Zafaria Quest Tree ( Summary & Details! )

Navigating the expansive and challenging world of Zafaria in Wizard101 can be a daunting task, even for the most seasoned wizards. Understanding this, we’ve created this comprehensive Zafaria Quest Tree, your essential companion for tracking progress and mastering this world.

Why the Zafaria Quest Tree?

Questing in higher worlds like Zafaria can be complex and time-consuming. Our Zafaria Quest Tree is designed to streamline your journey, offering a clear view of your current standing, the quests ahead, and the milestones necessary to conquer this world.

Features of the Zafaria Quest Tree:

  • Progress Tracking: Easily see where you are in your questing journey. Our tree layout allows you to identify your current quest and gauge how many more quests you need to complete Zafaria.
  • Quest Details: Lost your main quest? No problem! Our quest tree will help you find your way back on track. Plus, get insights into the nature of each quest – whether it involves defeating enemies, collecting items, or both.
  • Combat Preparations: Know in advance the bosses and creatures you’ll face. This feature helps you prepare strategically for upcoming battles.
  • Focus on Main Quests: We concentrate solely on the main quests of Zafaria – those critical for advancing to new areas or worlds. Side quests and inter-area travel details are excluded for a streamlined experience.

You will find highlights of the important tasks like Explore, Defeat, Talk, Defeat & Collect, Puzzle, Boss, and Cheating Boss.

Your Companion in Questing:

The Zafaria Quest Tree is more than just a guide; it’s your companion in the magical journey through one of Wizard101’s most intricate worlds. With this tool, you can confidently navigate the twists and turns of Zafaria, ensuring you never miss a beat in your quest for magical mastery.

Embark on your Zafaria adventure with clarity and confidence – let the Zafaria Quest Tree be your guide!

Wizard101 Zafaria Quest Tree

Baobab Crossrounds

Zafaria quest tree
#Quest NameActions RequiredDetails
1Dire News From AbroadTalkTalk to Dalia Falmea
2Natural Born PyromancerTalkTalk to Sir Reginald Baxby in Golem Court
3Missing ClassTalkTalk to Inyanga Whitestripes in Baobab Crossroads
4Jambo Means HelloTalkTalk to Lethu Blunthoof
5Lion AroundTalkTalk to Koyate Ghostmane
6Going to the MarketDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Inzinzebu Bandits and Collect 3 Crafting Goods / Talk to Koyate Ghostmane in Baobab Crossroads
7No BotherTalkTalk to Lethu Blunthoof
8Restricted AccessTalkTalk to Inyanga Whitestripes

Baobab Crown

Zafaria quest tree
9Meet the ElephantsTalkTalk to Rasik Pridefall in the Baobab Crown
10I Intend to Have Other PlansTalkTalk to Kakenya Brokenfang
11Lost Your WayExplore + Boss + Talk + TalkGo to the Zafaria Student Dormitory / Defeat Goliath Bra’kym’tra / Talk to Simone Brightlance / Talk to Kakenya Brokenfang
12Night RunningTalkTalk to Unathi Nightrunner
13Lion TamingDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Spearfang Slashers / Talk to Unathi Nightrunner in the Baobab Market
14Wasn’t He Just Here?TalkTalk to Vir Goodheart
15Outlaws in the MarketDefeat and Collect + Defeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Inzinebu Bandit and Collect Spices / Defeat Spearfang Slasher and Collect Jewelry / Talk to Vir Goodheart
16Permission GrantedTalkTalk to Inyanga Whitestripes
17Into the Lion’s JawsTalkTalk to Lethu Blunthoof


