the Archeologist

Palace of Fire

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Assault on the Palace
  2. Gather the Troops
  3. Payback
  4. Give ‘Em Another Round
    • Defeat Akori Nirini / Defeat Shai Nirini / Defeat Edo Nirini / Defeat Nebit Nirini / Talk to Lieutenant Standish
  5. Back to Winthrop
  6. Into the Map Room
  7. Serpent Staff ( Instance )
  8. Eye of Krok ( Instance )
  9. Use the Map Room ( Instance )
  10. Back to “Into the Map Room” Quest
  11. Permission to Enter
  12. Fangdango
    • Go to the Order of the Fang on Krokosphinx Island in Balance School / Talk to Alhazred

Hall of Champions

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Order at Last
  2. The Great General
  3. Minion Massacre
    • Defeat 4 Sokkwi Protectors / Talk to Rami
  4. Search for the Seal
    • Defeat Nekhbet and Collect Seal of the Fang / Talk to Rami
  5. General Admission
  6. Coin of Destiny
    • Defeat Soul Scavenger and Collect Coin of Destiny / Talk to General Khaba
  7. Lay of the Land 
  8. Blades of Ice
    • Defeat Glacial Avengers and Collect 2 Ice Shards / Talk to General Khaba
  9. Armor Handle
  10. Get Some Bling
  11. Grip It!
    • Defeat Hall Servants and Collect Leather Straps / Talk to General Khaba
  12. Forge Key
    • Defeat Sokkwi Crushers and Collect the Key / Talk to General Khaba
  13. Taking It to the Tuts
    • Defeat Odji Sokkwi in Odji’s Chamber / Use Frozen Forge / Talk to General Khaba
  14. Back Among the Fold

Grand Arena

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Quest for the Warrior 
  2. Mark of the Gladiator
    • Defeat any Sokkwi in the Arena and Collect the Gladiator Mark / Talk to Ako
  3. Gladiator Games 
  4. Are You Experienced?
  5. Battle of the Sunbird
    • Defeat the Wild Sunbird behind the Bird Gate / Talk to the Arena Master
  6. Along Came a Spider
    • Defeat Ice Weavers and Collect 3 Spider Eyes / Talk to the Arena Master
  7. Stonechin
    • Defeat Krag Stonechin behind the Sun Gate / Talk to the Arena Master
  8. Enter Sandman
  9. Malletmane
    • Defeat Bort Malletmane behind the Snake Gate / Talk to the Arena Master
  10. Krokotopian Idol
  11. Who’s More Amazing?
  12. The Ultimate Battle

Entrance Hall

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Return to Shalek
  2. Find the Fang 
  3. Breaking the Vault ( Instance )
    • Talk to Shalek the Wise / Defeat Keeper of the Fang and Collect the Golden Fang
      Before you can access the Keeper’s Chamber, you must Defeat:
      Defender of the Fang
      Guardian of the Fang
      Protector of the Fang
      and solve the puzzle in each of their chambers.
      Talk to Shalek the Wise
  4. Back to “Find the Fang” Quest
  5. Retribution
  6. Guardians at the Gate ( Instance )
  7. New Allies ( Instance )
  8. Overpower the Overseer ( Instance )
  9. The Right Combination ( Instance )
  10. Back to “Retribution” Quest
  11. Back to Balance

Tomb of Storms 

Krokotopia Quest Tree
  1. Tomb of Storms 
  2. De-Cipher the Ahnics
  3. De-Cipher the Djeserits
  4. The Key to the Temple 
  5. Temple Dweller
  6. Test of Strength
  7. Get Smart
  8. Back to “Temple Dweller” Quest
  9. Triumphant Return
  10. Missing Souls
    • Talk to Private Kinchley in Wolfminster Abbey

This was Krokotopia Quest Tree

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