Wizard101 Aeon Gear ( LVL 160 ) | Where & How to Get it

Following the destruction of the World Synthesizer in Lemuria, strange shards appeared over multiple worlds in the Spiral and formed a new world called Novus. The Wizard must journey to this place, learn new forms of magic, and navigate the complex politics of the Spiral’s Empires in order to protect Novus from those who seek to corrupt it. The introduction of the new world Novus brought with it the availability of Aeon gear and a level upgrade to 160. This new gear provided players with powerful abilities and stats, and the increased level cap allowed for further character development and progress in the game.

Wizard101 Novus Gear

In the world of Novus, wizards are able to obtain powerful Aeon gear by farming bosses that are encountered during their questing. This gear, which increases a wizard’s stats including damage and health, can be obtained by defeating these bosses in battle. Once obtained, Aeon gear has the ability to greatly increase a wizard’s damage output, making them even more powerful in battle. This added strength can be invaluable when facing off against difficult opponents, allowing wizards to take on challenges that would have previously been beyond their abilities. This gear is split into seven different pieces, each of which provides unique benefits. The pieces of Aeon gear include a hat, robe, boots, athame, amulet, ring, and deck. Each of these pieces can be obtained separately and combined to create a powerful set of gear that can boost a wizard’s stats and abilities.

What are They and Where Do I Get Them?

Aeon Hat, Robe, and Wand

Obtaining the powerful Aeon hat, robe and wand require defeating the final boss the Aeon of Atavus. This final boss is actually comprised of four different bosses, known as the Atavus Dog, Atavus Monquistan, Atavus Pingouin, and Atavus Unicorn. They are found in Nucleus Gallery. Defeating these bosses is no easy task, and only the most skilled wizards will be able to do so successfully. In addition to dropping the Aeon hat, robe and wand. These bosses also have a chance to drop Masterpiece gear. This Gear, while not as powerful as Aeon gear, can be used to craft Aeon gear by combining it with reagents such as pixels and polygons. These reagents can be found throughout Novus, often in hidden locations or by completing difficult quests.

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Aeon of Atavus

Aeon of Atavus
Aeon of Atavus location

Aeon Athame

Obtaining Aeon Athame requires defeating the formidable Maxine Rockhoppierre. This powerful boss is known for her minions and ability to respawn a copy of herself, making her a formidable opponent. She is found near the entrance of LA VILLE ROSE. Maxine Rockhoppierre also has a chance to drop Masterpiece gear. Which can be used to craft Aeon gear by combining it with reagents such as pixels and polygons.

Maxine Rockhoppierre

Maxine Rockhoppierre
Maxine Rockhoppierre location

Aeon Boots

The powerful Aeon Boots can be obtained by defeating the fearsome Rententen. This boss can be found in the city of LA VILLE ROSE, but reaching her is no easy task. In order to do so, wizards must first complete a series of side quests given by Lassie in New Vicorgia. These quests will challenge a wizard’s abilities and prepare them for the ultimate battle against Rententen. When facing Rententen, wizards can expect a difficult battle. She is accompanied by two life minions with 4,360 health each, as well as a myth minion with 3,270 health. In addition to these minions, Rententen herself has a significant amount of health and can deal significant damage. Defeating her will require skill, strategy, and determination. Fortunately, the rewards for defeating Rententen are well worth the effort. She has many different drops, including the powerful Aeon and Masterpiece Boots. Aeon Boots are the tier one version of this weapon, while Masterpiece Boots are used to craft Aeon Boots using a specific recipe. This recipe requires a school-specific Masterpiece Boots, 20 pixels, and 50 polygons.


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Rententen location

Aeon amulet and ring

Obtaining the Aeon amulet and ring requires defeating the Dasein Duelist in the Dueling space. This boss is located near the final boss of Novus, the Aeon of Atavus, and is known for his powerful abilities and challenging combat style.