Zafaria quest tree
18In The GrassTalkTalk to Tik-tik Snaketongue in the Savannah
19Master of DisasterExplore + TalkExplore Msizi Redband’s Hut / Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue
20Show of StrengthDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Thornpaw Hunters / Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw
21All’s WellCollect + Repair + TalkCollect 3 Well Stones / Repair Well / Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw
22Open CagesOpen + Talk+ TalkOpen Cage / Talk to Edwin Trollstrider / Talk to Olemeeli Thornpaw
23Wild Lion ChaseTalkTalk to Tik-tik Snaketongue
24Dangerous AttractionDefeat+ TalkDefeat 4 Darkmane Raiders / Talk to Kakuta Darkmane
25Living with LionsDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Iklaw Warriors and Collect 4 Spears / Talk to Kakuta Darkmane
26BiltongDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Thornpaw Hunters and Collect 6 Biltong / Talk to Kakuta Darkmane
27Walk on the Wild SideTalkTalk to Eden Windforest
28Plight of the LionsTalkTalk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof
29Picket FencesCollect + Repair + TalkCollect 3 Bundles of Sticks / Repair Camp Fence / Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof
30In the Cold DistanceRepair + TalkRepair Zebra Scout Tower / Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof
31Fight to SurviveDefeat+ Scout + TalkDefeat 5 Fire Lion Ravagers / Scout Water Hole / Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof
32Narley DudeTalk+ TalkTalk to Narley / Talk to Eden Windforest
33Does Your Garden GrowPlant + TalkPlant seeds in Soil / Talk to Eden Windforest
34My Work Is DoneTalkTalk to Kakuta Darkmane
35Rock of AgesTalkTalk to Tik-tik Snaketongue
36Poisoned WellDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Fire Lion Ravagers and Collect Guide’s Staff / Talk to Tik-tik Snaketongue
37Meddling WizardsExplore + Boss + Exit + TalkEnter Tik-tik’s Hut / Defeat Certorr / Exit Tik-tik’s Hut / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes
38Fruit of LifeCollect + Use + TalkCollect 3 Baobab Fruit / Use Cauldron / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes
39Lioness Sleeps TonightDefeat+ Explore + Boss + TalkDefeat 5 Fire Lion Ravagers / Go to Queen Tanei Ghostmane’s Cave / Defeat Queen Tanei Ghostmane / Talk to Tanei Ghostmane
40Heal MeTalkTalk to Inyanga Whitestripes
41Book of BabalawoTalk+ Read + TalkTalk to Kiliman Copperleaf / Read Book / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes
42Local TreasuresTalk x5Talk to Unathi Nightrunner / Talk to Vir Goodheart / Talk to Ntokozo Truestride / Talk to Marwa Jadetusk / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes
43Off the BoilUse + Restore + TalkUse Cauldron / Restore Watering Hole / Talk to Tanei Ghostmane
44Beat of a Different DrumCollect + Repair + TalkCollect 3 Bridge Slats / Repair Broken Bridge / Talk to Esop Thornpaw
45Drum KitDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Fire Lion Ravagers and Collect Lion Drums / Talk to Esop Thornpaw
46Drum QueenTalkTalk to Tanei Ghostmane
47Top of the RockTravel + Play + Talk x2Travel to Tsavo Door / Play Drum Near King’s Cage / Talk to Mansa / Talk to Bheki Blackhoof
48Pride in the NameExplore + Defeat x2 + Save + Cheating Boss + UnlockEnter further into Nemean Cave / Defeat 2 Horned Monkey Spiders / Save Johanna Crowflyer / Defeat Nergal the Burned Lion / Unlock Johanna’s Cage
49Top of the Rock
50Out of the SunExplore + TalkEnter Captain Blackhoof’s Hut / Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof

