Zafaria quest tree

Questing in higher worlds in wizard101 might be difficult and takes too much time to finish a world, That’s why we made this Zafaria quest tree to help you see your progress, find where are you at? and at which quest you are, How many quests left until you finish the world?

Lost your main quest? no worries you can find it again in this Zafaria quest tree if you followed the quest tree here, Want to know if your quest has defeat or defeat and collect? how many bosses you have to fight? how much exp do you get from each quest? you can find all that here.

In this W101 Zafaria quest tree, we are going to mention the main quests only, the quests you have to finish in order to move to the next area or world, we are not going to mention side quests or the running between areas in order to complete a quest.

Wizard101 Zafaria quest tree

Baobab Crossrounds

Zafaria quest tree

1- Dire News From Abroad (Talk to Dalia Falmea )

2- Natural Born Pyromancer (Talk to Sir Reginald Baxby)

3- Missing Class (Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes)

4- Jambo Means Hello (Talk to Lethu Blunthoof)

5- Lion Around (Talk to Koyate Ghostmane)

6- Going to the Market (Defeat Inzinzebu Bandits and Collect 3 Crafting Goods /Talk to Koyate Ghostmane )

7- No Bother (Talk to Lethu Blunthoof)

8- Restricted Access (Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes)

Baobab Crown

Zafaria quest tree

9- Meet the Elephants (Talk to Rasik Pridefall )

10- I Intend to Have Other Plans (Talk to Kakenya Brokenfang)

11- Lost Your Way (Go to the Zafaria Student Dormitory /Defeat Goliath Bra’kym’tra /Talk to Simone Brightlance /Talk to Kakenya Brokenfang )

12- Night Running (Talk to Unathi Nightrunner)

13- Lion Taming (Defeat 3 Spearfang Slashers /Talk to Unathi Nightrunner )

14- Wasn’t He Just Here? (Talk to Vir Goodheart)

15- Outlaws in the Market (Defeat Inzinebu Bandit and Collect Spices /Defeat Spearfang Slasher and Collect Jewelry /Talk to Vir Goodheart )

16- Permission Granted (Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes)

17- Into the Lion’s Jaws (Talk to Lethu Blunthoof)


Zafaria quest tree

18- In The Grass (Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue)

19- Master of Disaster (Explore Msizi Redband’s Hut /Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue )

20- Show of Strength (Defeat 3 Thornpaw Hunters /Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw )

21- All’s Well (Collect 3 Well Stones /Repair Well /Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw )

22- Open Cages (Open Cage /Talk to Edwin Trollstrider /Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw )

23- Wild Lion Chase (Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue)

24- Dangerous Attraction (Defeat 4 Darkmane Raiders /Talk to Kakuta Darkmane )

25- Living with Lions (Defeat Iklaw Warriors and Collect 4 Spears /Talk to Kakuta Darkmane )

26- Biltong (Defeat Thornpaw Hunters and Collect 6 Biltong /Talk to Kakuta Darkmane )

27- Walk on the Wild Side (Talk to Eden Windforest)

28- Plight of the Lions (Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof)

29- Picket Fences (Collect 3 Bundles of Sticks /Repair Camp Fence /Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof)

30- In the Cold Distance (Repair Zebra Scout Tower /Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof )

31- Fight to Survive (Defeat 5 Fire Lion Ravagers / Scout Water Hole /Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof )

32- Narley Dude (Talk to Narley /Talk to Eden Windforest )

33- Does Your Garden Grow (Plant seeds in Soil /Talk to Eden Windforest )

34- My Work Is Done (Talk to Kakuta Darkmane)

35- Rock of Ages (Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue)

36- Poisoned Well (Defeat Fire Lion Ravagers and Collect Guide’s Staff /Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue )

37- Meddling Wizards (Enter Tik-tik’s Hut /Defeat Certorr /Exit Tik-tik’s Hut/ Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes )

38- Fruit of Life ( Collect 3 Baobab Fruit /Use Cauldron /Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes )

39- Lioness Sleeps Tonight (Defeat 5 Fire Lion Ravagers / Go to Queen Tanei Ghostmane’s Cave /Defeat Queen Tanei Ghostmane /Talk to Tanei Ghostmane )

40- Heal Me (Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes)

41- Book of Babalawo (Talk to Kiliman Copperleaf /Read Book /Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes )

42- Local Treasures (Talk to Unathi Nightrunner /Talk to Vir Goodheart/ Talk to Ntokozo Truestride / Talk to Marwa Jadetusk / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes )

43- Off the Boil (Use Cauldron / Restore Watering Hole / Talk to Tanei Ghostmane )

44- Beat of a Different Drum (Collect 3 Bridge Slats /Repair Broken Bridge/ Talk to Esop Thornpaw )

45- Drum Kit (Defeat Fire Lion Ravagers and Collect Lion Drums /Talk to Esop Thornpaw )

46- Drum Queen (Talk to Tanei Ghostmane)

47- Top of the Rock (Travel to Tsavo Door / Play Drum Near King’s Cage/ Talk to Mansa /Talk to Bheki Blackhoof )

