How to fish for Code Wands

    Wizard101’s code wands are just about the rarest wands to find in the game. They were originally released as special codes given out by Wizard101 fansites but only very few of the codes are left in circulation. Luckily, there’s a different way to still obtain these cool looking wands! In this guide, we’ll be walking through the best fishing strategies to get yourself one of these wands.

    All code wands

    List of all code wands


    Starting off, we have the Goldenbeak which is one of my favourite wand stitches. The gold and purple sword and its simple glimmer animation matches storm and myth wizards really well.

    Blue Raptor

    The Blue Raptor is a personal favorite of mine because of its unique shape and glow. It’s a perfect fit for any myth or ice school designs.

    Amaranthine Staff

    The Amaranthine Staff is one of the most popular code wands and for good reason too. This wand is extremely popular amongst storm and death wizards because of the black and purple colors. There are also gems that float around the center for added effect.

    Fog Staff

    Similar to the Amaranthine Staff, the Fog Staff is also a very popular wand. I personally only see the wand as a good fit for an ice wizard but I have seen a few death and myth wizards rock this wand as well.

    Staff of the Querent

    The Staff of the Querent has a unique purple and blue design which looks good for storm and ice wizards. If you’re looking for a stitch that is unique and doesn’t match any school, this is also a good wand to use for party stitches!

    Staff of the Imperator

    The Staff of the Imperator is a great stitch for any Fire or Balance wizard. If you’re not willing to fish for this wand, you can easily find a replacement with the ascendant staff. It looks exactly like the ascendant staff that you can get from farming Gurtok Firebender in Dragonspyre or you can purchase the staff for 2500 crowns in the crowns shop.

    Viridian Scepter

    The Viridian Scepter is a great stitch for Death, Life, and possibly Balance wizards. The bulb on top pulses and the wand goes along well with the Marleybone stitches.

    Warpwood Wand

    The Warpwood Wand is a great stitch for Life wizards because of its wood texture and the pulsing green glow at the top. It’s also a good idea to use for energy stitches and pairs really well with the Greenwarden’s Energetic Mask from the Wyvern’s Pack.

    Galvanic Hammer

    The Galvanic Hammer is a great wand stitch for Death, Fire, or Balance wizards. The edge of the hammers emits a pulsing glow that makes your wizard look super powerful holding it!

    Dragonclaw Blade

    The Dragonclaw blade is a great wand for Balance, Fire, or Death wizards as well. It has a pulsing red engraving in the middle that looks both sleek and simple. Perfect for a classic or modern stitch.

    Umbra Blade

    The Umbra Blade is another cool blade for Storm and Death wizards. The gem at the center of the blade pulses and emits a purple glow throughout the blade. A simple yet beautiful animation – perfect for any stitch.

    Fishing Locations

    There are 2 main fishing locations for code wands and both are in Zafaria: The Elephant Graveyard and the Baobab Crown. Some people have also found luck in the pond in the Baobab Crossroads but in my opinion, there are less fish in Baobab Crossroads which means a smaller chance to fish out a chest.

    Elephant Graveyard

    This is the recommended code wand fishing location. As shown below, you’d want to head to the left or right side of the moat in front of Elissa’s Tomb. I have found more luck on the right side of the moat but you can try for both!

    Baobab Crown

    The fishing spot in the Baobab Crown is located below Zeke and Eloise. There is a ramp that takes you down to the lake (shown below).

    Fishing Method #1: Non-Sentinel Method

    For this first strategy, your goal is to scare away all fish except for one school and use that school’s lure to catch the remaining fish in the area. The purpose of this strategy is to maximize the chances of successfully catching the fish – which is much easier when you know that all fish can be caught with one lure.

    Step 1: Winnow Fish

    You can fish for non-sentinel fish by winnowing different schools of fish. For the highest catch rate, you’ll want to lure the fish when the lure first sinks.

    code wands

    If you’re in the elephant graveyard, you’ll want to use Winnow Death Fish to scare away all fish EXCEPT death fish and then use a death lure to catch the remaining life fish.

    If you’re in the Baobab Crossroads, you’ll want to use Winnow Life Fish to scare away all fish EXCEPT life fish and then use a life lure to catch the remaining fish.

    Step 2: Charm Fish

    This spell will attract all fish to you.

    Step 3: Fish Lullaby

    After all of the fish are attracted near you, you should cast the spell fish lullaby so the fish will stay in their position and not swim away. This will make it a lot easier to catch the remaining fish and position your lures.

    Step 4: Catch Remaining Fish

    Step 5: Summon and start again

    After catching all of the fish in the hole, you can start over once again for your quest to code wands! There are 3 ways to start over:

    1. Cast the summon fish spell and reset all the fish in the hole
    2. Cast the buoy chests 1 spell and reset all the fish in the hole + increase your chance of catching a chest by 2 times. Spell is shown on the left side
    3. Wait 10 minutes for the fishing hole to reset and come back

    Fishing Method #2: Sentinel Fish

    The second method is for those who are energy abundant (i.e. during the fishing benefit weekends) and do not have many of the utility spells from the first method.

    Step 1: Winnow Ice Fish (optional since sentinel fish come to you)

    To catch Sentinel fish, you should reel your line the moment the fish touches the lure rather than waiting for the lure to sink. You’ll want to use winnow ice fish if you plan on only catching Sentinel Fish.

    Step 2: Use ice lure to catch all fish in the hole

    Step 3: Reset the fishing hole

    You can reset the fishing hole through the following ways:

    1. Cast the summon fish spell and reset all the fish in the hole
    2. Cast the buoy chests 1 spell and reset all the fish in the hole + increase your chance of catching a chest by 2 times
    3. Wait 10 minutes for the fishing hole to reset and come back

    Which method should I go for?

    Fishing sentinel or non-sentinel fish is up to you. If you’re still new to fishing and you haven’t acquired all the spells, the second method might suit you better. However, if you have all of the fishing spells, the first method is probably the more efficient fishing strategy.

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    1. DragonClaw blade for the Win. Looks AMAZING!!!.
      Next unlimited fishing fingers crossed I get it.
      Anyways happy questing in the spiral yall.

    2. My favorite code wand is the dragon law blade. By far one of the coolest looking and slick designs

    3. Hey! I’m not sure where the code is so I’m gonna assume it’s the name so here that is; Galvanic Hammer

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