Zamunda Outskirts + Zamunda

Zafaria quest tree
51Coming to ZamundaTalk x2Talk to Msizi Redband / Talk to Captain Bheki Blackhoof
52The Road to ZamundaTalk x2Talk to Idube Firedancer / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
53Chaos RainsExamine + Find + Defeat and Collect + TalkExamine Wagon / Find Clues / Defeat Jackal Bandit and Collect Provisions / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
54Tower DefenseDefeat+ Free + TalkDefeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Free 4 Igoka Prisoners / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
55Through the Zorse GatesTalkTalk to Sizani Sunrunner
56Back Into the FrayDefeat and Collect + Return + TalkDefeat Greyhorn Mercenaries and Collect 4 Shields / Return Shields to Shield Rack / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
57Muster the TroopsGather + Enter + Defeat + TalkGather 4 Igoka Defenders / Enter Barracks / Defeat Igoka Defender / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
58The King’s ShadowTalkTalk to Tse-tse Snaketail
59Don’t Impress Me MuchDefeat x2 + TalkDefeat: 2 Longdreamer Shamans, 2 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Tse-tse Snaketail
60Prisoner of ZamundaExplore + Defeat+ Free + TalkGo to Barracks / Defeat Painted Rhino Soldiers / Free 4 Igoka Prisoners / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
61Helter SkelterFind + Collect + Fix + TalkFind Hole-In-The-Wall / Collect 3 Piles of Wood / Fix Hole in Wall / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
62Burning TowerDefeat+ Explore + TalkDefeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Explore Survey Tower Area / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
63Master of the RiverDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Longdreamer Shamans and Collect 6 Stone Talismans / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
64Water Beats FireDefeat + Put Out + TalkDefeat 3 Water Elementals / Put Out Fire at Tower / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
65Back on the TrailExplore+ Pick up + TalkExplore Magician’s Hut / Pick up Paint Cans / Talk to Sizani Sunrunner
66Snake in the GrassOpen + TalkOpen Moon Gardens Gate / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain
67Shadow of a KingExplore + Talk x2Enter King’s Court / Talk to Shaka Zebu / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain
68Wild ZorsesDefeat + TalkDefeat 5 Impi Raiders / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain
69The Snake’s FootprintsTalk + Catch x2 + Boss + Talk x2Talk to Mandisa Autumnrain / Catch Magician X2 / Defeat Goliath Chon’darr’hna / Talk to Stefan Diresign / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain
70Tomb SoldiersExplore + Clear + TalkLocate King’s Tomb / Clear Webs / Talk to Themba Truestride
71Into the Zebra TombDefeat and Collect + Use x3 + Explore + TalkDefeat Longdreamer Shamans and Collect 3 Magic Powder / Use 2 Black Smoke Braziers / Use White Smoke Brazier / Explore King’s Tomb / Talk to Amahle Autumnrain
72Tomb of the Zebra KingsDefeat + Explore + mob + Boss+ Talk + interactDefeat 2 Iklaw Ghost Warriors / Explore the King’s Tomb / Defeat 2 Horned Monkey Spiders / Defeat Zanga Zebu / Talk to Zanga Zebu / Get Quagga Blade
73Into the Zebra TombTalk
74Lust for LifeDefeat x2 + Chop Down + TalkDefeat Evil Spirit / Defeat Shaka Zebu / Chop Down Poisonous Vine / Talk to Shaka Zebu
75Long Winded WarriorTalkTalk to Amahle Autumnrain
76Letter for the QueenTalkTalk to Hannibal Onetusk
77Savannah RunTalkTalk to Esop Thornpaw
78Lawn OrnamentTalk + Collect + TalkTalk to Kakuta Darkmane / Collect 3 Evil Magma Peas / Talk to Esop Thornpaw
79Give It Away NowCollect + TalkCollect Boiler / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk
80Still BrokeTalk+ Collect + Go + TalkTalk to Kiliman Copperleaf / Collect Library Book / Go to the Zafarian Queen / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk

Stone Town

Zafaria quest tree
81Drum RunUse + TalkUse the Zafarian Queen to Stone Town / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk
82On the DocksTalkTalk to Amar Sharptusk
83Sharp as a TuskDefeat + TalkDefeat 4 Musuth Berserkers / Talk to Amar Sharptusk
84Missing StripesTalkTalk to Aryanah Silvertusk
85The Silver QueenTalkTalk to Hathi Irontrunk
86Elephant MarchTalk x2Talk to Rakstede Steelhorn / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
87Orders from the QueenTalk x2Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
88My PenDefeat and Collect + Talk Defeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect Pen and Parchment / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
89All Access PassTalk x2Talk to Rakstede Steelhorn / Talk to Lail Brighteyes
90Class Is Very EntertainingTalkTalk to Aryanah Silvertusk
91Quiet RiotTalkTalk to Hathi Irontrunk
92Calm Like a BombDefeat + TalkDefeat 4 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
93Bulls on ParadeDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect A Clue / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
94Know Your EnemyTalk x4Talk to Aziza Roughfoot / Talk to Shara Whitetusk / Talk to Kella Longthought / Talk to Tala Snakesquasher
95Across the SpiralDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Musuth Berserkers and Collect 3 Headdresses / Talk to Tala Snakesquasher
96Welcome to the JungleTalkTalk to Hannibal Onetusk
97River RapidsDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Hannibal Onetusk
98The Cat Who CouldTalkTalk to Sobaka
99Down the Crazy RiverDefeat + FindDefeat 3 Black Tusk Cultists / Find Sobaka


