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How can I get to register with wizard101folio as a content writer?

It’s easy my friend. Just fill the form below this article.

Fill the type form completely and press submit. You are now good to go.

After submitting my application till when can I expect to hear from you?

You will hear from us within 7 working days after you have filled up and submitted the form, provided your application is accepted by us.

How soon will I receive assignments?

There is no definitive time for receiving assignments. Our team takes special care in assigning you the work which matches your domain knowledge.

Is there any deadline within which I have to accept an assignment?
Since all projects are time-bound, hence we would appreciate if you could respond as soon as you can.

Will I be allowed to choose my assignments?

Sometime Yes!

What will i get if i was accepted?

You will get access to our website and youtube channel to upload your content on the name of wizard101folio.

You will also get access to our private discord server with the admins and creators of wiz101 folio

Also, you will have some great in-game gifts and special codes just by being part of our team

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