A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

wizard101 fishing
Lucky Hookline

Go Fish

Ready to take a break from the daily grind? With a little help from Lucky Hookline in the Commons, Wizards can learn the skill of fishing–a relaxing elective with potential for great rewards!

Once you reach level 7, you are able to begin the quest A River Runs Through It. Lucky will give you a lesser frost lure to use after this interaction. With bait in hand, your task now is to catch two types of fish: a Frost Dekoi and an Icecuda.

wizard101 fishing
Frost Dekoi (Right) and Icecuda (Left)

Let’s Get Fishing

To complete A River Runs Through It, you can cast your lesser frost lure in the main pond of The Commons, or you can cast in the smaller pond areas next to the entrance to the pet pavilion.

wizard101 fishing
The Commons Main Pond (Left), The Commons Side Pond–Near Pet Pavilion (Right)

If you cast far from a fish, don’t worry! Fortunately, you are only using energy when you secure a fish. When you successfully catch one, your energy depletes by 3. If the fish on your lure happens to get away, you only lose 1 energy

You are able to catch fish from other schools with your selected lure, however, you are more likely to catch a fish from the same school casted. 

Similar to monstrology, you are able to keep track of the collected creatures via a tome–the Angler’s Tome. This can be very useful if you are looking for certain aesthetics in your fish tanks. 

wizard101 fishing
Angler’s Tome, Spellbook 

In addition to letting you see the fish you’ve acquired, the tome also stores helpful information to aid in your fishing journey. Within the tome, you can find: the location(s) of the fish, school, needed aquarium size, total amount of the fish type caught, fish rank, amount of small fries caught, amount of whoppers caught, smallest size fish caught, and the largest size fish caught.

wizard101 fishing

Casting a Lure

Whenever you are near a water source with fish, you will notice a tab appear near the bottom left of your screen. This tab is similar to the ones seen in gardening and home decorating. From here, you are able to select a lure and cast toward the shadow of a fish. Make sure to cast in front of the fish silhouette, or you may be waiting a while for another fish to notice it.

wizard101 fishing
Lure Above Surface (Left), Lure Below Surface (Right)

Once in front of the fish, you will want to wait until the orb moves below the surface of the water. There is a difference in sound from a sunken orb versus a fish nibbling on it. Once the fish sinks the orb, you will want to press the invoke spell option at the bottom of your screen. 

wizard101 fishing

If you cast too far from a fish, you can always press the cancel spell option at the bottom of your screen for no energy loss.

The Benefits

wizard101 fishing

If you are looking to relax within the spiral, fishing is a great past-time. Patience is definitely key, though you have potential to bring up great rewards beyond fish! Submerged Chests can be found throughout various worlds, increasing in reward as you move about the Spiral. Chests can include gold, treasure cards, housing items, plant seeds, and reagents!

If you decide you don’t want to keep your fish in tanks, you can always sell them back at Lucky for gold! The selling of caught fish functions like any other vendor within the Spiral. Depending on how much you fish, you have potential to rack up a pretty penny!

wizard101 fishing
Selling Window for Lucky Hookline
wizard101 fishing

Fishing Events

At Lucky, you can keep track of your current quest with him, sell your fish, or take part in some special events. Certain fish offer mold gold depending on the day of the week. Be sure to check in to take advantage of the offer!In addition, there are tournament fish that offer special rewards when you place high.

wizard101 fishing
Example of Today’s Catch of the Day and This Week’s Tournament Fish 

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The Fishing Journey

wizard101 fishing

Once you’ve finished fishing in The Commons, you are well on your way with Lucky. From here, he will take you to other areas of Wizard City and allow you to train new lures from him. Spells from Lucky can be trained for 1000 Gold at Rank 1.

When you finish up with Lucky, you will be sent to Northguard to meet Haarek Silverscale. You can embark on the quest New Fishing Buddy from here, allowing you to learn new fishing spells and catch new creatures! 

As you start to fish, remember to not get frustrated. Fishing takes time, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be casting like a pro. Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

Happy Questing,

Megan Fireheart

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