Low Level PVP Guide

Get your commander robe today!

Low level PVP (lvl 1 to 15) is a great way to get your foot into PVP or a way to get that popular commander robe stitch. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the best (BUDGET FRIENDLY) gear and strategies for low-level PVP.

If you’re starting off with low-level PVP, I recommend you start PVP at level 5. This is because it’s the level requirement for a lot of the farmable gear discussed below. If you start PVP at any level lower than 5, you’ll be spending quite a large amount of crowns on packs to get your gear.

NOTE: There’s an issue right now in low-level PVP where you will get matched with anyone in the beginner tier (level 1-50) and the same rank as you. I recommend you start at level 10 or 15 if you’re planning on starting during this bug and get the arena gear from Brandon Mistborn.

Wizard101 PVP

This guide is divided by:

Gear before commander

Gear after commander

Low Level PVP Strategies

Low Level PVP Deck Set Up

Gear (Pre-Commander)

Base Gear

low level pvp
low level pvp
low level pvp

These are the standard hat, robe, and boots for low level pvp. You can either purchase these items from the crowns shop or farm Lord Nightshade in the Haunted Cave, Wizard City.

If you have additional crowns, you can also roll your chance with the Wysteria Lore Pack for great low level pvp gear as well.

Athame and Ring

low level pvp
low level pvp

You can get this ring and athame through farming Prince Gobblestone in Colossus Boulevard, Wizard City. They can also be purchased in the crowns shop.

NOTE: If you’re already level 10 when starting this guide, use the ring, athame, and amulet from Brandon Mistborn instead.


I would strongly recommend the plant punisher’s spike or tanglewood hero’s nettle because it gives you a power pip – giving you a starting pip advantage compared to your opponent. You can farm these wands in the Tanglewood Terror Gauntlet (Tier 1, lv 0-9). This gauntlet can be purchased from the crowns shop for 500 crowns.

Wands from the Immortal’s Lore Pack and Wysteria’s Lore Pack are also great because they provide one pip and additional damage/ pierce.


low level pvp

I would suggest any deckathalon deck (rank 5+) for low level pvp. This is the only deck that provides additional stats like health, damage, resist, and pips. You can get these decks by doing the Deckathalon and purchasing the crafting recipe from Kara Runewright after the end of each stage.

If there isn’t a deckathalon going on right now, you can always purchase the Antique Deck from the bazaar. This deck has the most main deck and side deck space across all level 5 decks.

Gear (Post-Commander)

Commander set

Once you get commander, you should immediately upgrade to the commander set. This set is so over powered that you’ll be using this set for PVP until grandmaster PVP.

TIP: Level up to level 10 at this point and start doing tourneys to get tickets and get this gear.

Brandon Mistborn Rings, Athames, & Amulets (Must be Level 10+)

If you’re already level 10 when you’re starting this guide, you should use these rings, athames, and amulets.

You can gain tickets fairly quickly by participating in tourneys and purchasing these items from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn Way.


Pets can range from completely offensive (quint damage) to completely defensive (double resist & warded fire, ice, and storm). It’s up to you on how you want to train your pet, however, I usually prefer 1 may cast, spell proof, and triple damage. If you don’t know what type of pet you want, you can check out the pets used below in strategies.


Most low level pvp strategies revolve around one main hitting card. I personally enjoy rising up the ranks as fast as possible so we will be going through 2 of the most offensive strategies: Royal Triton Pet Strategy and Frost Minotaur Strategy.

Note: You do not need to be storm or ice in order to find success in these strategies because all low level wizards have roughly universal stats (i.e. low power pip chance, no school specific damage, etc.)

Royal Triton Pet Strategy

I have used the royal triton strategy with my Balance wizard because I hated the current meta where you spam shields and then do judgement. 

low level pvp

The strategy here is simply to blade and shield while using a non-storm school spell to take off your opponent’s shields. Once you reach 6 pips, you can hit with the Royal Triton card given by your arctic triton. 
This card does an insane damage of 1200-1280 which can basically one-shot most low level players.

low level pvp

The pet also doesn’t need to be mega/ perfect to get you to commander. This is just the pet I have been using to get to warlord (ideally I would have wished for the critical to be storm-giver).

Since the card already deals 1200 damage for 6 pips, there’s no need to buff up your wizard too much more. However, if you have extra crowns to spend, you can get these wands to strengthen your storm damage:

low level pvp
low level pvp

You can get the headmaster’s sky staff from the professor’s hoard pack.

You can get the starter storm wand from the starter storm bundle in the crowns shop.

Frost Minotaur Boots Strategy 

The main card from this strategy is the Frost Minotaur that can be acquired from the spooky carnival boots from the spooky carnival bundle ($29). 

The strategy here is to blade up and hit. As long as your opponent only has one shield on, the second hit from Frost Minotaur would land pretty hard. 

As for the pet, I recommend a Shiverous Knight because it provides an extra 40% ice blade. Here are the stats I have on my Shiverous Knight pet:

low level pvp

Sample Deck Set Up 

Here are a few examples of deck set ups I use. I tend to pack light because my strategies are often super offensive, however, I will often lose on absorbs or frozen armor (a risk I’m willing to take due to its rarity).

  • You can also pack infections/pixies if you think the game will last longer. You can get infection from Mortis in Nightside, Wizard City (You’ll need a higher level wizard to port to to get here!)
  • I also noticed bubble casting pets were popular recently so started planting sunions to harvest super nova treasure cards (not tradeable). You can farm sunions from the accursed play gauntlet.
  • If you don’t have a pet that may casts infallible/ any other bubble, it might be worthwhile to pack some of those TCs too.

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Hey guys, I'm a storm main on wiz and I love everything PVP related (I'm hoping to get Warlord on all of my wizards one day!) Other than guide-writing, I mainly spend my free time drawing. You can follow my IG @chipster.draws for wiz-related art posts


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