New Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack. What’s Inside?

Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

The Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack is the newest pack released in the crown shop. This pack was released in July 2021 along with the new Summer update. It costs 399 crowns, and you have the chance to acquire three new spells via spellements. Along with, three new raccoon pets, ranger themed gear, housing items, and much more.

Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack Spellements

The Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack drop three NEW spells that are exclusive to this pack only. Even though spellements are annoying at times, the beauty about it is that it works as a reagent. Meaning, you can transfer the spells to any character you want. It takes 35 spellements to update any of these new spells. They’re called Beary Surprise, Camp Bandit, and Splashsquatch. They belong to the Storm, Life, and Myth School. You cannot learn the spell, but get it via spellements, so it is pretty confusing with the name KI chose. It should have been called Ravenwood Rangers Spellemental Pack.

Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack Gear

If you want the gear from this pack, it is advised to open it on the character you may want to use it on. However, if you just want it for the stitch, any character is fine. It can be used at any level. This pack drops the Able Ranger’s Gear, Adventurous Ranger’s Gear, Intrepid Ranger’s Gear, and Wayfinder.


Able Ranger’s Hat, Adventurous Ranger’s Hat, Intrepid Ranger’s Hat


Able Ranger’s Boots, Adventurous Ranger’s Boots, Intrepid Ranger’s Boots


Able Ranger’s Uniform, Adventurous Ranger’s Uniform, Intrepid Ranger’s Uniform


Able Ranger’s Wayfinder, Adventurous Ranger’s Wayfinder, Intrepid Ranger’s Wayfinder

While the gear in the Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack is unique and cool looking, I don’t think it’s worth it. The stats on the gear are pretty mediocre, especially for a max level wizard. However, this would make a great stitch, especially the wand. The setup really has you looking like an entire park ranger.


Able Racoon, Adventurous Racoon, Intrepid Racoon

Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack

This pet is cute, but it would only benefit low level wizards. Especially the Strong & Polymorph Spell Card. It takes a while to train for a blade, and other spell cards when you’re a baby wizard. You also don’t have many coins either. This would definitely come in handy at low levels.

Housing Items

As the Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack is fairly new, and haven’t been in the crown shop for a week yet, we haven’t been able to get every housing item from the list. We would however update accordingly. Thus far, the housing items aren’t impressive, and it’s as if KI dumped every possible Wizard City theme scroll in this pack.

  • Beastmoon Hut
  • Cherry Blossom Tree
  • Drinking Horn
  • Giant Crystal
  • Graduation Theme
  • Krokotopia Camping Tent
  • New Golem Tower Theme
  • New Wizard City Haunted Theme
  • New Wizard City Theme 2
  • New Wizard City Theme 3
  • Olympion Herb
  • Pilgrim’s Campfire
  • Talking Drum
  • Tip of the Polarian Iceberg
  • Wizard City Carousal Theme 2
  • Wizard City Ravenwood Theme
  • Wizard City Shop Theme
  • Wizard City Theme 1
  • Wizard City Theme 2
  • Wizard City Theme 3
  • Wizard101 Theme

Treasure Cards and Reagents

The treasure cards aren’t any rare cards, you can get them in the bazaar or from a vendor throughout the spiral. If you’re lucky, you will get one of the Lore Spells TC. As always, getting reagents are never a waste of time. It’s always something one should keep, because someday, it will come in handy.

Pet Snacks and Seeds

The snacks dropped from this pack aren’t completely useless. Some of them can be used in crafting recipes. There are a few seeds wizards would love, such as sunions, and ivy leagues.

Overall, this is not an impressive pack. I’m positive that KI would not have made any money on the Ravenwood Rangers Lore Pack if they weren’t any spells in it. I’d rate this pack 5/10.

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