Wizard101 Wallaru Quest Tree ( With Details! )

This Guide is made to help you while questing in Wallaru, We made this Wallaru quest tree to help track your progress in Wallaru while questing. Below you will find that we divided the quests into blocks each block represents one quest and every few blocks represent a quest line in one area and all blocks represent Wallaru main quest line.

You will find that nearly everything is clickable ( Soon ) , Areas and locations are clickable to help you find where you are at. NPCs and Creatures are also clickable. in case you missed a quest or can’t find your main quest you can always come back here. you can also track the progress of your questing and check how many quests are left in Wallaru or each area until you finish. you can also check which bosses or creatures you expect to fight while questing.

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Wallaru Main Quest Line


#QuestSummaryDetailed Goal
1Das Day AfternoonTalk + Interact + ExploreDefeat ( Solo ) ExploreTalkTalk to Sandiago in the Arcanum / Take Cuttings / Go to Sybil’s Memory / Defeat The Paradox / Go to the Arcanum / Talk to Zander
2The Quest For Dirt! Explore + Interact + TalkGo to World Door ( Novus ) / Collect Dirt / Talk to Zander
3Walla-Me-And-YouTalk + Talk + Explore + TalkTalk to Ione Virga / Talk to Sandiago / Follow Sandiago in Hope Springs / Talk to Sandiago

Hope Springs

4GateKeepers Galorex3 Explore + Defeat + 
Explore + Talk
Go to Outback Gate in Wallaru ( Hope of Springs ) / Go to Prime Minister’s Office / Go to Monquistan Embassy / Defeat Huntsman Spider / Go to Prime Minister’s Office / Talk to Minister’s Aide
5Woop Woop Workaroundx2 TalkTalk to Opal Bilburrow in Hope of Springs / Talk to Krokodile DunDara
6Desperate Times, Desperate DingoesExplore + Defeat + Explore + Defeat
Explore + Boss Talk
Go to Local Shops in Hope of Springs / Go to Outback Stake House / Defeat Dingo Bandit / Go to Herb’s Food-N-Stuff / Defeat Dingo Bandit / Go to Bing, Bang, Boomerang / Defeat Matilda Collie / Talk to Krokodile DunDara
7Another Day, Another Ambushx2 Explore 
+ Defeat + Talk
Go to Krokodille-DunDara’s Alley / Defeat Kangaroo Bushwacker / Talk to Krokodile Dundara
8The Only Way Out is Under + A Tun of Tunnel Trouble ( Instance ) Talk+ Explore  +  Defeat + Explore 
DefeatExplore + DefeatTalk
Talk to Sandiago in Hope of Springs / Go to Krokodile Dundara’s Secret Tunnel / Defeat Goanna / Explore Krokodile Dundara’s Tunnel / Defeat Kangaroo BushWhacker / Explore Krokodile Dundara’s Tunnel / Defeat Goanna / Exit Tunnel in Kingsland / Talk to Krokodile Dundara in Kingsland
9 Wrong Place, Wrong ShrineExplore + BossTalkGo to Kanga-guru Shrine / Defeat Zolomon / Talk to Kanga-Guru in Kingsland


10Deathly Dependents Defeat & Collect + TalkDefeat Kangaroo Bushwhacker & 3 Collect Divining Rods / Talk to Kanga-Guru in Kingsland
11The Outback steps IN + Two Rivals, One Mine ( Instance )Explore Defeat + Explore 
Explore + Boss+ x2 Talk
Go to Lost King’s Mine / Go to Next Chamber / Defeat Kangaroo Bushwhacker / Go to Next Chamber / Defeat Krokodile Hunter / Exit Lost King’s Mine / Talk to Kanga-Guru in Kingsland / Talk to Sandiago in Outback


