Wizard101 How to Defeat Puzzle Piece Monster ( Guide )

Puzzle Piece Monster? It’s that time again with Wizard101 when a new world has been released. The name of this new world is ‘Novus’ and wizards are once again extremely excited to see what this new world has to offer as you would expect, yes, there is a lot of hype surrounding this new world.

In terms of difficulty, wizards have split opinions on whether they find the new world a bearable task or a daunting one. Some wizards believe that the new world is too difficult for them to enjoy questing through it and some others believe that the new world is exciting and presents them with an interesting challenge that is different from their previous ones playing the game.

We are going to explore some aspects of this new world which have generated the most hype and dissect it so wizards can have a fair understanding of what to expect as well as recommended strategies for navigating through the new world:

Puzzle Piece Monster W101

This leads us to our main focus for today which is the solo boss, ‘Puzzle Piece Monster’. This new boss from the Novus world is located in the ‘Puzzle Piece Dungeon’ and is notorious among wizards exploring the new world, due to the fact that many wizards have trouble getting past it. There are two main reasons why this boss fight is so difficult the first reason being that this fight is a solo fight and the other reason being that the boss spams extremely annoying cheats.

Solving the Puzzle

To get to the Puzzle Piece Monster, you have to first solve a puzzle after entering the Puzzle Piece Dungeon. Upon entering the dungeon, you will see some weird-looking staircases. To progress further, you will have to keep advancing upwards and entering through doors until you arrive at the front of some doors which have dotted markings on them.

At that point, you need to solve a puzzle in order to spawn the puzzle piece monster. After approaching the marked doors, you will receive a message from ‘Ponce de Gibbon’, which is a familiar monkey from the world of Azteca, telling you that there are numbers on the doors, and you need to select the right door to continue. The monkey also implies that the numbers on the doors are clues. To find the correct door, you need to pick the ‘odd one out’ meaning the door which does not follow the same pattern as the other marked doors. It will most likely be one door having an even number marking on it and all others having odd number markings. Here is an image of the marked doors:

After picking the right door, the boss will then spawn. This is what the boss looks like:

Puzzle Piece Monster

  • Rank: 22 Boss
  • Health: 14,590
  • School: Moon & Death
  • The boss has 50% resistance to all schools and 14% piecer Armor to all schools.

The Puzzle Piece monster uses enough cheats to piss any wizard off. It casts random dispels which affect every school and it also spams virulent plague. which is more than enough to throw you off your game if you are not prepared. Barely any school is safe against this boss as he even casts balance dispels when he is not casting a Tripple Dispel.

Although the weakness is not part of the boss’ cheat, it is almost as frustrating as the dispels. The good news is, as long as you prepare your deck for this boss in advance, there is not much to worry about.

Deck Setup for Puzzle Piece Monster

The spells you are going to pack in your deck are spells to counter the cheats used by the Boss, therefore preventing him from weakening your attacks and dispelling them all together, and then a few power-ups and strong hits to finish him off.

For the dispel cheat, you will need to pack some blades which are the same school as what you would want your strong attack to be. For example; if you would want to attack the boss using a ‘King Artorius, Storm spell, you will need to carry some storm blades in order to take the storm dispels off you and still have enough left for a decent power-up.

Concerning the other obstacle from the boss, which is the weakness casting, you will have to carry either some Empower treasure cards so that each time you need to remove the weakness, the Empower spell will not only inflict less damage on you because of the weakness but also give you an extra pip in the process, or Dark Pact treasure cards for acquiring an extra blade buff in the process of removing weaknesses, therefore turning your disadvantage into an advantage. Both these spells will help you speed up the battle in one way or another.

wizard101 death spells Dark Pact

Besides just countering the boss’s cheats, you will still need an effective strategy to actually defeat the boss. It is recommended that you pack some feints in order to stack them on the boss to score high damage hit very early in the match, as the battle would just get more annoying the longer it goes on and you may run out of spells. Frenzy is another useful spell for scoring a big hit on the boss but because of the negative side effect of the spell, you almost always have to end the battle soon after using it.

Even if you are prepared for the boss fight in terms of deck building, you still need to know which turns and how often the boss chooses to cast his cheats in order for your strategy to be effective against him. The boss repeats his cheats in this exact cycle:

  • On the first turn, the boss will cast a moon blade on itself.
  • On the second turn, the boss will cast a moon trap on you, the wizard.
  • On the third turn, the boss will cast either; Elemental Defuse, Spirit Defuse, or an Unbalance spell.

After casting the dispel the next cheat (on the next turn) would be a moon blade which is a restart of the cycle. Tho boss’ moon blades and moon traps actually come in handy as he uses a ‘Shift Sugar Glider’ spell which can cause up to over 1200 damage due to his 90% damage boost.

Besides cheats, this boss uses a high-damage moon spell which does 1000 damage! The name of the spell is ‘Shift Chaney’, which is another reason why you would want to end the battle early.

So, to put it into a simpler form, after making sure that you have countered the Puzzle Piece Monster’s cheats and hacks effectively, the other part of your strategy would be just the same as fighting an ordinary boss with high health points that do not cast cheats.

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