Marleybone Quest Tree ( With Details! )

This Guide is made to help you while questing in Marleybone, We made this Marleybone quest tree to help track your progress in Marleybone while questing. The quests have been organized into blocks, each symbolizing a different quest. Every few blocks indicate a quest line in a particular area, while all blocks constitute the main quest line in Marleybone.

You’ll notice that almost everything can be clicked. Areas and locations can be clicked to assist you to navigate. Additionally clickable are NPCs and creatures. You can always return here if you missed a task or couldn’t find your primary goal. You may monitor your progress and see how many quests you still have to complete in Marleybone overall or in each area. You can also check the creatures or bosses you anticipate facing while on a Quest.

Wizard101 Marleybone Quest Tree

Marleybone Quest Tree
#QuestSummaryDetailed Goal
1Sacrophagus SearchTalkTalk to Clancy Pembroke in the Royal Museum
2Not So Fast…TalkTalk to Mayor Pimsbury in Digmoore Station
3A Cat-tastrophyTalkTalk to Sherlock Bones

Hyde Park

Marleybone Quest Tree
4Back Up for BonesTalkTalk to Ms. Conrail in Hyde Park
5Garden SecretDefeat + TalkFind Baxter / Defeat O’Leary Napper at Hyde Park Greenhouse / Talk to Ms. Conrail
6House HuntExplore 3x + Defeat 3x + TalkSearch Safehouses: First Safehouse / Second Safehouse/ Third Safehouse / Talk to Ms. Conrail
7Springing the SnitchBoss + Talk+ TalkDefeat and talk to Willie Marks in his clocktower / Talk to Ms. Conrail
8The Right ToolsDefeat & Collect  + TalkDefeat Hooligans and Collect 3 Lockpicks / Talk to Ms. Conrail
9Open Says MeTalkBoss + Talk+ TalkTalk to Baxter in the Hyde Fraternity House/ Defeat Gearhead / Talk to Ms. Conrail/ Talk to Sherlock Bones in Digmoore Station

Chelsea Court

Marleybone Quest Tree
10For Whom the Bell TollsExplore+ TalkLocate Chelsea Clocktower / Talk to Ms. Marphely
11A Guide… TalkTalk to William Pugsby
12Keeper of SecretsBoss+ TalkDefeat Shakes O’Leary in his clocktower / Talk to William Pugsby
13The Only One LeftBoss+ TalkDefeat Timmy Icepick in his warehouse / Talk to William Pugsby
14Sweet Success TalkTalk to Ms. Marphely
15Password, Please!ExploreDefeat + Talk+ TalkGo to Chelsea Clocktower in Chelsea Court / Defeat Potbelly/ Talk to Baxter/ Talk to Ms. Marphely
16Collar Me Impressed TalkTalk to Sherlock Bones in Digmoore Station
17A Private MeetingExplore+ x4 TalkGo to 221 B. Barker St. in Regent’s Square/ Talk to Sherlock Bones inside / Talk to Baxter / Talk to Sherlock Bones / Talk to Sherlock Bones in Digmoore Station


Marleybone Quest Tree
18Internal InvestigationTalkTalk to Baxter in The Ironworks
19No Entry ( instance ) TalkDefeat & Collect + Talk+ ExploreTalk to Baxter / Defeat O’Leary Nappers and Collect Golden Key / Talk to Baxter/ Go to Gate Door
20Gate Crashers ( instance )TalkBoss+ TalkTalk to Baxter / Defeat Nails O’Leary in Nails’ Clocktower / Talk to Baxter
21Purloin the Plans ( instance )Talk+ interact + TalkTalk to Baxter / Collect Plans / Talk to Baxter
22Bully the Boss ( instance )Talk+ Explore+ TalkTalk to Baxter / Go to Pops O’Leary / Talk to Baxter
23Knock on Wood  ( instance )TalkBoss+ ExploreBoss+ TalkTalk to Baxter / Defeat Brady the Sneak in his warehouse/ Return to Factory Door / Defeat Pops O’Leary / Talk to Baxter
24 Return to Internal Investigation Quest TalkTalk to Sherlock Bones in Digmoore Station

w101 Marleybone quest tree

Newgate Prison

Marleybone Quest Tree
25Ring the AlarmTalkTalk to Watson in Scotland Yard Roof
26Prison Break TalkTalk to Officer Ness in Newgate Prison
27Stop that Cat!x5 Explore & TalkBossBoss+ TalkGo to Meowiarty’s Cell / Talk to Officer Malone / Go to Meowiarty Talk to Officer Wallace / Go to Meowiarty / Talk to Officer Stone / Go to Meowiarty / Talk to Officer Dorsett/Go to Hideout / Defeat Gibson O’Leary /Go to Meowiarty / Talk to Officer Payne/Go to Meowiarty / Defeat Agony Wraith / Talk to Watson on Scotland Yard Roof

