New World Reveal: Karamelle Prequests

(UPDATED 8/18/20)

Karamelle was officially announced as the world following Empyrea on a KI Live stream on July 21, 2020. Let’s go over what we know so far about the new world and the new story arc.

Karamelle Prequests

In the first prequest, you meet up with Bryce Crispie in the Commons in the quest “Marketing is Everything,” who’s been relegated to the role of a Nana’s Olde Fashioned Karamelle Delights Promotions Associate and the regional Hiring Manager of Wizard City. He tells you to place sandwich board signs around Wizard City, passing his Promotions Associate position to you and promoting you to Regional Hiring Manager’s Assistant, giving you a uniform. Fashion has finally been achieved.


In the second prequest, your good friend Bryce Crispie offers you the position of Senior Delivery Associate if you take a box of premium Karamelle chocolates to Lydia Greyrose. Greyrose mentions that she’s from Karamelle, and when she was projected into the Arcanum for the quests in Empyrea, she saw an old friend, Maulwurth von Trap, and decided to have the box of chocolates delivered to him as a reminder of his home.

When you try to deliver them, a Lumi named Sunny stops you with the sheer girth of his Brooklyn accent. (I guess the Arcanum is a real equal-opportunity employer.) The Musicology office had practically exploded from some sort of accident, he says, but his new office is down the hall, so you go there where you’re stopped by another Lumi named Lippy. She tells you the office isn’t set up and von Trap isn’t there. At the end of the quest you get a Fern Lumi pet.


Official Information

We can say for sure that Karamelle is the home of Professor Greyrose, and we know a little bit about it from a forum post in 2010, describing Karamelle as “a land of cookie roads, chocolate rivers and candy cane trees.” She also mentions her sisters who doubtless “continue to stir up trouble for the youths of that world.” Sneak peek from 2010? We’ll find out.

We now know about a musician character named Maulwurth von Trap, likely based on the Trapp Family Singers who inspired the play and the movie The Sound of Music. We don’t really know much about him at the moment.

On the 18th of August, Nana’s twitter page posted a teaser screenshot of Karamelle City. Players have determined that it’s probably the hub world from the Spiral Door sticking up behind the tree in the foreground.

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This will be updated as new information is discovered. If you know something that we didn’t include, please share it in the comments! Thanks and happy casting!



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  1. I just wanna say that the position that you get after doing the marketing quest is “Assistant to the Regional Hiring Manager.” I’m fairly certain this is a reference to The Office.

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