Wizard101 How to Defeat Freddie Kroaker ( Easiest Way! )

Are you facing challenges when dealing with Freddie Kroaker, the newly introduced boss in “The Dreaming” within Freddie’s Domain, following the release of the new expansion “Wizard101 Wallaru”? This cunning boss appears in quest number 79, also known as “The Final NightMare Quest.”

In this guide, we will provide insights into his cheating tactics, item drops, and effective strategies to conquer him effortlessly. Additionally, we will explore the most efficient approach to emerge victorious against him.

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Freddie Kroaker Cheats

Cheat TriggerCheat Description
Start of 1st Round or late Wizard joinApplies Dispel Charm of Wizard’s school & places ‘Nightmare Prone’ Stun Shield on random Wizard.
End of each Round with ‘Nightmare Prone’ markCasts one of the Spells: Call of Khrulhu, Monster Mash (Tier 5), Shift Grey Wolf, Winged Sorrow.
Beginning of every 2nd RoundCasts Moon version of Balanceblade: “GROWTH”.
End of Round with 3 “GROWTH” CharmsCasts Shadow version of Skeletal Dragon: Deals 40% max Health Damage to all Wizards.
Wizard casts Healing related SpellsCasts version of Enfeeble: Removes all Charms from himself & version of Cleanse Ward: Removes all Wards from caster.
Wizard casts an All Allies SpellApplies Dispel Charm of Wizard’s school to each Wizard.
Freddie targeted or All Enemies Spell usedGives all Wizards a Living Nightmare card.

If someone casts the living nightmare spell on Freddie ( can’t be discarded ) he will cast a dispel of the wizard’s school on each wizard

Rank23 Boss
SchoolMoon & Death
Resist37% to Fire, Ice,
Storm, Balance, Myth &
67% to Death
Boost 30% to Life
LocationWallaru > The Dreaming > Freddie’s Domain

Strategy to Defeat Freddie Kroaker

Role/ClassRound 1 ActionsRound 2 ActionsNotes and Considerations
GeneralPlace as many faints on Freddy as possible.Execute attacks and spells planned in Round 1.
-Focus on teamwork and coordinating faints and attacks.
-Be prepared for a possible third round if unlucky.<br>- Each class has specific roles based on their abilities and the dispels they receive.
DeathUse Elemental blade (due to Death dispel).Follow up with the strongest available attack.– Cannot use Death spells in the first round due to dispel.
– Focus on supporting with blades.
BalanceFocus on applying faints.Continue supporting the team with buffs or additional faints if necessary.– Primarily responsible for applying faints due to their effectiveness in this strategy.
StormUse a Storm spell to remove the dispel. Optionally, set up for a big hit in Round 2.Execute a powerful Storm attack if designated as the hitter.– Important to remove the dispel early.
– May need to cleanse or use Dark Pact if faced with multiple -40% effects.
Other SchoolsApply faints or buffs as appropriate.Use school-specific strategies for maximum impact.– Have more flexibility in their approach.
– Should adapt based on the specific strengths and weaknesses of their school.
AllPrepare by equipping Cleanse Charm to deal with negative effects.Adapt to any unexpected outcomes from the boss’s actions at the end of Round 1.– Important to mitigate negative effects like weakness or virulent plague.
– Be ready to adjust the strategy based on the boss’s end-of-round actions, which can include applying a weakness or transforming with a polymorph spell.

You will also need cards or treasure cards like Pierce, Shatter, Frenzy, and Spears to take out shields and power your hit.

2 Rounds Stratgey to Freddie Kroaker

The Strategy Breakdown:

  1. Maximize Faint Usage:
    • The cornerstone of this strategy is to use as many faints as possible on Freddy within the first two rounds. Faints significantly increase the damage Freddy receives, setting you up for a swift victory.
  2. School-Specific Roles:
    • Death School Wizards: Focus on blades due to the Death dispel.
    • Balance School Wizards: Your role is crucial – concentrate on using faints.
    • Other Schools: You have more flexibility, but coordinate with your team to maximize effectiveness.
  3. Handling Dispels:
    • Each school receives a specific dispel from Freddy. Plan your spells to either work around or directly counter these dispels.
  4. Essential Spells – Cleanse Charm:
    • Freddy’s ability to weaken your attacks is notorious. Having Cleanse Charm in your arsenal is vital to remove these negative effects.
  5. Team Coordination:
    • This strategy demands excellent teamwork. Ensure everyone knows their role and executes it flawlessly.
  6. Counteracting Freddy’s Cheats:
    • Freddy will throw random spells, including weaknesses, at the end of each round. Be prepared to adapt and counter these moves.
  7. Special Considerations for Storm Wizards:
    • If you have a Storm wizard in your team, consider using a Dark Pact spell to remove multiple weaknesses simultaneously.
  8. Be Prepared for a Third Round:
    • While the goal is a two-round victory, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Be ready to extend to a third round if necessary.
  9. Adapting to Weaknesses:
    • Freddy might apply a -40% weakness. Adjust your strategy to ensure a guaranteed win, even if it means extending the battle.
  10. Efficiency is Key:
  • This strategy is designed for quick, efficient battles, making it ideal for farming specific items or achievements.


Freddie Kroaker Drops

Freddie does drop 2-3 Dream Water Reagents every time you kill him, those dream water reagents are used with dream stones to craft the new level 170 WALLARU Gear.

He also drops the New Ring of level 170 Gear.

You can check the Full Wallaru quest line ( Main Quest Tree ) here



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