Knight’s Court

Marleybone Quest Tree
28Scratching PostTalkTalk to Sergeant Steeg in Knight’s Court
29Wildcat WoesTalkBoss+ TalkTalk to Linda Milltop / Defeat Jacques the Scratcher / Talk to Sergeant Steeg
30Cat Scratch FeverDefeat + TalkDefeat 3 Deadly Scratchers / Talk to Sergeant Steeg
31Investigation…Talk + TalkTalk to Catherine Dalton / Talk to Sergeant Steeg
32Location, Location…Talk + TalkTalk to Amy Brooks / Talk to Sergeant Steeg
33Gimme a HandExploreDefeat + TalkGo to Amy Brooks’ Place/ Defeat Deadly Scratcher/ Talk to Sergeant Steeg
34Cross ExaminationTalk+ TalkTalk to Angus Crankenhop in Regent’s Square / Talk to Sergeant Steeg in Knight’s Court
35Doctor of DeceptionExploreBoss+ TalkGo to Knight’s Tower / Defeat Jacques the Scratcher / Talk to Sergeant Steeg
36Case Closed!TalkTalk to Watson on Scotland Yard Roof

Katzenstein’s Lab

Marleybone Quest Tree
37Weird Science TalkTalk to Watson in Katzenstein’s Lab / Defeat Dr. Von Katzenstein in Katzenstein’s Lab / Discover the Location of Meowiarty Hideout / Talk to Watson on Scotland Yard Roof
38The Right CombinationTalk+ ExploreBossTalk to Watson / Go to Firegut’s Gate / Defeat Firegut
39Locked Door interactOpen Locked Door
40Gate Is Enough ( instance )TalkBoss+ TalkTalk to Watson / Defeat Clanker/ Talk to Watson
41The Second Door ( instance )interactOpen Locked Door
42Weird Science ( instance )BossDefeat Boss
43 If You Build It… ( instance )Talk+ interact + TalkTalk to Grunk / Collect 3 Crates / Return to Platform and Assemble Parts / Talk to Grunk
44It’s Alive! ( instance )x3 interact + TalkUse Computer Power / Use Power Lever/ Use Charging Lever / Talk to Clockwork
45Back to: Weird Science Talk Talk to Watson on Scotland Yard Roof

Marleybone main quest line

Royal Museum

Marleybone Quest Tree
46Fetch Bones!x2 TalkTalk to Sherlock Bones in the Royal Museum / Talk to Clancy Pembroke
47Stolen Away TalkTalk to Gus in Counterweight East
48Metal Madness ( instance )Talk+ x4 Defeat + x4 interact Talk to Gus Pull Counterweight Lever / Pull Counterweight Lever / Pull Counterweight Lever / Pull Counterweight Lever
49Return to Stolen Away QuestTalk+ Boss+ TalkTalk to Gus in Counterweight East / Defeat Sprockets in Counterweight East / Talk to Clancy Pembroke
50Weights and Measures TalkTalk to Sally Newflower in Counterweight West
51More Metal Madness ( instance )Talk+ 4x Defeat + 4x interact Talk to Sally Newflower / Pull Counterweight Lever/ Pull Counterweight Lever/ Pull Counterweight Lever/ Pull Counterweight Lever / Defeat Bellows in Counterweight West
52Weights and Measures ( instance )TalkTalk to Clancy Pembroke
53The Last Meow ( instance )Defeat + Talk+ 3x Defeat + Boss+ Defeat + puzzle + 4x Defeat + BossDefeat Meowiarty in Big Ben / Talk to Sherlock Bones
54Stealthy Stuff ( instance )Talk+ Talk+ BossTalk to Travis Pawman / Talk to Travis Pawman / Leads to The Last Meow
55Bad News TalkTalk to Merle Ambrose in The Commons

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