48- Pride in the Name (Enter further into Nemean Cave / Defeat 2 Horned Monkey Spiders /Save Johanna Crowflyer / Defeat Nergal the Burned Lion/ Unlock Johanna’s Cage )

49- Top of the Rock

50- Out of the Sun ( Enter Captain Blackhoof’s Hut /Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof )

wizard101 Zafaria quest tree continue

Zamunda Outskirts + Zamunda

Zafaria quest tree

51- Coming to Zamunda (Talk to Msizi Redband /Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof )

52- The Road to Zamunda (Talk to Idube Firedancer /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

53- Chaos Rains (Examine Wagon /Find Clues /Defeat Jackal Bandit and Collect Provisions / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

54- Tower Defense (Defeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries /Free 4 Igoka Prisoners/ Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

55- Through the Zorse Gates (Talk to Sizani Sunrunner)

56- Back Into the Fray (Defeat Greyhorn Mercenaries and Collect 4 Shields/ Return Shields to Shield Rack /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

57- Muster the Troops (Gather 4 Igoka Defenders /Enter Barracks /Defeat Igoka Defender /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

58- The King’s Shadow (Talk to Tse-tse Snaketail)

59- Don’t Impress Me Much (Defeat : 5 Longdreamer Shamans, 5 Greyhorn Mercenaries /Talk to Tse-tse Snaketail

60- Prisoner of Zamunda ( Go to Barracks /Defeat Painted Rhino Soldiers/ Free 4 Igoka Prisoners /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

61- Helter Skelter (Find Hole-In-The-Wall /Collect 3 Piles of Wood /Fix Hole in Wall /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

62- Burning Tower (Defeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries /Explore Survey Tower Area /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

63- Master of the River (Defeat Longdreamer Shamans and Collect 6 Stone Talismans /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

64- Water Beats Fire (Defeat 3 Water Elementals /Put Out Fire at Tower/ Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

65- Back on the Trail (Explore Magician’s Hut / Pick up Paint Cans /Talk to Sizani Sunrunner )

66- Snake in the Grass (Open Moon Gardens Gate /Talk to Amahle Autumnrain )

67- Shadow of a King (Enter King’s Court /Talk to Shaka Zebu /Talk to Amahle Autumnrain )

68- Wild Zorses (Defeat 5 Impi Raiders / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain )

69- The Snake’s Footprints (Talk to Mandisa Autumnrain /Catch Magician X2 /Defeat Goliath Chon’darr’hna /Talk to Stefan Diresign /Talk to Amahle Autumnrain )

70- Tomb Soldiers (Locate King’s Tomb /Clear Webs /Talk to Themba Truestride )

71- Into the Zebra Tomb (Defeat Longdreamer Shamans and Collect 3 Magic Powder /Use 2 Black Smoke Braziers / Use White Smoke Brazier/ Explore King’s Tomb / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain )

72- Tomb of the Zebra Kings (Defeat 2 Iklaw Ghost Warriors /Explore the King’s Tomb /Defeat 2 Horned Monkey Spiders /Defeat Zanga Zebu /Talk to Zanga Zebu / Get Quagga Blade )

73- Into the Zebra Tomb

74- Lust for Life ( Defeat Evil Spirit / Defeat Shaka Zebu /Chop Down Poisonous Vine / Talk to Shaka Zebu )

75- Long Winded Warrior (Talk to Amahle Autumnrain)

76- Letter for the Queen (Talk to Hannibal Onetusk)

77- Savannah Run ( Talk to Esop Thornpaw)

78- Lawn Ornament (Talk to Kakuta Darkmane /Collect 3 Evil Magma Peas/ Talk to Esop Thornpaw )

79- Give It Away Now (Collect Boiler / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk )

80- Still Broke (Talk to Kiliman Copperleaf / Collect Library Book / Go to the Zafarian Queen / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk )

Stone Town

Zafaria quest tree

81-Drum Run (Use the Zafarian Queen to Stone Town /Talk to Hannibal Onetusk )

82- On the Docks (Talk to Amar Sharptusk)

83- Sharp as a Tusk ( Defeat 4 Musuth Berserkers / Talk to Amar Sharptusk)

84- Missing Stripes (Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk)

85- The Silver Queen (Talk to Hathi Irontrunk)

86- Elephant March (Talk to Rakstede Steelhorn /Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

87- Orders from the Queen (Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

88- My Pen (Defeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect Pen and Parchment / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

89- All Access Pass (Talk to Rakstede Steelhorn /Talk to Lail Brighteyes )

90- Class Is Very Entertaining (Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk)

91- Quiet Riot (Talk to Hathi Irontrunk)

92- Calm Like a Bomb (Defeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

93- Bulls on Parade (Defeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect A Clue / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

94- Know Your Enemy (Talk to Aziza Roughfoot / Talk to Shara Whitetusk/ Talk to Kella Longthought /Talk to Tala Snakesquasher )

95- Across the Spiral (Defeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect 3 Headdresses/ Talk to Tala Snakesquasher )

96- Welcome to the Jungle (Talk to Hannibal Onetusk)

