Deer knight Crafting Guide

Deer knight spell is a must for any death wizard as it’s a great death spell that saves a lot of time while questing or fighting in battles it Deals 300 death damage + 270 Death damage over 3 rounds to all enemies. You can get the Deer knight spell in many ways:

  • By Farming loremaster in Dragonspyre as he drops Deer knight spell and many other spells for death school or other schools. Check: Wizard101 loremaster drops guide
  • By crafting Deer knight spell from Recipe: Deer knight ( you need to be a Legendary Artisan Crafter in order to buy the Recipe from Grady for (12,000 Gold) and craft it )
  • By buying some Knight’s Lore Packs you can get the spell as a drop from the pack as well as other spells.

Deer knight recipe

Deer knight

Deer knight Ingredients are:

  • 6 Deer Knight TC
  • 100 Perfect Onyx
  • 200 Ghost Fire
  • 100 Blood Moss
  • 100 Bone
  • 50 Spring
  • 50 Sunstone
  • 12 Amber

Deer knight wizard101

how to get the Ingredients fast?

1- Deer Knight TC

Deer knight

you can get them in many ways like:

  • Farming loremaster.
  • Planting some Death Moon Seeds as they drop the TC sometimes in elder harvest
  • Buying some Knight’s Lore Packs as it drops the spell and the Tc
  • Farming Rattlebones or Krokoparta gauntlets as it’s dropped there
  • Farming Darkmoor as the Tc is dropped there by many bosses
  • You can save time if you want to spend some money and buy 10 deer knight TC from eBay

2- Perfect Onyx

Deer knight
  • You can buy them from Archytas in Celestia base camp for 100 gold each
  • You can find them in Bazaar

3- Ghost Fire

Deer knight
  • You can buy them from Archytas in Celestia base camp for 100 gold each
  • You can find them in Bazaar

4- Blood Moss

Deer knight

5- Bone

Deer knight
  • You can transmute them from Bronze Gear reagents
  • You can find them in Bazaar

6- Spring

Deer knight
  • You can transmute them from Scrap Iron reagents
  • You can find them in Bazaar
  • You can find them in Dartmoor golden chests

7- Sunstone

Deer knight

8- Amber

Deer knight
  • You can transmute each amber from ( 5 Merle’s Whisker / 5 Amber Dust / 15 Sunstone / 10 Golden Pearl )
  • Plant some king Parsley or Ultra King Parsley plants as they have a high drop chance as Elder harvest
  • You can Farm Gladiator in Mount Olympus or farm mimic as they drop it with a high chance
  • You can buy amber from Brandon Mistborn in Unicorn way for 5000 Arena tickets each.

that’s all, it should take you 3-5 days farming for the Ingredients then you will be able to craft it easily through the Card Crafting Station

Will you be crafting this spell? tell us down here in the comments

Deer knight pet

Deer knight
  • You can get a Deer pet from hatching with someone who has it
  • You can get it from crowns shop packs like Harrowing Nightmare Pack for 299 Crowns or Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions for 399 Crowns

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  1. its really hard now to get the blood moss and has been a struggling feat to get the sun stone ive tried scoping the bazaar for the reagents but everyone takes them super fast, and its rare to get sandstone to transmute into it. Dont forget the part of transmute stone blocks into the sand stone and transmute red mandrake THANKS :)

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