Wizard101 Wallaru Badges Required for Crafting [Guide]

looking to obtain the new Wallaru Badges? Unlock the full potential of your crafting abilities in the new Wallaru world in wizard101 by acquiring four pivotal badges that were introduced with the release of the new world Wallaru. Each badge is key to unlocking exclusive crafting recipes, enabling you to craft powerful gear ( Dream Reaver Gear ) and jewels. This guide combines all the detailed information from more than one source to help you in your quest for these badges.

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Wallaru Badges

There are four main badges that you have to obtain in order to be able to craft any gear or jewel from bingo in Hall of Springs in Wallaru, to obtain each badge you’re required to defeat certain bosses in Wallaru for a certain number of times.

Freddie Player Won Badge

Wallaru Badges
Badge nameFreddie Player Won 
ObjectiveDefeat Freddy Kroaker 10 times.
LocationFreddy is located at the end of the Dreaming in Freddie’s domain, in Wallaru
Rewards for Defeating FreddyRings, Circle Jewels (including Pierce and Damage Jewels), Shield Pins, and Dream Water.
  1. Freddy’s Chromatic Dispel: He uses a school-specific dispel every two rounds.
  2. Primary Strategy: Use scald and incendiary spells, particularly effective with two fire school players.
  3. Alternative Approach: For those without incendiary, blade up the last player for an AOE attack in round two.
  4. Farming Efficiency: Freddy is a good source for badges, gear, and Dream Water.

Defeated The Whole Spiral Badge

Wallaru Badges
Badge nameDefeated The Whole Spiral
ObjectiveDefeating the invading fleet 15 times. ( last battle of Wallaru )
LocationThis is part of the ship combat in Wallaru, combining elements of Pirate101 and Wizard101.
Rewards for Defeating Invading FleetAthames, Triangle and Tear Socket Jewels, Power Pins.
  1. Doom Moon Mechanic: Utilizes the Doom Moon, which supports players by shooting beams at enemies when specific school-based conditions are met (e.g., four traps for Mandar, four shields for Ice).
  2. Link Spell: Emphasized for setting up two conditions at once (Life and Fire), aiding in quickly completing the fight.
  3. Cheese Strategies: Includes using stun blocks and elemental traps to trigger multiple gambits for the Doom Moon’s attack.
  4. Versatility: The fight allows for various approaches to activate the Doom Moon and efficiently handle enemy ships.

Does Have The Power Badge

Wallaru Badges
Badge nameDoes Have The Power
Objective Defeating Engineer Mr Montgomery 10 times
LocationNovus > Doom Moon > Engineering
Rewards for Defeating Mr Mont.Decks with Circle Sockets, Square Jewels (especially Health Jewels), Sword Pins.
  1. Bypassing Dungeon Fights: Players can skip initial fights by walking around enemies to directly engage Mr. Montgomery.
  2. Nerfed Boss Mechanics: Mr. Montgomery has been significantly nerfed, losing his immunity cheat, which simplifies the battle.
  3. Recommended Strategy: Using Scald and Incendiary spells is suggested for a quick finish, with alternatives available if these spells aren’t accessible.
  4. Focus on Badge Completion: The primary goal is defeating Mr. Montgomery for badge completions rather than completing the entire dungeon.
  5. Valuable Drops: Mr. Montgomery is a key source for decks and Health Jewels, making him a crucial target for farming.

Crashed and Earned Badge

Wallaru Badges
Badge nameCrashed and Earned 
ObjectiveDefeating crash the bandit coot 20 times.
LocationWallaru > Wobbegong Territory > Crash’s Cave
Rewards for Defeating Mr Mont.Amulets, Socket Wrenches, Sword Pins, Dream Water
  • One-Round Strategy: Crash can typically be defeated in one round, though it may extend to two rounds depending on player capabilities.
  • Recommended Spells: The Scald and Incendiary spells are suggested for quick completion, with alternatives for players without these spells.
  • Alternative Approach: For team-ups, using triple faints followed by an AOE attack is effective, especially for Storm players with their powerful AOE spells.
  • Valuable Drops: Crash is a notable source of socket wrenches and Dream Water, making him a crucial target for farming.

  1. Check Badge Progress: Regularly monitor your progress in the “wallaru badges” section.
  2. Crafting with Badges: Once you earn these badges, visit Bingo to start crafting the unlocked gear.
  3. Efficient Farming: Develop efficient strategies for each boss to maximize your badge earning rate.
  4. Utilize Rewards: Use the gear, jewels, and pins obtained from these bosses to enhance your gameplay.

By following this detailed guide, you’ll be well-equipped to earn these four crucial badges in Wizard 101, unlocking a world of crafting possibilities and significantly boosting your gameplay experience.

Make sure to check the full Wallau Quest tree to track your progress while questing in Wallaru and find details on how to defeat the other bosses!

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