Defeating Dasein Duelist can be a time-consuming process. If he is defeated the first time, he will revive himself with 50% of his total health and cast Meteor Strike, a powerful spell that deals significant damage. If he is defeated a second time, he will revive himself with 25% of his health and cast Rain of Fire, another powerful spell. In addition, if a wizard attempts to use a trap against him, Dasein Duelist will cast a fire version of Hammer of Thor, clearing all buffs from himself. Despite these challenges, defeating Dasein Duelist is worth it for the rewards he offers. In addition to dropping the powerful Aeon amulet and ring, he also has a chance to drop Masterpiece gear.

Dasein Duelist

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Dasein Duelist
Dasein Duelist location

Aeon Gear Stats & Images

Aeon Balance Gear

Aeon Balance Hat

aeon balance hat

Aeon Balance Robe

Aeon balance robe

Aeon Balance Boots

aeon balance boots

Aeon Balance Wand

aeon balance wand

Aeon Balance Athame

aeon balance athame

Aeon Balance Amulet

aeon balance amulet

Aeon Balance Ring

aeon balance ring

Aeon Balance Deck

aeon balance deck

Aeon Storm Gear

Aeon Storm Hat

Aeon storm hat

Aeon Storm Robe

aeon storm robe

Aeon Storm Boots

aeon storm boots

Aeon Storm Wand

aeon storm wand

Aeon Storm Athame

aeon storm athame

Aeon Storm Amulet

aeon storm amulet

Aeon Storm Ring

aeon storm ring

Aeon Storm Deck

aeon storm deck

Aeon Fire Gear

Aeon Fire Hat

aeon fire hat

Aeon Fire Robe

aeon fire robe

Aeon Fire Boots

aeon fire boots

Aeon Fire Wand

aeon fire wand

Aeon Fire Athame

aeon fire athame

Aeon Fire Amulet

aeon fire amulet

Aeon Fire Ring

aeon fire ring

Aeon Fire Deck

aeon fire deck

Aeon Ice Gear

Aeon Ice Hat

aeon ice hat

Aeon Ice Robe

aeon ice robe

Aeon Ice Boots

aeon ice boots

Aeon Ice Wand

aeon ice wand

Aeon Ice Athame

aeon ice athame

Aeon Ice Amulet

aeon ice amulet

Aeon Ice Ring

aeon ice ring
aeon ice deck

Aeon Life Gear

Aeon Life Hat

aeon life hat

Aeon Life Robe

aeon life robe

Aeon Life Boots

aeon life boots

Aeon Life Wand

aeon life wand

Aeon Life Athame

aeon life athame

Aeon Life Amulet

aeon life amulet

Aeon Life Ring

aeon life ring
aeon life deck

Aeon Myth Gear

Aeon Myth Hat

aeon myth hat

Aeon Myth Robe

aeon myth robe

Aeon Myth Boots

aeon myth boots

Aeon Myth Wand

aeon myth wand

Aeon Myth Athame

aeon myth athame

Aeon Myth Amulet

aeon myth amulet

Aeon Myth ring

aeon myth ring
aeon myth deck

Aeon Death Gear

Aeon Death Hat

aeon death hat

Aeon Death Robe

aeon death robe

Aeon Death Robe

aeon boots

Aeon Death Wand

aeon death wand

Aeon Death Athame

aeon death athame

Aeon Death Amulet

aeon death amulet

Aeon Death Ring

aeon death ring
aeon death deck

In addition to the main story mode, Wizard101 also offers a variety of other game modes, including PvP duels and multiplayer dungeons. These provide players with opportunities to test their skills against other players and team up with friends to tackle challenges together. In the game Wizard101, farming refers to the practice of repeatedly completing certain quests or tasks in order to obtain valuable in-game items or resources. This might include defeating enemies to collect rare spells or cards, completing quests to earn experience points or gold, or farming specific areas for specific items. Players often engage in farming in order to advance their characters more quickly, obtain powerful gear or spells, or sell valuable items for profit. Some players might focus on farming specific types of items, such as rare reagents for crafting, or valuable trade goods for trading with other players. Farming can be a time-consuming activity, but it can also be an effective way to improve your character and advance in the game. Some players might choose to farm alone, while others might join groups or guilds to share information and resources or to coordinate their farming efforts.

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