12Out And WalkaboutDefeatTalkDefeat Emu Rider in Outback / Talk to Sandiago in Outback
13Stop and GoannaExplore + Defeat + TalkFollow Dundara’s Tracks in Outback / Defeat Goanna / Talk to EMU Rider
14Ride or CryExplore + Defeat + x2  Talk Enter Dusty Cave / Defeat EMU Rider / Talk to Krokodile Dundara / Talk to Sandiago in Outback
15What a Crock… Hunter Defeat & Collect + Interact + TalkDefeat EMU Rider and Collect Krok’s Staff / Use Water Pump / Talk to Sandiago
16The Great EMU Warrior + Little Big Man (Instance)Explore + Defeat Explore + Defeat 
Explore + Boss + x2 Talk
Locate The krok Hunter / Defeat Lord Very-Tall / Follow Wallabies / Defeat EMU Rider / Find Krok Hunter / Defeat Lord Very-Tall / Talk to Krokodile Hunter in Outback
17 I Dream of MeanieInteract + Boss (Solo) + Talk 
Explore + Talk
Rest by the Fire / Defeat Rage / Return to Camp / Talk to Sandiago / Follow Krokodile Dundara in Hope of Springs / Talk to Judge Hopner
18Up in The Sky, It’s a BirdExplore x3Follow EMU Rider
19Bank Run ( Instance Quest ) Boss + Explore + DefeatDefeat Furryosa / Go to Vault / Defeat Chris Collie
20Up in The Sky, It’s a Bird  Explore + Talk Go outside in Hope of Springs / Talk to Opal Bilburrow
21No New is Good NewsTalkTalk to Judge Hopner in Outback
22There And Outback AgainInteract + Explore + Defeat + Interact 
+x3 Explore  + Defeat + Talk
Destroy EMU Cannon / Follow EMU Rider in Outback / Defeat Punk Wallaby / Destroy EMU Cannon / Leave Clearing in Outback / Follow Voice / Find Person In Distress / Defeat Phett / Talk to Judge Hopner
23Hero of The Trails Explore + Explore + DefeatEnter Ridge Cave in Outback / Enter High Ridge / Defeat Arcane Tood
24Ridgy Didge ( Instance Quest )Defeat + Interact + x2 Explore + Defeat + Interact + Explore 
Explore + Boss
Defeat Punk Wallaby / Destroy EMU Cannon / Continue On / Defeat Air Rider / Destroy EMU Cannon / Find Freddie Kroaker / Defeat Arcane Toad
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25Hero of The Trails x2 Explore + TalkMeet Ned Collie in Outback / Go Outside / Talk to Sandiago
26The Way of The WombatTalk + Defeat + TalkTalk to Sandiago / Defeat Wombat / Talk to Sandiago
27Perchance to ScreamInteract + ExploreBoss (Solo) + TalkBegin Journey / Go to Dreamscape / Defeat Desperation / Talk to Sandiago in Wobbegong Territory
28Wobbegong With The WindExplore + Defeat + Talk + Explore 
Explore Region in Wobbegong Territory / Defeat 3 Wobbegong Shark / Talk to Judge Judi / Follow Judge Judi

Collie Ranch

Collie Ranch
29Didgeridoos And Don’ts Explore + Defeat  + TalkGo to Collie Tunnel in Collie Ranch / Defeat Thorn Devil / Talk to Judge Judi in Collie Ranch
30Mortal Wombat!  Defeat & Collect + TalkDefeat Combat Wombat / Talk to Judge Judi in Collie Ranch
31Good Golly, Ned Collie! Explore + DefeatGo to West Pasture, Defeat Ned Collie
32Wild West Pasture ( Instance Quest ) DefeatExplore + Defeat
Explore + Boss
Defeat Dingo Gaurd / Go to Next Field / Defeat Dingo Gaurd / Go to Next Field / Defeat Ned Collie
33Good Golly, Ned Collie!TalkTalk to Judge Judi in Collie Ranch
34Talk of The Townx4 TalkTalk to Chris Collie / Talk to Luke Collie / Talk to Liam Collie / Talk to Judge Judi / Talk to Sandiago in Wobbegong Territory

Wobbegong Territory

Wobbegong Territory
35Drove Me CrazyExplore + Defeat + TalkGo to Drover Cave in Wobbegong Territory / Defeat Kanga-Ranger / Talk to Judge Veg
36Funyips with BunyipsExplore + Talk + Interact +  Defeat & Collect + TalkFind Ned Collie in Wobbegong Territory / Talk to Judge Veg / Collect 2 Warrigal Greens / Defeat Bunyips and Collect 2 Bunyip Drool / Talk to Judge Veg
37Smoothie OperatorExplore Enter BunYip Warrens
38What Dreams May Bun (Instance)Defeat + Explore + BossDefeat Sam / Go to Next Room / Defeat Dream Freddie
39Smoothie OperatorInteract + TalkCollect Dream Water / Talk to Judge Veg
40Collie CollaredExplore + Boss + TalkGo to Ned Collie’s Den / Defeat Armored Ned Collie / Talk to Judge Veg
41Despairing is CaringInteract +Boss (Solo) + x2 Talk Rest at CampFire / Defeat Despair / Go to WobbeGong / Talk to Sandiago / Talk to Judge Veg