Zafaria quest tree
100Fastest Hunk of JunkBoard + TalkBoard Sobaka’s Boat / Talk to Sobaka
101Trail of the TricksterDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Greyhorn Mercenaries / Talk to Sobaka
102Under the Big TentExplore + Talk + Boss + Talk + Talk Enter Belloq’s Tent / Talk to Belloq / Defeat Belloq / Talk to Belloq / Talk to Sobaka
103Barge Right InExplore + Defeat + Explore + TalkEnter Stone Town Barge / Defeat Black Tusk Cultist / Locate Bill of Lading / Talk to Sobaka
104Down By The RiverUse + TalkUse Sobaka’s Boat / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
105Morning ReportTalk x2Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk / Talk to Hathi Irontrunk
106Arrest That ManFindFind Councilor’s House
107Catching ShadowsBoard + TalkBoard Sobaka’s Boat / Talk to Vir Goodheart
108Mission ImpossibleDefeat + TalkDefeat Black Tusk Cultists / Talk to Vir Goodheart
109Do I Look Fat In This?Talk+ Use + TalkTalk to Zeddgan Spellfeather / Use Cauldron / Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk
110The Black PalaceBoss+ Defeat + Boss + Destroy x4x3 Defeat Goliath Maglor, Rasik Pridefall, Tim-Tim Snakeeye / Destroy the stone x4
Back to Do I Look Fat In This? Quest
111Let Him FreeFree + TalkFree Lail Brighteyes / Talk to Aryanah Silvertusk
112Hannibal’s QueenTalkTalk to Hannibal Onetusk
113You Can JiveTalkTalk to Mago Onetusk

Drum Jungle

Zafaria quest tree
114Dancing QueenBoard + TalkBoard the Dancing Queen / Talk to Mago Onetusk
115Lost in the JungleScout + TalkScout Treetop Village / Talk to Mago Onetusk
116Smoke SignalsDefeat x5 + TalkDefeat Blackback Soldiers x5 / Talk to Mago Onetusk
117Escape From the ApesDefeat + TalkDefeat Ogun Daggertooth / Talk to Koko Smokesign
118Tragedy of the ApesTalkTalk to Koko Smokesign
119Fall From GraceDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Black Tusk Cultists and Collect Map / Talk to Koko Smokesign
120Down in the HoleTalkTalk to Koko Smokesign
121For My Next TrickDefeat and Collect + TalkDefeat Shadow-Web Haunts and Collect Wand / Talk to Koko Smokesign
122Making a MaskDefeat and Collect x2 + TalkDefeat Gorilla Spider Witches and Collect 3 Hats / Collect 4 Gazania Flowers / Talk to Koko Smokesign
123The Witch DoctorTalkTalk to Umlilo Sunchaser
124Shrimp and Algae!Defeat x3 + TalkDefeat 3 Blackback Soldiers / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser
125Caged FolliesFree x4 + TalkFree – Flamingo Prisoner x4 / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser
126What Is This Burning?Defeat + Collect + TalkDefeat Zalakir Nightweaver / Collect Eternal Flame / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser
127Ship of TearsExplore + Defeat + Talk + Destroy + TalkGo to Elephant Barge / Defeat Aksil Blacktrunk / Talk to Aksil Blacktrunk / Destroy Ship Boiler / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser
128Kingdom of the BlindTalkTalk to Koko Smokesign
129Shango’s SwordsDefeat + Talk x2 + Defeat + TalkDefeat Oya Bloodstorm / Talk to Oya Bloodstorm / Defeat Goliath Ranzan / Talk to Koko Smokesign
130Cutting Through the MistDefeat + TalkDefeat Ghadir Dreamdrinker / Talk to Koko Smokesign
131Spider BridgeDefeat and Collect + Talk x2Defeat Blackback Soldiers and Collect Wooden Spoon / Talk to Umlilo Sunchaser / Talk to Koko Smokesign
132Knockin on Kallah’s DoorDefeat + TalkDefeat Kallah Silverback / Talk to Koko Smokesign

