Cantrips; A Comprehensive Guide

Hey Wizards, as you may notice, there are a few changes in Wizard101 since the 2022 Spring Update. Today we’d be looking at cantrips, what they are, where you can find them, how to use them, etc.

Wizard101 Cantrips

What are Cantrips?

Cantrips are basically non-combat spells that cost energy. There is a variety of them, some of them being very useful. This article would cover everything you need to know.

Abner K. Doodle

 Wizard101 Cantrips

Firstly, to get the quest for cantrips, you need to visit Abner K. Doodle in The Commons. I absolutely love that we’re getting more representation in Wizard101. Some people would say that it’s just a game, what’s the big deal? But seeing a character that reminds you of yourself in a popular game is a huge deal. We rarely see these things, and I applaud KI for this. I look forward to more representation from them so everyone can feel included. Abner is pretty awesome as well, his wheelchair can also fly, and I think that’s pretty dope.


He gives three quests you can choose from. He explains everything about cantrips in this one and where you can get them. Energy is hard to replenish and also expensive. I’d suggest wearing your energy gear before attempting this quest, especially if you want to level up quickly.

This is the cantrips dialogue that would set you on your quest. Afterward, you need to teleport to Wysteria. This is where you’d meet the instructor that would guide you along the way.

Hampshire Butterfield; Cantrips Instructor

 Wizard101 Cantrips

This little guy right here would be guiding you on how to use cantrips. It did seem a bit complicated at first. But once a proper demonstration was shown, and explanation, it was alright. I’m still not thrilled about spending so much of my energy to get the spells. Let’s go through it first, and I’d explain what I’m talking about lower down in the guide.

This is what the flip cantrip spell does. It’s cool if you want to flex on others, and just look awesome. I love these features, but it bothers me that I have to use my energy for them.

Cantrips Spells

These are all the spells that the vendor has to offer. Luckily, they all cost the same amount of coins. There was another called levitate spellbook that I purchased. That was the only one I was allowed to purchase due to being a cantrip novice, which is level 1. As seen below, a new column was added. It shows you your cantrip level, and how much xp you need to get to advance to another level. It is the same as gardening. In this case, the more you use your cantrip spells, the faster you can level up and can purchase new ones. This is what I mentioned earlier with spending a lot of energy in regards to cantrip farming.

Leveling Up Cantrips

The only cantrip spells I’m interested in are the second mark and dungeon recall. Those two would come in so handy when farming/questing. You can only level up with cantrips when you use the same rank of spell with the level you are in. This is important because this is the only way you’d get XP to advance. As I’m level 1 in my cantrip rank, I’m only allowed to use level 1 spells to advance. When I get to level 2, I have to only use rank 2 cantrips spells to get to level 3, and vice versa.
The amount of energy a spell cost is also how much XP you’d gain. For example, if I were to cast a rank 1 cantrip spell that costs 15 energy, I’d gain 15 XP. These are some easy ways to level up your rank faster. Like crafting, these spells also have a cool downtime, so you need to wait out those few mins before you can cast again.

Getting to rank 5 to 9 is a bit tricky. We would need to craft some TCS to advance to those levels. Remember, for this, we would only need to craft the same rank spells with the level we are on. Depending on the ingredients you have, and what you choose to farm for, you can use any of those spells to advance. Below gives a detailed list of them all.

 Wizard101 Cantrips

Cantrips Crafting Spells

We can also farm for cantrips, and in my opinion, the craftable spells are so much better, sadly they are treasure cards. I do however love them. I’d be going through all the spells with you, the ingredients, and where you can farm them.

 Wizard101 Cantrips

The Cantrip Crafting Station is right next to Hampshire Butterfield in Wysteria. It’s very easy to find, as it’s a large boiling cauldron.

