Celestian Spellemental Pack, What’s Inside?

Do you want new spells? Especially cool-looking Celestian themed ones? Then the Celestian Spellemental Pack is for you! This hoard pack gives 7 items and costs only 399 crowns in the shop. You get FOUR NEW spells from this pack that’s unlocked via Spellements, as well as some cute pets and awesome-looking gear in which you can stitch.

Each spell costs 35 spellements to unlock. You have the chance of acquiring the entire spell from one pack, or you may have to open multiple packs to get it. These spells cannot be farmed for and only drops from this pack and the Deluxe Spellement Pack.

Other items the pack drops are gear items that can be used at any level, as well as pets.

wizard101 Celestian Spellements Pack

Celestian Spellemental Pack Spells

Spellements register to your bag pack as reagents. Meaning, you can open these packs on any character you prefer to, then transfer to another character if necessary. This only works if you have not unlocked the spellement on said character. Once this is done, it is now a spell and it would not be able to transfer.

Celestian Spellemental Pack Gear

If you want the gear from this pack, it is advised to always open it on the character you want to use it on, as it can be used at any level. The Celestian Spellemental Pack drops Celestian Neon Gear, Celestian Photon Gear, Celestian Xenon Gear, and Axes.


Celestian Neon Mask, Celestian Photon Mask, Celestian Xenon Mask


Celestian Neon Cape, Celestian Photon Cape, Celestian Xenon Cape


Celestian Neon Stirders, Celestian Photon Stirders, Celestian Xenon Stirders

The hats, robes, and boots all give an attack spell. It costs X pips. However, this is useless to schools that the spell does not belong to. It would be wasting pips using them for an attack. They do make a great stitch though.


Celestian Neon Axe, Celestian Photon Axe, Celestian Xenon Axe

These wands are great for PVP as they have both pierce and maycast. No pips would be used up, and it would still cause damage to your opponent.

Just as the fossil wands have great maycast, it would work better for PVE, due to the fact that it does not have pierce but critical rating. Whereas, these wands are one of the best for PVP. Everyone has resist, so getting the most amount of pierce for PVP is crucial.


Feral Zorphie, Ravenous Zorphie, Vicious Zorphie

wizard101 Celestian Spellements Pack!

Housing Items

The housing items dropped from the Celestian Spellemental Pack would be Celestian themed as this is the world the pack is based on.

  • Celestia Combat Theme
  • Celestia Finale Theme
  • Celestian Cube Sculpture
  • Celestian Device
  • Celestian Hut
  • Celestian Lamp
  • Chariot Painting
  • Crab Painting
  • Fountain Painting
  • Galactic Water Spout
  • Galleon Painting
  • Galvanic Tower
  • Hound Painting
  • Island Gazebo
  • Kraken Painting
  • Loom Painting
  • Messenger Painting
  • Naval Supply Crate
  • Orrery
  • Phoenix Painting
  • Serpent Painting
  • Stag Painting
  • Warden Painting
  • Water Mole Supplies
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Zoa Coral

Treasure Cards

Some of the treasure cards dropped from this pack can be useful, such as cleanse charm and cleanse ward. The spells that you acquire from this pack via spellements are also dropped in TC version. However, there is nothing you can do with these cards but sell or use them. There aren’t any vendors selling recipes to craft these spells, so they are extremely rare.


There is a variety of reagents in the celestian spellemental pack that wizards would appreciate if they get it, as a few of them are usually hard to come by, or very expensive.

Seeds & Snacks

The celestian spellemental pack drops a lot of seeds and pet snacks. None of them are really worth keeping, except for the sunions but they would come in handy for some extra gold when sold.

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