Collie Ranch

42Judging JudgesTalk + Talk + Explore 
Defeat + Interact + Talk
Talk to Judge Judi in Collie Ranch / Talk to Judge Veg / Enter Judge Judi’s Office in Collie Ranch / Defeat Cadet Judge / Collect Documents / Talk to Judge Veg
43Bombshell Report Explore Go to Demolition Tunnels
44Dirty Judges ( Instance Quest ) Explore + Defeat + Explore 
Defeat + Explore + Defeat
Go to the First Room / Defeat Zoning Judge Anderson / Go to Next Room / Defeat Interior Judge Grel / Go to Last Room / Defeat Economy Judge Decker
45Bombshell Report TalkTalk to Judge Veg
46Next At WombatDefeat & Collect + TalkDefeat Combat Wombat and Collect 3 Fur / Talk to Judge Veg
47Hems for all He’s Worth + War, What Is He Good For?Explore + Explore + Defeat + Explore + TalkGo to Prison Barn in Collie’s Ranch / Pass Through Metal Detector / Defeat War Judge Logan / Go outside Barn / Talk to Liam Collie
48Red Ned RedemptionInteract + x4 Explore + Defeat Disable Robot Gaurd in Collie Ranch / Disable Shutter Near Fuse Box / Meet Ned / Enter Collie Homestead / Defeat Judge Judi
49You can Go Home Again ( Instance Quest ) Defeat + Explore + Defeat
Explore + Boss
Defeat Judge Harriman / Go to Next Room / Defeat Judge Goodman / Go to Next Room / Defeat Judge Judi
50Red Ned Redemption Explore + TalkFollow Ned Outside / Talk to Ned Collie In Wobbgong Territory /
51The Little Prince Explore + Boss + Explore 
Talk + Talk
Go to Hostage Cave / Defeat Luigi Di Mario / Go Outside / Talk to Joan Locke in Eucalyptus Forest

Eucalyptus Forest

52Drop Bear Gorgeous Explore + Defeat + TalkLook for Drovers / Defeat Drop Bear in Eucalyptus Forest / Talk to Morp
53Mighty Drover Kanga-RangersExplore + Talk + Explore + Defeat 
Explore + Defeat Explore 
Defeat Talk + Talk
Follow Morp in Eucalyptus Forest / Talk to Ranger Jack / Enter First Clearing / Defeat Night Rider / Enter Second Clearing / Defeat Goth Wallaby / Enter Third Clearning / Defeat Drop Bear / Talk to Ranger Jack / Talk to Morp in Eucalyptus Forest
54DreamWalking, DreamTalkingDefeat & Collect + Explore + Talk + TalkDefeat Drop Bear and Collect Drop Bear in Eucalyptus Forest / Go to Camp / Talk to Joah Locke in Wobbegong Territory / Talk to Joah Locke in Billabong Resort

