New! Aquila Hoard Pack

aquila hoard pack

Wizard101 has once again come out with a new hoard pack. It’s called Aquila Hoard Pack!! As the name gives it out, it’s an Aquilan-themed pack. This means we’re gonna see Greek/Roman-themed items in the pack. This includes the gear obviously, as well as new mounts, housing items, pets, etc.

What’s inside the Aquila Hoard Pack?

The Aquila Hoard Pack is a hoard pack as the name suggests. Thus, it means that we’d be purchasing this pack mostly for the mounts. You have the chance to get three elephant mounts in this new pack, all of which are two-seater. You get three new Gorgon Amor Gear sets, which are the: Gorgon Hunter’s Gear, Gorgon Slayer’s Gear, and Gorgonbane’s Gear. We also got some cool reagents, which I’d discuss later on.


Gorgon Hunter’s Xiphos, Gorgo Slayer’s Xiphos, Gorgonsbane Xiphos


Gorgon Hunter’s Armor, Gorgon Slayer’s Armor, Gorgonsbane Armor


Gorgon Hunter’s Helm, Gorgon Slayer’s Helm, Gorgonsbane Helm


Gorgon Hunter’s Shoes, Gorgon Slayer’s Sandals, Gorgonsbane Sandals


Malefic Strix, Ominous Strix, Sinister Strix

aquila hoard pack

The positive thing I could say about the gear is that it isn’t school-based. Anyone can wear it. It does have a decent amount of damage and resistance, so if you’re looking for specifically that, this would be good for you. Also, it’s pretty decent looking for a stitch. I love that the wand resembles a candy stick.

However, I don’t recommend high-level players to get this pack. This seems better for beginner wizards with the spells that come with the gear. Especially for Myth, Storm, Ice, Fire, or Balance wizards. Most of these spells you acquire much later on in the game, so having it at an early stage would be a huge help, as well as a flex. You won’t get as much damage or resistance as shown in the pics, but you would get a lot. You also get stunned to resist, and everyone knows how annoying it is to be stunned in battle.

The mount is gorgeous, and it comes in three different colors. It’s a two-passenger mount. I like that you have the option of riding the elephants in-game, since doing so in real life is quite harmful to them, and can lead to permanent damage.

Reagents and Gardening

We do get some worthwhile reagents such as titanium, sunstone, and fossil. These reagents are rare, and it’s so annoying to farm for at times

There’s a new reagent that was released in the Aquila hoard pack called Shark Tooth. No one knows what it’s for, it’s an entire mystery in the Wiz community. There are some speculations that it may be used to craft an unreleased House Gauntlet. We need to wait and see what KI releases next. To my knowledge, this is the first time Wizard101 has released an unknown reagent in the game. If I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments. But I am excited to see what this reagent is for.

Treasure Cards and Pet Snacks

As usual, no mega pet snacks from packs. I await the day when we can get those snacks from a hoard or lore pack. It’s wishful thinking, but little things like this would increase sales of the packs. We got some cool treasure cards such as deadly minotaur and Yellow Troll. This made me a bit upset because we can’t even use that card for PVP anymore.

Housing Items

The housing items from this pack are basic. However, there do seem to be a few new ones. Well at least new to me. These are some of them:

  • Atlantean Arch
  • Atlantea Grand Monument
  • Copper Urn
  • Crucible Banquet Table
  • Dragonspyre Tan Wall Tile
  • Ember Stone of Tartarus
  • Grand Statue of Zeus
  • Hades the Unseen Mural
  • Medium Pillar
  • Nine Fathoms Pedastal
  • Olympian Herb
  • Short Column
  • Standing Brazier
  • Underworld Brazier
  • Upright Brazier

The Aquila Hoard Pack does have a few memorable and unique items.

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