Wizard101 Battle Invading Fleet [ Guide ]

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the “Invading Fleet Battle” in “Wizard101,” a pivotal and challenging encounter that tests your strategic prowess and understanding of the game’s unique mechanics. This guide is tailored to help players navigate through the complexities of this battle, offering insights and strategies gleaned from in-depth analysis of gameplay and community-shared tactics.

In the “Invading Fleet Battle,” players face off against a formidable fleet, requiring not just brute strength but also a keen sense of strategy and timing. The fight introduces intricate mechanics, including the use of school-specific heroes and cheats, and the pivotal role of powerful allies like the Doom Moon and the Bantam ship. Each school in “Wizard101” brings its unique flavor to the battle, with specific conditions to activate cheats, such as Mandar’s Scion cheat, which requires setting traps, or the Ice school’s need for shields.

Invading Fleet is one of 4 battles in Wallaru that drop the new Dream Reaver Gear [Lvl 170+], other battles are Freddie Kroaker, Mr. Montgomery, and Crash the Bandit Coot.

Invading Fleet W101

invading Fleets Dungeon Farming

Our guide will delve into these nuances, offering a step-by-step approach to mastering the fight. Whether you’re looking to efficiently farm this boss or simply aiming to complete this challenging battle, our “Invading Fleet Battle Guide” in “Wizard101” is your go-to resource for all the strategies, tips, and tricks you need to succeed. So, let’s set sail into the heart of this epic confrontation and unravel the secrets to conquering the invading fleet!

NameInvading Fleets ( x4 Bosses )
LocationNovus > Doom Moon > Invading Fleets
DropsRings, Circle Jewels, Shield pins
ExtraFor more details about Wallaru Gear make sure to check: Ultimate Guide to Farming Wallaru Gear in Wizard101 🧙‍♂️
Invading Fleets

Fight Mechanics: The fight mechanics in “Wizard101” are deeply intertwined with the player’s chosen school, influencing the appearance and actions of specific heroes in battle. Each hero is equipped with unique cheats that are activated under certain conditions, adding a layer of strategic depth to the gameplay. For instance, Mandar, associated with a particular school, possesses a Scion cheat. This cheat is triggered by fulfilling specific criteria, such as setting up four traps, which aligns with the Scion’s unique requirements. This mechanic encourages players to tailor their strategies based on their school’s strengths and the conditions needed to activate these powerful cheats.

Doom Moon’s Role: In these battles, the Doom Moon emerges as a formidable ally, significantly influencing the fight’s outcome. Its primary function is to support players by unleashing a devastating beam that targets and destroys enemy ships. The activation of this support is intricately linked to the player’s school, with each school having distinct conditions to trigger its hero’s cheat. For example, players from the Ice school need to establish four shields to activate their specific cheat, while those from the Fire school are required to cast two Damage Over Time (DOT) spells. This dynamic not only adds to the complexity of the battle but also enhances the importance of strategic planning and understanding of one’s school-specific mechanics.

w101 invading fleet

Invading Fleet Gambit Condition

  • AoE spells don’t affect heroes, so they don’t help in activating cheats.
Gambit ConditionAssociated HeroEffect
4 Blades on WizardsDog TracyDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; clears all Damage Blades from Wizards.
4 Negative Charms on EnemiesSolomon CraneDeals 6,000 Moon Damage; clears all negative Charms from enemies.
4 Shields on WizardsDuck SavageDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; clears all positive Wards from Wizards.
4 Traps on EnemiesMandar the BarbarianDeals 6,000 Moon Damage; clears all Damage Traps from enemies.
2 Damage Over Times on EnemiesBuck GordonDeals 6,000 Moon Damage; removes all Damage over Time effects from enemies.
2 Heal Over Times on WizardsThe BantamDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; removes all Heal over Time effects from Wizards.
2 Blades & 2 Negative Charms on EnemiesStallion QuartermaneDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; removes positive Charms from Wizards and negative Charms from enemies.
2 Shields & 2 Traps on EnemiesStallion QuartermaneDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; removes positive Wards from Wizards and negative Wards from enemies.
2 Shadow-Enhanced Spells by WizardsThe ShadoeDeals 6,000 Moon Damage to all enemies; removes all Shadow Pips from Wizards.

Link Strategy

  1. Function of ‘Link’:
    • The ‘Link’ spell is a dual-effect spell in “Wizard101.” It applies a Damage Over Time (DOT) effect on the enemy and a Heal Over Time (HOT) effect on the player. This dual nature makes it a versatile tool in battles.
  2. Activating Multiple Gambits:
    • In the context of the boss fights, using ‘Link’ can simultaneously fulfill conditions for multiple gambits. For instance, the DOT effect on the enemy can help activate a Fire Scion gambit, while the HOT effect on the player might contribute to triggering a Fire Oni gambit.
  3. Efficiency in Battle:
    • By meeting two conditions with a single spell, the ‘Link’ strategy speeds up the process of setting up gambits, allowing for quicker and more efficient progression in the fight.
  4. Target Selection:
    • It’s important to cast ‘Link’ on specific targets, such as the boss with the highest health, to align the damage with other ships or enemies, maximizing the effectiveness of the strategy.

Stun Block Strategy

stun block
  1. Purpose of Stun Blocks:
    • Stun Blocks are used to prevent the player from being stunned. In the context of these boss fights, they serve a strategic purpose beyond their primary function.
  2. Activating Cheats/Gambits:
    • In certain scenarios, using Stun Blocks can contribute to fulfilling conditions for specific cheats or gambits. For example, accumulating a certain number of shields (which can include Stun Blocks) might be necessary to activate a particular school’s cheat.
  3. Maintaining Effects Post-Attack:
    • After certain attacks or cheats are executed (like those from the Doom Moon), many effects on the field might be cleared. However, Stun Blocks, due to their nature, might remain, providing ongoing protection and potentially contributing to the conditions for subsequent rounds.
  4. Strategic Placement:
    • The placement and timing of Stun Blocks can be crucial. They should be used not just for protection but also as part of a larger strategy to meet the conditions for activating powerful cheats or gambits.

In summary, both the ‘Link’ and ‘Stun Block’ strategies in “Wizard101” involve using specific spells not only for their direct effects but also as tactical tools to fulfill conditions for activating powerful gambits and cheats

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