Fishing Luck

Fishing Luck 1 (Rank – Cantrip Apprentice level 2)
Ingredients – 1 Owl-Eyed Pike, 3 Icecuda

Fishing Luck 2 (Rank – Cantrip Adept – level 4)
Ingredients – 1 Oil Drum, 1 Fire School of Fish

Fishing Luck 3 (Rank – Cantrip Grandmaster level 6)
Ingredients – 1 Sword Stone Fish, 1 Grape Jellyfish

Fishing Luck 4 (Rank- Cantrip Champion – level 8)
Ingredients – 1 Deep Bee Bass, 2 False Catshark

Heal and Mana

Heal and Mana I (Rank 2 Cantrip Apprentice)

Ingredients – 8 Black Lotus, 3 Black Pearl, 8 Deep Mushroom, 4 Nightshade, 25 glass vial

Heal and Mana II ( Rank 4 Cantrip Adept)

Ingredients – 1 heal and mana I, 5 Shell, 2 Aquamarine, 5 Kelp, 2 Aether

Heal and Mana III (Rank 6 Cantrip Grandmaster)
Ingredients – 1 Heal and Mana II, 4 Comet Tail, 1 Stardust, 8 Pearl, 2 Golden Pearl


Healing I
Ingredients- 2 Dagger of Absolution, 16 Stone Block, 4 Ancient Scroll, 14 ore, 4 Acorn, 30 Ruby

Healing II (Rank 3 Cantrip Initiate)
Ingredients – 1 Healing I, 6 Lava Lily, 8 Stone Block, 4 Diamond, 2 Nightshade, 6 Crystal Vial

Healing III (Rank 5 – Cantrip Master)
Ingredients – 1 Healing II, 5 Agave Leaves, 2 Agave Nectar, 5 Deep Mushroom,  6 Nightshade

Healing IV (Rank 7 Cantrip Legend)
Ingredients – 1 Healing III, 2 Fulgurite, 2 Glass Silver, 8 Antiquity


Mana I
Ingredients – 1 Ring of Insight, 14 Parchment, 8 Sandstone, 4 Diamond, 12 Mistwood, 30 Black Coal

Mana II (Rank 3- Cantrip Initiate)
Ingredients – 1 Mana I, 4 Fire Blossom, 6 Sandstone, 8 Ore, 12 Deep Mushroom, 10 Ghost Fire

Mana III (Rank 5 – Cantrip Master)
Ingredients – 1 Mana II, 8 Frost Flower, 4 Grendelweed, 6 Lava Lily, 4 Fire Blossom

Sneak & Splat

Sneak (Rank 4 Cantrip Adept)
Ingredients – 1 Blood Moss, 1 Sunstone, 1 Water Lily

Splat (Rank 2 – Cantrip Apprentice)
Ingredients – 8 Simple Vial, 12 Stone Block, 6 Black Lotus, 2 Black Pearl


To Northguard
Ingredients – 4 Ghost fire, 12 Frost Flower, 2 Grendelweed, 4 Leather Straps

To Regents Square
Ingredients – 4 Sapphire, 6 Scrap Iron, 4 Spring, 2 Spider Silk

To the Arcanum (Rank 6 – Cantrip Grandmaster)
Ingredients – 5 Crystal Vial, 6 Parchment, 2 Ancient Scroll

To The Basilica (Rank 3 – Cantrip Initiate)
Ingredients – 3 Crystal Vial, 8 Ore, 3 Diamond, 3 Spider Silk

To The Commons
Ingredients – 30 Sapphire, 12 Mistwood, 5 Acorn, 3 Leather Straps

To The Jade Palace (Rank 2 – Cantrip Apprentice)
Ingredients – 6 Jade, 12 Deep Mushroom, 6 Nightshade, 6 Spider Silk

To the Oasis
Ingredients – 6 Citrine, 8 Parchment, 4 Ancient Scroll, 2 Ectoplasm

Cantrip Farming

You can farm for the teleport spells as opposed to crafting them over constantly. Each world has a boss in which you can fight that drops these cantrip spells.