Elephant Graveyard

Zafaria quest tree
133I Can See Clearly NowFix + TalkFix Elephant Pedestal / Talk to Queen Elissa
134Drum HouseDefeat + Collect + TalkDefeat 2 Grey Ogre Spiders / Collect 4 Drums / Talk to Queen Elissa
135Drum CircleTalkTalk to Queen Elissa
136Pure WaterDefeat and Collect + Collect + TalkDefeat Shadow Web Wraiths and Collect 3 Peppers / Collect 3 Flowers / Talk to Queen Elissa
137Pool CleaningPurify + TalkPurify Hot and Cold Sacred Springs / Talk to Queen Elissa
138Drum BeatCollect + Use + TalkCollect 4 Blood Lily Flowers / Use 2 Braziers / Talk to Queen Elissa
139Opening BeatUse + TalkUse Grave Marker / Talk to Queen Elissa
140Tomb RaidersFind + Defeat and Collect x4 + TalkFind Ada Razorwhip / Defeat Ada Razorwhip and Collect Elissa’s Bracelets / Find Murat Greyeyes / Defeat Murat Greyeyes and Collect Elissa’s Robes / Find Gherruld / Defeat Gherruld and Collect Elissa’s Ring / Find Dhakir Bloodthorn / Defeat Dhakir Bloodthorn and Collect Elissa’s Tusk Ornaments / Talk to Queen Elissa
141Tomb Sweet TombTalkTalk to Vir Goodheart
142You Think You Can DrumTalk+ Master + TalkTalk to Queen Elissa / Master the Drum Puzzle / Talk to Queen Elissa
143Spin Me Right RoundTalk + Defeat + Place x4 + Explore + Defeat + TalkTalk to Queen Elissa / Defeat 2 Shadow-Web Wraiths / Place thing on Pedestal x4 / Go to next chamber / Defeat 2 Shadow-Web Haunts / Talk to Prince Tiziri
144When Elephants CryTalk x2 + TalkTalk to Prince Tiziri Silvertusk / Talk to Queen Elissa / Talk to Prince Tiziri Silvertusk
145Formerly Known AsTalkTalk to Prince Tiziri Silvertusk
146Tomb Sweet TombTalkTalk to Vir Goodheart in Baobab Crown
147Tree of WoeTalk x3Talk to Unathi Nightrunner / Talk to Kakenya Brokenfang / Talk to Inyanga Whitestripes
148Heart of DarknessLight + TalkLight Candles / Talk to Inyanga

Mirror Lake

149Chasing ShadowsDefeat + TalkDefeat Morganthe / Talk to Inyanga
150Wizard in the MirrorExplore + Talk + Defeat + Explore + Talk+ Defeat x4 + Stop + Follow + Explore + Defeat + Enter + Defeat Explore Bottom of the Lake / Talk to Tse-Tse Snaketail / Defeat Tse-Tse Snaketail / Go to Mountain Path / Talk to Morganthe in Shining Mountain / Defeat Spectral Guardians: Elephant Spectral Guardian, Zebra Spectral Guardian, Lion Spectral Guardian, and Gorilla Spectral Guardian / Stop Morganthe/ Follow Morganthe / Go to Bottom of the Lake in Mirror Lake / Defeat Goliath Bruisers / Enter Raised Tower / Defeat Starburst Spiders
151Through Glass, DarklyTalkTalk to Merle Ambrose in The Commons

This was Zafaria quest tree for the main quest line

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