97- River Rapids (Defeat 3 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk )

98- The Cat Who Could (Talk to Sobaka)

99- Down the Crazy River (Defeat 3 Black Tusk Cultists / Find Sobaka )

wizard101 Zafaria quest tree continue


Zafaria quest tree

100- Fastest Hunk of Junk (Board Sobaka’s Boat Talk to Sobaka)

101- Trail of the Trickster ( Defeat 3 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Sobaka )

102- Under the Big Tent ( Defeat Belloq / Talk to Sobaka )

103- Barge Right In ( Defeat Black Tusk Cultist / Talk to Sobaka)

104- Down By The River ( Use Sobaka’s Boat / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

105- Morning Report ( Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk )

106- Arrest That Man ( Find Councilor’s House )

107- Catching Shadows ( Board Sobaka’s Boat / Talk to Vir Goodheart )

108- Mission Impossible ( Defeat Black Tusk Cultists / Talk to Vir Goodheart )

109- Do I Look Fat In This? ( Talk to Zeddgan Spellfeather / Use Cauldron / Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk )

110- The Black Palace ( Defeat Goliath Maglor, Rasik Pridefall , Tim-Tim Snakeeye / destroy the stone x4 )

111- Do I Look Fat In This?

112- Let Him Free ( Free Lail Brighteyes / Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk)

113- Hannibal’s Queen ( Talk to Hannibal Onetusk)

114- You Can Jive ( Talk to Mago Onetusk )

Drum Jungle

Zafaria quest tree

115- Dancing Queen ( Board the Dancing Queen / Talk to Mago Onetusk )

116- Lost in the Jungle ( Scout Treetop Village / Talk to Mago Onetusk )

117- Smoke Signals ( Defeat Blackback Soldiers x5 / Talk to Mago Onetusk)

118- Escape From the Apes ( Defeat Ogun Daggertooth / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

119- Tragedy of the Apes ( Talk to Koko Smokesign )

120- Fall From Grace ( Defeat Black Tusk Cultists and Collect Map / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

121- Down in the Hole ( Talk to Koko Smokesign )

122- For My Next Trick ( Defeat Shadow-Web Haunts and Collect Wand / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

123- Making a Mask ( Defeat Gorilla Spider Witches and Collect 3 Hats / Collect 4 Gazania Flowers / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

124- The Witch Doctor ( Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser )

125- Shrimp and Algae! ( Defeat 3 Blackback Soldiers / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser)

126- Caged Follies ( Free – Flamingo Prisoner x4 / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser)

127- What Is This Burning? ( Defeat Zalakir Nightweaver / Collect Eternal Flame / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser )

128- Ship of Tears ( Go to Elephant Barge / Defeat Aksil Blacktrunk / Talk to Aksil Blacktrunk / Destroy Ship Boiler / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser )

129- Kingdom of the Blind ( Talk to Koko Smokesign )

130- Shango’s Swords ( Defeat Oya Bloodstorm / Talk to Oya Bloodstorm / Defeat Goliath Ranzan / Talk to Koko Smokesign )

131- Cutting Through the Mist ( Defeat Ghadir Dreamdrinker / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

132- Spider Bridge ( Defeat Blackback Soldiers and Collect Wooden Spoon / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser / Talk to Koko Smokesign )

133- Knockin on Kallah’s Door ( Defeat Kallah Silverback / Talk to Koko Smokesign)

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Elephant Graveyard

Zafaria quest tree

134- I Can See Clearly Now ( Fix Elephant Pedestal / Talk to Queen Elissa)

135- Drum House ( Defeat 2 Grey Ogre Spiders / Collect 4 Drums /Talk to Queen Elissa )

136- Drum Circle ( Talk to Queen Elissa )

137- Pure Water ( Defeat Shadow Web Wraiths and Collect 3 Peppers / Collect 3 Flowers / Talk to Queen Elissa )

138- Pool Cleaning ( Purify Hot and Cold Sacred Springs / Talk to Queen Elissa )

139- Drum Beat ( Collect 4 Blood Lily Flowers / Use 2 Braziers / Talk to Queen Elissa )

140- Opening Beat ( Use Grave Marker / Talk to Queen Elissa )

141- Tomb Raiders ( x4 defeat and collect )

142- Tomb Sweet Tomb ( Talk to Vir Goodheart )

143- You Think You Can Drum ( inside tomb dungeon )

144 – Spin Me Right Round ( inside tomb dungeon )

145- When Elephants Cry ( inside tomb dungeon )

146- Formerly Known As ( inside tomb dungeon )

147- Tomb Sweet Tomb

148- Tree of Woe ( Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes )

149- Heart of Darkness ( Light Candles / Talk to Inyanga )

Last area in Zafaria quest tree

Mirror Lake

150- Wizard in the Mirror ( defeat bosses x4 in 4 battles )

151- Chasing Shadows ( Defeat Morganthe / Talk to Inyanga )

152- Through Glass, Darkly ( Talk to Merle Ambrose )

so this was Zafaria quest tree for the main quest line

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