  • Wizard CityLord Nightshade. He is found in the Haunted Cave in the Stormdrain Tower. This gives the spell card To the Commons.
  • Krokotopia – Krokopatra. Found in the Well of Spirits at the Temple of Storms. Here, we get the spell card To the Oasis.
  • Marleybone – Meowiarty. He’s found in The Royal Museum, at The Big Ben. To Reagents Square is the spell card that drops from him.
  • Grizzleheim – The Ravens. This location is at Ravenscar in the Raven’s Fortress. The spell that is dropped from this boss is To Northguard.
  • Mooshu- Jade Oni. Found in the Throne Room of the Jade Palace. We get the teleport spell To Jade Palace.
  • Dragonspyre – Malistaire Drake. He can be found at the Dragon’s Roost in The Great Spyre. Here we are granted To The Basilica spell card.

Thus far, these are all anyone was able to find. As the game updates, we’d also update the article on the other places where you can farm for the cantrips teleport cards. Just take a team with you and be prepared to grind, because it’s just as hard as Loremaster.

Cantrip Chests

There are cantrip ritual treasure chests that give you Spellements as well. They are located throughout the spiral. It costs a lot of energy to open, so getting some friends to help you open these chests make it easier, and it benefits everyone at the party. Some of these places you can find the chests are in the Ancient Burial Grounds at Mooshu. Thus far, these chests seem to be randomly appearing just like regular chests in the game, so the locations aren’t fixed.

This is a detailed list of all the cantrips spells you can craft and then cast. However, please remember these are treasure cards, not permanent spell cards. Please don’t make the same dumb mistake I did by crafting, only to realize it was a one-time use. Thankfully, this is why we exist. We do things through trial and error to ensure that it works great for you.

This other list is where you can find each ingredient throughout the spiral:

