Wizard101 Mr. Montgomery Cheats & Drops Guide

In the enigmatic world of “Wizard101,” the battle against Mr. Montgomery in Doom Moon stands as a unique challenge for players. As a Rank 23 Storm Boss with 14,165 health, Mr. Montgomery is not just a formidable opponent but also a gatekeeper to valuable rewards such as the new circle decks from the new Dream Reaver gear that was released with the new Wallaru update. Understanding his battle mechanics is crucial for any wizard aiming for success.

  • Mr. Montgomery appears in the quests “Bam, Zoom, to the Doom” and “The Man on the Moon is the Engineer.”
  • Badge and Loot Table Access: Farming Mr. Montgomery is important for obtaining a specific badge, which grants access to a loot table in Hope Springs. This table is crucial for crafting with the pity reagent.
  • Mr. Montgomery is one of 4 battles in Wallaru that drop the new Dream Reaver Gear [Lvl 170+], other battles are Freddie Kroaker, Invading Fleet, and Crash the Bandit Coot.
NameMr. Montgomery
LocationNovus > Doom Moon > Engineering
DropsDecks with Circle sockets, Power Pins, and Square Jewels particularly Health jewels.
Mr. Montgomery

Mr. Montgomery’s Key Battle Features:

  • Cheats: Mr. Montgomery is known for his specific round-based cheats, including casting Stormblade in the early rounds and a 6 Pip Tempest towards the end of each round.
  • Self-Defeat Mechanism: In a surprising twist, if not defeated by players, Mr. Montgomery casts a 100% max Health Damage version of Sacrifice on himself at the end of Round 5.
  • Allies: His minion, the Doom Trooper, adds an extra layer of complexity to the fight.
Mr. Montgomery Dungeon Farming

Rewards and Farming Strategy

Victory against Mr. Montgomery is rewarding, both in terms of in-game progression and item acquisition. His drops are particularly valuable for players looking to enhance their strategic capabilities in “Wizard101.”

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Notable Drops:

  • Decks with Circle Sockets: These are highly coveted for their tactical benefits, especially for players with perfect power pips.
  • Square Jewels: Essential for boosting health stats, these jewels are invaluable in raids and advanced combat scenarios.
  • Victory against Mr. Montgomery is not just a matter of pride; it comes with tangible rewards. As the boss of this battle, all drops are recorded on his page. Notably, he drops decks with Circle sockets, highly sought after for their strategic value. Additionally, he offers Square Jewels, crucial for boosting health stats – a significant advantage in raids and advanced combat.

Farming Tips:

  • Prioritize Mr. Montgomery: Given the value of his drops, he should be a top priority for farming.
  • Efficient Farming: Recent changes in the game suggest that farming Mr. Montgomery might become more challenging. It’s advisable to focus on him before these changes make the battle more time-consuming.
  • Use of Decathlon Deck: For players who have access to it, the Decathlon deck is recommended for its two-pip access, which simplifies the fight.
  • Farming Objective: The main reason to farm this boss is to get badge completions and drops like decks and jewels. The health jewels dropped by Mr. Montgomery are particularly recommended for all builds.

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