Grizzleheim Skeleton Key Boss King Borr Drops & Cheats.

Thanks to KI Spring 2021 update, Grizzleheim now has a Skeleton Key Boss in Savarstaad Pass that drops Spellements. This boss is found next to the waterfall, it’s impossible to miss. You can use either a stone, wooden, or gold skeleton key to access the boss called King Borr, and his minion Grendelynn.

Just as the worth of these keys in the game varies from easy to difficult in acquiring, so are the levels when fighting King Borr. There are three doors to choose from, with the Wooden Skeleton Key being the easiest level to beat, followed by medium difficulty with the Stone Key, and the hardest being the Gold Key door. The beauty about this is that each of these levels you play, you have a chance to acquire Spellements from him. As you’re aware already, Spellements work like reagents, and they can be transferred throughout characters. In a way, it is better than loremaster, minus the fact that you need to use a key every time you fight.

King borr Skeleton key boss

Wooden Skeleton Key Boss

No cheats recorded for this version of King Borr.
This can be done solo, the other two matches, it should be done with a friend.
King Borr can be easily killed at this level as he isn’t protected by his minion.

Stone Skeleton Key Boss

skeleton key boss

King Borr- Rank 12 Boss
Health – 5,570


  • King Borr’s minion Grendelynn would cast a shadow sentinel to intercept 75% of ALL damage dealt to King Borr.
  • You cannot kill his minion without killing him first. This is insanely annoying as the minion uses a tower shield on his boss, and would stun you as well. It’s important to walk with stun shields for this fight.
  • Everytime the minion dies, King Borr would revive him.
  • Normal traps work on King Borr, but only protected feints work. If a regular feint is placed on him, he’d remove all shields, including the feint. It is important to place the protected feint first, before the rest of the traps.
  • Earthquake is used randomly, nothing seems to trigger it thus far.
  • If a wizard joins the duel after the 2nd round, King Borr uses Medusa on them, and they are stunned for 1 round.

Gold Skeleton Key Boss

skeleton key boss


  • King Borr in the Gold Skeleton Key room has the same cheats as the Stone Key room.
  • If you beguile the minion, the shield gets removed from King Borr and placed on you for that turn. This would then allow you to intercept 75% damage.



Thus far, these are the only recorded spellements that King Borr drops, which is the same from the grizzleheim lore pack. It’s yet to be determined if KI would add new spells with future updates. If they do, this boss might become just as popular as lore master.


King Borr drops a list of gear that can be used for stitching, or regular use. It’s the wizard’s choice. However, the stats aren’t that impressive. These are a few of the items he drops.


  • Allfather’s Helm
  • Odin’s Helm
  • Sorcerer’s Timeless Brim
  • Thaumaturge’s Timeless Brim

  • Allfather’s Gungnir
  • Odin’s Gungnir
  • Wotan’s Gungnir


  • Allfather’s Raiment
  • Diviner’s Timeless Tunic
  • Odin’s Raiment
  • Pyromancer’s Timeless Tunic
  • Wizard’s Timeless Tunic
  • Wotan’s Raiment


  • Allfather’s Boots
  • Conjurer’s Timeless Shoes
  • Diviner’s Timeless Shoes
  • Odin’s Boots
  • Pyromancer’s Timeless Shoes
  • Theurge’s Timeless Shoes
  • Wotan’s Boots

Each one of these skeleton key bosses drops the same thing, the only difference would be the level of gear they drop. I’d recommend farming the wooden key version of King Borr. Those keys are the easiest to obtain. That version of the boss has no cheats, and can be done solo, and killed in one shot. It’s also less frustrating and you won’t have to depend on a team to help out. We all know how hard it is to get a team up at times. This way, you’d save your gold and stone keys for other bosses that give better drops.

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