Cantrips Crafting Ingredients

  • Acorn can be harvested from mist wood. Found throughout the spiral. Some worlds include Avalon, Grizzleheim, Marley Bone, Mooshu, and Wizard City. My favorite place to farm for this or mist wood is in Wizard City. It’s even sold in the bazaar.
  • Aether – the most popular place to farm for aether is in Celestia. Some locations are the crustacean empire, science centre, Storm Riven, and the grotto. This can be found in the bazaar, as well as purchased from Diego the Duelmaster for 200 arena tickets per reagent. It can be harvested from King Parsley, Deadly Helephant Ears, and a few other plants.
  • Aethyr dust – is found throughout Empyrea; when seen in the bazaar, try to purchase it as it’s a somewhat rare reagent. It’s also found in fishing chests from the Aero Village and Massive Fantasy Palace houses. Farming the Aethyr Elemental is another way you can obtain this reagent.
  • Aethyr ore – same as aethyr dust. Purchasing the recipe Transmute Aethyr Ore from Loligo in Empyrea – Aeriel Shores – Nowhere Village can also get you this reagent.
  • Agave leaves – my favorite place to farm for this is in Azteca. It’s found in Alto Alto, Cloudburst Forest, and Mangrove Marsh. Another place you can find this is in Empyrea at the Aeriel Jungle, Aeriel Shores, Chaos Jungle, or Zanadu. It’s also sold by Brandon Mistborn for 400 arena tickets or it can be purchased in the bazaar.
  • Agave nectar – is found in the same place as agave leaves since it’s a rare harvest from that reagent. You can also transmute it with the recipe Transmute Agave Nectar sold by Popol Vuh Whitepaper in Azteca.
  • Ancient Scroll – can be purchased from the bazaar or found throughout Krokotopia as a rare harvest from parchment.
  • Antiquity – can be found throughout Mirage. It’s a sparkly star on the ground. It’s also found interacting with these housing items: Cauldron, Chocolate Fountain, Pearl, Clam, Sky Castle Shrine, Strange Interface and Wind Turbine. It comes in the form of an Antique Chalice, Antique Chest, Antique Coins, Antique Egg, Antique TeaPot, and Antique Unicorn Statue.
  • Aquamarine – sold in the bazaar and found throughout Celestia.
  • Black Coal – sold in the bazaar or can be purchased from Archytas, Canica Sweet Chile or Fianna Yellowknife.
  • Black Lotus – sold in the bazaar. Can be found throughout Azteca, Mooshu, and Zafaria.
  • Black Pearl – found in the same places as Black Lotus, as well as from fishing chests in Barkingham Palace and Jade Palace.
  • Blood Moss – found throughout Azteca, Khrysalis & Wizard City. A rare harvest from Red Mandrake, and can be transmuted with the recipe Transmute Blood Moss from Avery Templeton in Celestia Base Camp.
  • Citrine – purchased from the bazaar or from Al Saf’wan; Krokotopia: the oasis, Campbell Hodgson in Regent Square: Marley Bone, and Elmer Meadowgrass; Wizard CityOlde Town.
  • Comet Tail – found in Empyrea at the Aeriel Shores, Chaos Jungle, Husk, Nexus, or Nowhere Village. In Khrysalis, it’s found at Crescent Beach, Kondha Desert, Sardonyx, and Shadow Palace.
  • Crystal Vial – this can be found in the bazaar or purchased from vendors throughout the spiral for 330 gold. Some of these vendors are Archytas in Celestia, Canica Sweet Chile from Azteca, and Fianna Yellowknife from Avalon.
  • Dagger of Absolution – this is a recipe you must purchase from Eudora Tangletree in Wizard City Olde Towne to get your item.
  • Deep Mushroom – is a bit expensive in the bazaar but it is found almost everywhere. Popular places include Wizard City, Krokotopia, MooShu, Avalon, and Grizzleheim.
  • Diamond – this is easily found in the bazaar as well as a few other places you can farm for it. Such as Krokotopia, Grizzleheim, and Dragonspyre.
  • Ectoplasm – is abundant and really cheap in the bazaar. They are dropped by ghosts and you can find it pretty easily in wizard city.
  • Spider Silk – found in the bazaar or can be accessed using the Transmute Spider Silk sold by Avery Templeton. It’s granted by interacting with the Magic Eggs housing items and found in fishing chests in Mangrove Marsh, Northguard, Saltmeadow Swamp, and Upper Zigzag.
  • Spring – the best place to get spring is in Marleybone. The Aberrant Carnivorous Plant, Magic Lamp, and Forge can also drop spring when you interact with them.
  • Stardust – found in Khrysalis by the Crescent Beach, Kondha Desert, Sardonyx, and Shadow Palace. Also found in the Aeriel Shores of Empyrea. The Aberrant Carnivorous Plant and Forge can also give this reagent.
  • Water Lily – found at Zafaria, Wizard City, MooShu, and Avalon. Almost everywhere that has water, you can possibly find water lily. Transmute Water Lily recipe can be purchased from Avery Templeton.
  • Fire Blossom – this is found close to the fire so it’s abundant in Dragonspyre. It can also be found in the bazaar. [egg id=”2″]