Billabong Resort

55Thrills And BillsTalk + Talk + Defeat + TalkTalk to Hostess in Billabong Resort (x2) / Defeat 2 Phantasmanian Devil / Talk to Hostess
56Not-So-Jolly Rozzerx2 Talk + x2 Interact 
Explore + Defeat + Talk + x 3 Interact  + Explore + Defeat + Talk
Talk to Superior Judge Razzer in Billabong Resort / Talk to Judge Nelson / Install Barricades / Enter Solid Gold Lounge in Hope of Springs / Defeat Gold Class Guest / Talk to Judge Lawless / Place water in Billabong Resort / Go to Admin Offices / Defeat Phantasmanian Devil / Talk to Superior Judge
57Paranoia Activity Interact + Boss (Solo) + TalkUse CampFire / Go to Dreamscapre / Defeat Paranoia in Nucleus Gallery / Go to Resort / Talk to Joan Locke in Billabong Resort
58The Great Explo-Dition Talk + ExploreTalk to Superior Judge Rozzer / Enter Lagoon Pipline
59Creatures From Billabong Lagoons (Instance)Explore + Defeat + Explore + Defeat 
Explore + Boss
Go to Next Room / Defeat Drop Bear / Go to Next Room / Defeat Phantasmanian Devil / Go to Next Room / Defeat Tiddalik / Use Valve
60The Great Explo-DitionInteract + TalkTalk to Joan Locke
61The Key To LockeTalk + Explore + TalkTalk to Mr Cane / Follow Joan Locke in Eucalyptus Forest / Talk to Joan Locke
62Lake Of FireExploreEnter Pink Lake / Defeat Drover
63DreamPunkExploreDefeat ExploreDefeat 
Explore Dreaming in Pink Lake / Defeat Feral Camel / Follow Freddie Next Room / Defeat Townie / Go to last Room / Defeat Drover
64Lake of FireTalkTalk to Judge Veg in Eucalyptus Forest
65Morp and Memories TalkExploreBossTalk
Talk to Morp in Eucalyptus Forest / Enter Great barrier GateHouse / Defeat Morp / Talk to Morp / Follow Joan Locke
66Cane-Do AttitudeExploreBossTalkTalkGo to Cabin / Defeat Mr Cane / Talk to Superior Judge Rozzer
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67The Woe Warrior ExploreExploreDefeat TalkFollow Judge / Enter West Clearing / Defeat Miffed Max / Talk to Morp
68Furryosa WoeExploreDefeat Explore
Enter East Clearing / Defeat Angry Ali / Follow Judge / Talk to Furryosa in Eucalyptus Forest
69The Great DreamScapeInteract + ExploreBoss (Solo) + TalkTalkRest at CampFire in Eucalyptus Forest / Go to Dream Freddie / Defeat Freddie Kroaker / Go to Eucalyptus Forest / Talk to Morp / Talk to Sandiago in the Dreaming
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Wiz101 Wallaru Quest Tree

The Dreaming

70The Dream Master ExploreExploreDefeat TalkExplore the Waters in The Dreaming / Enter Joan Locke’s Dream / Defeat Avatar of Avarice / Talk to Joan Locke
71Nightmare on Memory Lane ExploreEnter Sandiago’s Dream
72A New NightMare ( Instance Quest ) ExploreDefeat ExploreDefeat Defeat Old One / Follow Sandiago / Defeat Cabal Soldier
73Nightmare on Memory LaneTalkTalk to Sandiago in The Dreaming
74Veggie’s Revenge ExploreExploreDefeat TalkExplore The Waters / Enter Judge Veg Room / Defeat Memory of Judge Veg / Talk to Judge Veg
75The Dream Child ExploreExploreExplore the Waters / Enter Furryosa’s Dream
76The Dream Warriors ( Instance Quest ) Defeat ExploreDefeat 
Defeat Townie / Go to Next Room / Defeat Dingo / Defeat Drover
77The Dream Child TalkTalk to Furryosa
78Freddie’s Dread  ExploreEnter Freddie’s Domain in The Dreaming / Defeat Freddie Kroaker
79The Final NightMare ( Instance Quest ) ExploreBOSSDefeat Freddie Kroaker / Enter DreamSpeak
Click Here for the Guide on how to Defeat Freddie Kroaker
80Freddie’s DreadExploreTalk
81Dreams of NothingInteract
82Yes, To Novus! ExploreTalk

Conatus / Doom Moon ( Novus )

83Novus, No MoreTalkExploreExploreDefeat 
84Heroes Of OldExploreDefeat ExploreExplore
85Bam, Zoom, To The DoomExploreDefeat Explore
86The Man On The Moon Is The EngineerDefeat ExploreDefeat 
87Bam, Zoom, To The DoomTalk
88Moon Magic!Explore
89Wailers On The Moon  (InstanceDefeat ExploreDefeat 
90Moon Magic!Talk
91Wizard Vs. SpiralExploreExplore
92Doom Moon 101  (InstanceExploreBOSS
93Wizard Vs. SpiralExploreInteract + Explore
+ x3 Talk
94 Pax Arcanax2 ExploreTalk
Make sure to check Wallaru Badges

This Was Wallaru Quest Tree

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