Comprehensive Scrap Iron Farming Guide

Scrap iron can be found as a normal harvest in various worlds and locations. It is also attainable from fishing chests, mobs, gardening, and transmuting.

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While farming for any reagents in a particular area, it’s advised to switch realms. You thoroughly look through a particular area; ensure that you haven’t missed any nook or cranny.

Once you’ve gotten all the scrap iron from said area, you then switch realms and repeat the steps. You do this for every realm and you should acquire at least 40 irons minimum. It is a bit tedious, but definitely worth it for the easy acquirement of a reagent.

When completed, switch areas, and then follow the same process. Some realms may have scrap iron, while some may not. However, that’s okay. Just keep on switching realms until you find it. It is also advised to pick up any additional reagent you may come across. You will have use for it in the future. 

There are various areas in the spiral where one can find scrap iron. Below is a detailed list with pictures showing where it can be found.


 Regent’s Square

wizard101 scrap iron

This area can be found soon as you enter Marleybone. Be sure to take a look throughout the area, there is scrap iron, as well as other reagents to be picked up. To find areas easier, it is recommended to click on the compass. When this is done, the different areas would appear above. This makes is quite easy to find an area.  The picture above shows these areas, and how easy it is to navigate throughout them.

Barkingham Palace

wizard101 scrap iron

This area is quite tiny. As mentioned in the above paragraph, search every nook and cranny to ensure that you find this reagent. In this picture, the scrap iron is on the staircase, but this is not always so. If everywhere is searched in this area and there isn’t any scrap iron, switch realms.

Counterweight West

wizard101 scrap iron

This is a dungeon that can be found inside the Royal Museum. Enter the museum, then turn left and go up the stairs. Walk straight down, then turn right and enter the dungeon.

 Once inside, you would need to talk to Sally New flower to get the quest. This would allow you to access all the areas within the dungeon. Thus, being able to pick up the scrap iron within the area.

However, as none of these mobs drop scrap iron, it is recommended to just leave the dungeon and reenter how many times you want. You do not have to switch realms for this, because every time you leave and reenter, the dungeon is reset.

Counterweight East

wizard101 scrap iron

Counterweight East is also in the Royal Museum. This dungeon is on the right side. The same steps are taken to acquire scrap iron from the West side of the dungeon also works for the East.


The Bastion

wizard101 scrap iron

This is the best place to farm for scrap iron in Khrysalis. It is a large area, be sure to carefully check every corner for reagents. Some may appear hiding at the first glance.

These two worlds are the safest and best place to farm for scrap iron. There aren’t any mobs around, so no one would have to worry about being pulled into a fight while farming.


Scrap Iron can also be transmuted. The recipe is sold by various vendors at the cost of 300 gold.

Avery Templeton – Celestia Base Camp & Felicia Worthington – Marleybone – Regent’s Square are the two most convenient vendors to get this recipe from.

This recipe requires 10 stone block and 10 ore per one scrap iron.


The reagent can also be harvested from gardening. A few plants drop these reagents.

Burning Snap Dragon and Evil Magma Peas

Bosses and Mobs

wizard101 scrap iron

There are various mobs and bosses that drop scrap iron. The list below contains the mob/bosses that are best recommended to farm this reagent.

 Sprockets- this creature can be found in the East Counterweight dungeon. However, it is only accessible once the dungeon is done.

wizard101 scrap iron

Gold Frill Spike Horns are mobs that can be found in Azteca. It is located in Tierra de Brea. These mobs are easy to access and are easily farmable.

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  1. hi
    best place to farm scrap iron is Counterweight East.
    just go in and out, in and out, in and out, etc …., no battle required.
    In half hour, you get like 100 scrap iron, or more.
    best regards

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