  • Frost Flower – is usually found in icy areas so Grizzleheim and Polaris are the most popular places to farm for this. Can also be found in the bazaar, as well as fishing chests in Nordrilund and Vigrid Roughland.
  • Fulgurite – found in Mirage at the Alkali Barrows, Caravan, and Rubal Wastes. Also found by interacting with the Bountiful Cart, Cauldron, Forge, Pearl Clam, and Wind Turbine.
  • Ghost Fire – found in the bazaar or from vendors Archytas, Canica Sweet Chile, and Fianna Yellowknife.
  • Glass Silver – found in the bazaar and as a Rare Harvest from Fulgurite.
  • Glass Vial – found in the bazaar or from vendors Archytas, Canica Sweet Chile, and Fianna Yellowknife.
  • Golden Pearl – can be purchased from the bazaar or found in Celestia: Stormriven Hall, The Grotto or The Portico. Also found in Polaris – Walruskberg Harbor, Azteca – Pitch Black Lake, and Wizard CityCrab Alley.
  • Grendelweed – found throughout Grizzleheim, Wizard CityColossus Boulevard & Ravenwood, and Azteca – Floating Mountains & Xibalba.
  • Jade – purchased from the bazaar or from Al Saf’wan, Campbell Hodgson, and Elmer Meadowgrass.
  • Kelp – the best place to farm for kelp, and my go-to for this reagent is in Celestia, especially the Crustacean Empire. Crab Alley & Deep Warrens in Wizard City are some other great areas I’d recommend.
  • Lava Lily – found throughout Dragonspyre, especially close to the fire.
  • Leather Straps – this is purchased either in the bazaar or can be transmuted. The recipe can be purchased from either Avery Templeton or Eudora Tangletree. It’s also found by interacting with some housing items such as Dromel Merchant, Forge, Iron Sultan Statue, Lost & Found, and Magic Eggs.
  • Mistwood – this is one of the most common reagents to find. It can be purchased from the bazaar or found in Wizard City, Grizzleheim, Marleybone, MooShu, and Zafaria.
  • Nightshade – the most common place to find this reagent is in Wizard City, MooShu, and Krokotopia. It’s found as a rare harvest from deep mushroom and can be transmuted using Transmute Nightshade recipe from Avery Templeton.
  • Ore – is one of the easiest reagents to farm for in my opinion. You can find them in abundance in Krokotopia, Dragonspyre, and Grizzleheim. You can find it in many fishing chests, as well as interacting with housing items.
  • Parchment – a great place to search for parchment is in Krokotopia and Mirage. Some housing items you can also interact with to get parchment are the Aberrant Carnivorous Plant, Cauldron, Giant Gorilla, Magic Lamp, Pearl Clam, The Minotaur, Treasure Chest, and Wind Turbine.
  • Pearl – can be found in Waterworks; Crab Alley. Also found in Celestia and Polaris. Transmute Pearl from Avery Templeton is a great recipe to also acquire pearl. Aberrant Carnivorous Plant, Cauldron, Giant Gorilla, Magic Lamp, Pearl Clam, Treasure Chest, and Wind Turbine are a few housing items that give pearl as well.
  • Pretzel sticks – are found throughout Karamelle. It’s dropped by Stay-Puffed Marshfellow in the world, and can also be found in the bazaar.
  • Ring of insight – a recipe that is purchased from Wul’yahm in Krokotopia, the oasis.
  • Ruby – sold by vendors Al Saf’wan, Campbell Hodgson, and Elmer Meadowgrass.
  • Sandstone – found in Khrysalis; Kondha Desert and Last Wood, also in Mirage and Savannah, and Stone Town in Zafaria. Can also be found as a rare harvest from the stone blocks. Transmute Sandstone recipe can be purchased from Avery Templeton.
  • Sapphire – sold by vendors Al Saf’wan, Campbell Hodgson, and Elmer Meadowgrass. Granted by interacting with the Bountiful Cart.
  • Scrap Iron – the best place to farm for this is Marleybone. Can also get it from fishing chests in the Kondha Desert and Silent Market.
  • Shell – the best place to farm for shells is in Celestia as it’s an underwater world. Some housing items you can get this from are the Pearl Clam, Iron Sultan Statue, Cauldron, and the Wind Turbine.
  • Simple Vial – can be purchased from Al Saf’wan, Archytas, Campbell Hodgson, Canica Sweet Chile, and Fianna Yellowknife.
  • Stone Block – can be found throughout the spiral. The best places to farm for this are in Krokotopia, Khrysalis, Dragonspyre, and Grizzleheim.
  • Sunstone – is more of a rare reagent. It can be found in fishing chests in Everafter Village, Nomad’s Camp, and Outlaw’s Refuge. Found in Mirage and Zafaria. It’s a rare harvest from sandstone. Transmute Sunstone is the best way to acquire this reagent quickly, and it’s sold by Avery Templeton.

One of the main rules when farming for reagents is switching realms when you are finished. Don’t forget that crucial part of information.

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Hi everyone, I enjoy writing a lot. It's a hobby of mine, so I always have fun writing for wizard101 folio despite not being an active player anymore. I've got a level 145+ death wizard, and I'm also training a storm character as well.

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