Storm PvP Guide

In this instance, we will be focusing specifically on storm PVP (1v1)

There is no one absolute best gear as people can alternate between their gears to suit the strategy that they are most comfortable with using.

The recommended goal for storm PVP is to have high damage, high pierce, decent critical, and decent resistance. With other stats like accuracy and pip chance being max. (100% or more)

We will be pointing out all the recommended gear for storm PVP with some alternatives included. The gear as follows:

Best Storm PVP gear

Hat: For the hat, you should get the Dragoons Shocking Helm for set bonus, high damage, health, and extra accuracy or the Malistaire’s Cowl of Flux for better pierce and more resistance.

wizard101 Storm PvP

The Dragoon’s Shocking helm can either be dropped from Fellspawm which is a stone key boss or it can be crafted. The recipe can be bought from Zasha Ember Forge for 50,000 gold.:

Malistaire’s Cowl of Flux is dropped from Malistaire  The Undying in Graveyard Dungeon at Castle Darkmoor.

Robe:  We recommend that you get the  Malistaire’s Cloak of Flux which is the best overall robe for storm level 130

wizard101 Storm PvP

This robe is dropped from Malistaire the Undying is Graveyard dungeon at Castle Darkmoor

Boots: For boots, we recommend Dragoon’s Shocking Boots, which is very good for critical, has immense damage boost and still has good Heath and resistance.

wizard101 Storm PvP

These boots drop from Fellspawn, a stone key boss in the Catacombs

These boots can be crafted. The recipe is sold by Zasha Emberforge in Catacombs for 50,000 gold.

Dagger: For Dagger, we recommend the Dragoon’s Shocking Dagger which gives Damage, decent health, and jewel sockets to include storm, Pierce.

wizard101 Storm PvP

This item is dropped by Fellspwan the same boss as above. This item can be crafted, the recipe is sold by Zasha Emberforge in Catacombs.

Ring:  We recommend the Duelist Daredevil ring, use this ring for some extra damage, and add pierce and health jewel.

wizard101 Storm PvP

This ring is sold by Brandon Mistborn for 7000 arena tickets

Deck:  For the deck, we recommend the Duelist’s devil maycare deck for max copies and decent LVL 130 stats.

wizard101 Storm PvP

This deck can be bought from Brandon Mistborn in UnicornWay for Arena Tickets.

Best storm PVP pet

Pet:  Since every single turn matter for a storm, having a pet that can save you a few extra turns is crucial so have either or both May Cast Infallible and Galvanic Field also never underestimate resistance on a storm; lasting even one turn longer in a battle can make a storm wizard more dangerous. Then fill extra slots with Damage.

Can also use a pet with a useful spell for example:

wizard101 Storm PvP

Which spells to use

Basically, Storm prides itself on raw damage and some luck. The luck factor doesn’t always have to be a bad thing as it is mostly required when already in a losing position.

Although few storm spells depend on luck for a good outcome, the raw damage spells can compensate for this.

Unlike most other schools, Storm’s strategy isn’t straight forward or cannot easily be pre-planned. Instead, Storm wizards need to play according to situations that

occur in the match. for example, capitalizing on opponents not shielding or catching opponent off-guard.

We will point out the different spells and their main uses. Starting off with storm school-specific spells.

First, we have Spamming spells to get rid of shields which include Lightning Bats and Wild Bolt. Use these spells to get rid of the opponent’s defenses.

wizard101 Storm PvP

Next, we have Spells that can save you an extra turn or add an extra buff while doing decent damage, for example; Storm Lord, Queen Calypso, and king Artorius storm. Use these spells to get a slight advantage over opponents.

wizard101 Storm PvP

Then we have assault attacking spells. Use these spells to do large amounts of damage on opponents and placing them under pressure. These spells include Iron Sultan and Rusalka’s Wrath. These spells would most likely be used later in the match as they require shadow pips.

wizard101 Storm PvP

After that, we have a Potential one-shot sniper spell which can end the opponent on your very first attack. This spell is Scion of Storm. Make sure to use this spell when the opponent is at full hp in order to do double the damage.

wizard101 Storm PvP

When all else fails, don’t give up just yet, that’s when the “luck factor” comes in! Yes, better be praying to the moon gods for this one, Insane Bolt. You have a 50% chance of hitting opponents hard or knocking out your own self, which is why you should use this spell when all other plans fail. Wish you good luck.

Although it is not recommended that you carry blades, always try to keep in control of the field by using your global spell which is Darkwind.

Spells from other schools.

Shields: Carry a few tower shields to weaken the opponent’s attacks and also some set shields for more defense.

De-buffs: Carry infection for wizards that love healing like Life.

Shadow Shrike: to pierce heavily through opponents’ defenses, especially wizards that love jading.

Stun blocks: very important, these spells can decide matches, and most everybody carry them now a days.

Treasure cards: If you are able you should get some rare treasure cards such as Storm Elf, Storm Beetle, and Storm Efreet to make things difficult for your opponents.

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