Wizard101 Dream Reaver Gear Guide [Lvl 170+]

The new Dream Reaver gear (170+) is a direct upgrade from the max-level Aoen gear, with improvements in health, pierce, damage, critical stats, and the addition of extra galvanic fields. However, the duration of these fields has been reduced.

This Dream Reaver Gear can be obtained in one of two ways, one of them is by farming certain bosses in Wallrau and the second way is by crafting the gear using gear recipes from bingo in the Hope of Springs Wallaru main area. if you’re aiming to craft the gear it requires certain Wallaru badges you acquire by defeating the same bosses who drop the gear a certain number of times.

Boss Farming and Badge Unlocking for Dream Reaver Gear

To unlock recipes, players must farm one of four bosses multiple times: Freddy in the Dreaming, Engineer Montgomery, the final ship polymorph fight ( Invading Fleet ), and a side quest boss ( Crash the Bandit Coot ). Each boss drops specific items and has unique cheats and strategies.

Note: Hats, robes, boots, and wands are currently not available and are anticipated to be released alongside the forthcoming Nightmare dungeon.

Freddy Fight in the DreamingThis boss drops new jewels and a ring considered the best for both PvP and PvE at level 170. The fight involves a chromatic dispel cheat, but a strategy involving cleansing, mass fainting, and using incindiate can defeat Freddy in one turn.
Mr. MontgomeryThis boss must be defeated 10 times to unlock crafting recipes for decks and new Square jewels that provide significant HP. The fight involves two minion fights and a cheat where the boss becomes immune, requiring specific strategies to overcome.
Crash the Bandit CootA side quest involving a mob named Lady Corta must be completed 20 times to unlock the amulet recipe. The amulet offers an extra Circle slot and a triangle socket.
Fleet FightThis fight requires a different approach, using gambits to activate a cannon that deals significant damage. The strategy involves linking and triple-blading to set up cannon shots. Completing this fight 15 times unlocks the crafting recipe for the athame, sword pins, and triangle jewels.

For details about farming the gear, you can check this: Ultimate Guide to Farming Wallaru Gear in Wizard101 🧙‍♂️

Obtaining Reagents

Dreamstone and Dream Water are essential reagents. Dreamstone can be found on the ground in various locations, while Dream Water is best obtained by farming Freddy.

dream stone and dream water

Bingo is the one that allows players to craft any piece of new gear, including rare jewels like Pierce Jewels, damage jewels, and health jewels.

Offensive vs. Defensive Sets

  • Comparison with Defensive Sets: The new defensive set in Wallaru offers pierce, which was lacking in the previous Eternal set. This set sacrifices critical stats but adds shadow pips (shads), making it potentially useful for PvP, raids, and other scenarios.
  • Offensive vs. Defensive Sets: The choice between the new offensive and defensive sets involves trade-offs. The offensive set offers more damage and pierce, while the defensive set provides more resist, health, and shads. The decision is nuanced, especially considering the new jewels that increase damage caps.
  • Robes Comparison: The new robes are compared to multiple level 160 robes. The offensive set is a direct upgrade from Aoen gear, but the increase in stats for some schools like Storm is minimal. The defensive set, however, offers significant health benefits and is considered better than the previous Burrower gear.
  • Boots Analysis: The new boots are a direct upgrade from Aoen gear and are compared to the best level 160 boots (Meer boots). The offensive set offers better stats overall, but the defensive set sacrifices damage for other benefits like shield pins and shads.

Dream Reaver Gear Sets

The new gear sets at level 170 are seen as a significant power increase, offering more choices and making gear sets more usable.

Storm Dream Reaver Gear

Gear Set Analysis compared to Aeon:

  • Hat: The new Fierce hat offers around 100 health, similar pip chance, more block, the same resist and accuracy, an additional pierce buff, and 20 more critical hit points. It also includes a galvanic item card, which is highlighted as a significant addition, especially for PvP.
  • Robe: The Fierce robe is considered the weakest part of the storm set, offering minimal improvements over the previous version, such as 10 more health, one additional pierce, and slightly more critical points.
  • Boots: The new boots provide about 30 more health, more block, similar pip and pierce, and an increase in critical points. They also include a potent trap storm trap item card.
  • Wand: The wand sees a critical buff and an improvement in CP off, with additional damage, P serve, and accuracy. However, the tier socket in the wand is criticized as a drawback.
  • Athame, Amulet, Ring, and Deck: These items receive various improvements in health, critical stats, and other attributes. The deck, in particular, gets a critical buff and a change in its tier socket.

Fire Dream Reaver Gear

Ice Dream Reaver Gear

Death Dream Reaver Gear

Myth Dream Reaver Gear

Life Dream Reaver Gear

Balance Dream Reaver Gear

Make sure to check the full Wallau Quest tree to track your progress while questing in Wallaru and find details on how to defeat the other bosses!

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